Would you rather get dumped  By jomarc FemaleSite Owner's Wife

If you were to have a one night stand, would you rather  By guest from Australia

Would you rather marry a women who is  By Lindzzz FemaleBronze TrophyGold Crown

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    guest from United States
    Short girls are cute!
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    guest from Illinois, United States
    I'm a girl, so a boy who's 6 foot 4.
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    guest from Oregon, United States
    I really just want to be loved...
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    guest from California, United States
    DUDE!!!!!! IT'S PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!!!
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    ginod MaleSuper Star from New York, United States
    Lol you girls are liars.
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    guest from Arizona, United States
    i would marry the poorest in the world, if he was rich inside
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    guest from South Carolina, United States
    Doesn't matter, hat sex
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    guest from Michigan, United States
    Is love worth dying young?
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    guest from Manitoba, Canada

Would you rather have your crush date  By cece_fier Silver Crown

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Would you rather date a person with low self-esteem, or someone who is cocky?  By Username Bronze MedalSuper StarBronze Crown

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    guest from North Carolina, United States
    And help him/her feel better about themself :)
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    guest from Texas, United States
    low self esteem = more sex
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    guest from Pennsylvania, United States
    Someone with low self-esteem would be more likely to be with me. And I'd always be telling them how amazing they are.