Would you rather go on... (By christianr MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarDiamondGold Crown 6 years ago)

You're in gameshow. there are 3 doors. 2 doors have a suicide bomber wanting to kill you behind and 1 door has $10,000 behind. You choose one door.Would you rather (By noxastraze Silver MedalGold TrophyBlue Star 6 years ago)

Picture this: You've been randomly selected to star on a gameshow of your choice. The host pulls you aside, and kindly asks you to pick one of five cards. They tell you that your life depends on your selection. You shake your head and deny their requests, but they insist that you must. One of the five gives you eternal life, while the other four give you instant death. Would you rather... (By lolstacheawesome FemaleBronze MedalBronze TrophyBlue Star 4 years ago)

lolstacheawesome says NO STUPID LOOPHOLES GUYS