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Would you rather  By Tristan173 Bronze MedalBlue StarBronze Crown  

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    guest from United States
    die cause im a child of god
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    guest from Manila, Philippines
    What if the world explodes and you live alone... floating in space... forever?
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    guest from Jalisco, Mexico
    If you were immortal would be horrible. Everyone you know would die, you'd be alone in the world, everything would be insanely bad.

Would you rather  By alexw MaleSite Owner  

alexw says Russian billionaire says immortality is possibly by year 2045
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    guest from Pennsylvania, United States
    ill see you b*tches in 3000
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    guest from New Jersey, United States
    You can get rich after you're immortal.
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    guest from Ontario, Canada
    there goes 5 dollarsXD
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    guest from Illinois, United States
    Immortal. I'll have plenty of time to get over everyone dying.
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    guest from Georgia, United States
    Why is she holding a CIGARETTE? O.O
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    guest from Oklahoma, United States
    I'm not afraid of dying, but living forever, you get to know a few things. Know what it's like to be in different time periods. Make what was once wrong, right. Because in the future, there might not be evidence of anything we know today.