Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?  By guest  

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Would you rather sleep in a cold room with lots of blankets or in a hot room ?  By guest  

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    Abbiekat FemaleGold MedalSuper Star from Michigan, United States
    I sleep better when it is cold. Besides I can't sleep with out at least a sheet on me.
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    kathk11 Silver MedalSuper Star from Essex, United Kingdom
    In the middle of winter I sleep with my fan on and the window open... I think there is something wrong with me :/
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    guest from United States
    In a cold room, you just wrap yourself up and get comfortable. Usually in a hot room, it doesn't matter if you take off your blankets or not - your still not going to feel good.

Would you rather be your own boss or work for someone else?  By guest  

Would you rather take a bubble bath or take a long shower.  By guest  

Would you rather be  By guest  

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    NicoDiAngelo FemaleSilver MedalSuper Star from Ohio, United States
    I be in a wheelchair..THEY SEE ME ROOLLIINNGG! THEY HATIN
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    guest from Tunisia
    60% able and stupid? you guys are really stupid because stephen hawking will be remembered forever, paris hilton and similar people, not more than a few years
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    guest from Louisiana, United States
    I got crutches. IF THEY BE HATIN, I WHACK THEM!!

Would you rather have the  By guest FemaleSilver TrophyGold Crown  

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    guest from Michigan, United States
    Probably Queen because she doesn't have to do anything
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    guest from Surrey, United Kingdom
    the queen doesnt have to do anything apart from be rich and cut ribbons :)
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    guest from Texas, United States
    queen is just a title, president is alot of work

Would you rather be  By spank MaleBronze TrophyGold Crown  

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    guest from New York, United States
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    guest from Pennsylvania, United States
    They're called little people, not midgets.
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    guest from Thessaloniki, Greece
    midgets are pretty healthy, giants die before the age of 40.

Would you rather drink beer with  By spank MaleBronze TrophyGold Crown  

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    cianl Bronze MedalSuper Star from Dublin, Ireland
    I'm Irish, so I'm pretty sure American girls would be more impressed with the accent...
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    guest from Ontario, Canada
    Germans can hold their booze.
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    guest from Florida, United States
    german girls are nicer than american girls............

Would you rather be stuck on a desert island  By alexw MaleSite Owner  

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    guest from New York, United States
    eat them, eat them
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    guest from Virginia, United States
    just because you hate them, doesn't mean they can't help you live!
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    guest from Washington, United States
    i can always eat them if they piss me off

Would you rather be  By alexw MaleSite Owner  

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