Would you rather have your crush accidently see you changing and the whole school finds out, or accidently see your best friend's crush changing and your best friend find out  By BlahBlah  

What would you rather find out?  By guest from the United States  

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    guest from Indiana, United States
    its happend before. And I wasn't shy and I was all like "yes it is true, as true as the f*cking daylight,"
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    guest from Connecticut, United States
    My crush doesn't go to my school.
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    guest Super Star from England, United Kingdom
    Well that's how my crush (who I'm still going out with right now) got together with me soooo
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    guest from Texas, United States
    Sounds like a question raptists would ask
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    guest from United Kingdom
    our uniforms dont look like st trinians....
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    guest from Birmingham, United Kingdom
    Our uniforms don't look like that :( Mine looks so similar to the one that the Japanese have :D
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    guest from Pennsylvania, United States
    You go to the closest school to where you live, that's how the government chooses.
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    guest from Virginia, United States
    ... GO OBAMA!
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    guest from Washington, United States
    loaded question is loaded.