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    How about doing something that is productive or interesting.  
    I don't have a phone or tablet. By picking this, I have nothing to lose!  
    Windows Vista is by far the best. I'm sure anyone who has actually used it would agree with me, or at least agree that it isn't a bad operating system. +1
    I have a real Christmas tree, it is painful. It is not fluffy at all.  
    Both sound cool, but I'd rather see the universe.  
    Wars can begin with greed too.  
    Depends on the restaurant, but because there are so many gross restaurants where they never clean the tables and do an awful job cleaning dishes, I would rather eat at home.  
    I would rahter be smart (which I am), than be popular (Which I am not) with fake friends who only hang out with me so they can be popular.  
    I picked the wrong one, I don't wear white shirts.  
    There is a thing called the real world. Look into it.  
    Hearing the thoughts around me would only start fights. Seeing the future could help me prevent tragedies.  
    My favorite songs are not on iTunes. I would rather listen to the songs I like that I already own on CD than listen to mostly songs I hate. And youtube to MP3..  
    I am white, but I would still rather see the future +1
    I'd make more money.  
    Batman is awesome.  
    I don't like either, but Spiderman is just stupid.  
    Most of us already know what happened back then, however we will never know what goes on in the future.  
    I am white, but I would still rather see the future.  
    Depends on the place.  
    If I was popular, people would only want to be my friends so they could be popular as well. Who needs to be popular? In the end you begin to hate it.  
    Picked the wrong one.  
    Truth could start fights or even wars.  
    Chrome is run by Google.  
    And that is only one of ten wishes.  
    I would wish I would get everything I wanted for free. It said don't wish for money, but if everything is free for me then I don't need it.  
    Picked the wrong one.  
    If I could live on earth forever I would have time to change it. I would do something good rather than experience something good.  
    Besides, I am skilled in smarts, music, art, and such, I love it. I wouldn't want to be someone else.  
    I am not perfect, but no one is. Change into someone else and then you will realize the flaws in them. It will be the same thing.  
    I always leave some witty remark that is not even an insult, they usually take it as one, then anger themselves, then they leave. Then I just continue smiling.  
    Reading minds would just start more fights. I would rather fly than hate alot of people.  
    What do I have to hide?  
    Animals aren't assholes like people? Really? What about those viscous cats, those horrible monkeys, not all animals are like they are in cartoons!  
    I don't know which is worse!!  
    If that was the case than I would know everything there is to know.  
    I can already remember my favorites. I want to see what my dreams are like when I forget them.  
    Reading minds would just start more fights.  
    Things happen. Pausing would be fun!  
    I hate what does the fox say, but I love my favorite song (Duh) +2
    I can master any instrument I want. So learning more languages would be nice.  
    How does this have anything to do with religion? You know what IS annoying. People who title themselves atheists who have nothing better to do with their time other than whine about religious people on the internet. WHO CARES!?  
    Gangnam Style was awful.  
    I'd set things right in this country!  
    Oops. Clicked the wrong one! TV is useless.  
    It says accidentally, so I do not see why it maters, unless you keep watching, then it is just perverted and not an accident.  
    Though the simpsons has lost its edge and became a bad show, season 2-9 where unforgettable!  
    Wii is alot more fun. I would rather play Super Mario Galaxy than some dumb shooter with nice graphics.  
    Windows 98SE button?  
    People need to stop getting the browser mixed up with the operating system.  
    Coffee is awful cold! I've had it. +1
    And a car can take a punch.  
    I don't want to break my TV, and I don't have a new car... I am too young to have one.  
    4% of you are emo wannabe's who seek attention. I am the happiest person alive!  
    If you don't have true friends, you ARE a loser.  
    You have to admit, Justin Bieber is fun to make fun of.  
    Star Wars had a better story than anything Star Trek  
    If I can use my smarts to get me out of boredom and time to work on my game, then yes, I would take the test. +1
    I am always a smart*ss about grammar.  
    Hershey's chocolate taste like wax.  
    Movies are always stupid.  
    I am drinking a Pepsi as we speak. I have had a Coke, unlike the rest of the people who voted Pepsi, and I must say Pepsi is alot better.  
    Never said the movie was awesome.  
    I am a man, so that is what I am used to, I would rather be a man.  
    I didn't have a tablet to begin with! I don't like modern smartphones. I am a developer and I need my computer.  
    Laptops are not gaming systems. Neither are PC's.  
    You people get so offended over someone having another opinion.  
    They are the same things!  
    I think this is obvious. We see in color everyday, no doubt we would be used to it. +2
    I don't watch TV anyways.  
    I don't really like either, but I am a developer and I would rather make something than play silly apps that get boring in less than 5 minutes.  
    Ha! 50% vote Smash Bros and 50% vote Mario Kart.  
    I can't answer this because computers are my courier at the time. And I have 2 friends who are awesome...  
    I can  
    I never get social on the internet. Socialism is not what the internet is for.  
    I used yahoo. I can not find anything I was looking for.  
    Mouse is optional.  
    Someone said there is nothing to do on a PC? I develop games on PC's. Really for development you need keyboards and mouses. If we did not have the keyboard we would never have any video games.  
    I don't like the operating system for mac. I am a developer, and I find windows great for it. Not saying mac is not.  
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