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Would you rather Eat roadkill Fresh and plain only twice. or Eat school lunch for the rest of your life. 1 month ago 64 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be happy but have no friends. or Have friends but you can’t be happy. 3 months ago 75 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the smartest person in a dumb world. or Be the dumbest person in a smart world. 6 months ago 93 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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Eyelashes grow back 5 months ago  
No it won’t. I have plenty of experience with constipation... 5 months ago  
Been there-done that(as in constipation) it’s much better than explosive diarrhea. 5 months ago  
Think about it, you could be taught how to be smart and everything would be done for you! 5 months ago  
Most acid isn’t even active and takes time to get through anything. Plus for I know I am just dipping it in for less than a second soooo... 6 months ago  
I don’t hav an archenemy soooo. Yay! I keep my money! 6 months ago  
What if the boat never left the dock? 6 months ago  
Kids don’t pay bills and taxes 6 months ago  
Rich people make the smart one work for them. 6 months ago  
Don’t be racist :( 6 months ago  
Stupids... you wouldn’t even really have any movies without books, plus the books are WAY better. 6 months ago  
America’s better than a lot of others tho 6 months ago  
Ugh, get out of this comment section PLS. 6 months ago  
same thing, either way you’re smart. 6 months ago  
Just don’t drink? It’s got no redeeming benefits. Plus you probably are sleepy if you're high. 6 months ago  
No it hasn’t, nobody knows that. You can’t say you know it if you haven’t seen everything about the earth. 6 months ago  
If you are the same as everyone else, what’s worth living? 6 months ago  
Getting rid of bad drivers means no more accidents, therefore less death by accidents. And when was the line a big problem? 6 months ago  
Just sell your unique gift card on eBay for more than it’s worth! Simple. 6 months ago  
Don’t forget about lottery tax 6 months ago  
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