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    no responsibilties  
    Only child  
    Not their choice  
    You can't buy it  
    No I wouldn't. I would like them to kill the crazy warlords that are oppressing those children. It would be very easy with a lightsaber. And learn to spell b*tch  
    You would. Not me  
    If you don't eat for a few days you pass out. And you can't go a month without eating. They eat 1 to 5 times a week  
    And your a guest so you have no say  
    Don't tell people what they should choose. They can think for themselves  
    I'm sorry but dogs are actually helpful to people  
    no you are. I'm a omnivore  
    then the human race ends eventually  
    Yeah I would. That's why I chose the lightsaber. The only reason those kids are starving Is because of greedy warlords. If you get the lightsaber you could kill the warlords that are messing them up , then make 3 copies of the blueprint and sell one to the military and the other to a scientist. you would make billions and become a hero  
    It isn't a material thing. If you choose the lightsaber you could kill the warlords that are causing that problem. Then you would be a real hero  
    It's not a material thing you dumbass. It's an actual working lightsaber that could save them because you could kill the warlords that are causing the problem then sell the lightsaber for no less than 1 billion become rich and end world hunger. You need to think a little more  
    Yeah and died instantly. If you have a lightsaber you could probably fix just about every problem in the world and you will make billions doing so and you would have enough to save every child.  
    Then you slice them  
    Saving one child won't solve anything  
    The question clearly said actual working light saber du  
    no you don't because if someone decides not to tell you that they have it then it's not their fault  
    like your slutty nasty mom  
    one child nothing will change  
    Yes it can. It could get rid of isis  
    A lightsaber can save the world you sh*thead  
    learn to spell  
    LOL I can't take you seriously  
    and like I said before something is seriously wrong with you. Calm down  
    I want the lightsaber too much. And I really don't care enough to choose them over a working lightsaber  
    Something is seriously wrong with you  
    And no it does not. You can only use a certain amount of letters and so we shorten it so we can say everything we need to say. And if it takes you a long time to read that then something is wrong with you. And you are the only person I who thinks that these people are still in middle school you sh*thead  
    we have a limited amount of letters that can be used. You are a rude asshole and you need to get off the internet you little sh*thead  
    and you're a guest so you have no say  
    the reason people do that is because there is a limited amount of letters that can be used and correcting them is annoying and people like you should get off the internet and correct someone to their face. Or are you afraid of getting slapped up by people who don't like that  
    it's the internet we will most likely never meet  
    just leave them alone it's the internet we can type how we want and you shouldn't get on our case about it. people like you should get off the internet and bother people face to face. Or are you too scared of getting slapped because you know people don't like that.  
    I have and she really isn't funny. She tries too hard to be funny to the point when it gets annoying  
    Boring slow classical music or music you can dance to  
    i need the internet  
    yolo just means that you should take risks people just use it as an excuse  
    sell light saber get a few billion dollars save many children and money for yourself. its a no brainer  
    i picked Mac i dont have an iphone and pc's dont have garage band +1
    i already im smart and miserable  
    the mute button  
    well if you lived in New York your entire life and your parents were nearby you would understand  
    i can have money for myself and donate 500,000 dollars instead of 10,000its a win win  
    yall are sad skrillex is awesome  
    i would take the billion and give more than 10k to them and still have money for myself its a win win  
    i would kick his ass  
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