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    Oh I see what you did there... 7 years ago  
    Buy Rosetta Stone DUH 7 years ago +154
    How, they lost. GIANTS FTW 7 years ago +1
    Weed is a lot less harmful 7 years ago +344
    I WANT THE TRUTH 7 years ago +24
    LOL 7 years ago  
    I AM GREEK so yeah 7 years ago  
    I already have both 7 years ago  
    Monkey fo shure 7 years ago  
    WTF 7 years ago +1
    Oh god as A guy half the time I would be blurting out stuff about girls boobs 7 years ago  
    Cats are freaking Genius 7 years ago +3
    MACS ARE WINNING HELL YES 7 years ago +2
    Some people have good reasons for abortions 7 years ago  

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