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Wake up in the middle of ascending in the night.
With some tears on my pillow and this blood on my knife.
And my soul has stained the sheets but they're pulled off to the side.
Who's blood could this be, is it yours or is it mine.
Take the knife and twist it. Where's my heart you missed it.
You know I don't wanna die but baby you insist it.
Breathing is a luxury that I just shouldn't have.
My heart just keeps on beating

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    Kudos to you. XD  
    Birthday sex  
    Technically because Obama is famous (he's the president, so, obviously) he could be considered a celebrity. +1
    I chose (B) because of all of dem chins doe;D  
    This is America. We don't care. XD  
    Thanks Obama. +1
    B would be really stressful. XD  
    Oh you naive, naive children. You disagree with me? #UnicornIchooseYOU ;D  
    Yet. Zombies don't have nukes....yet..  
    More time to earn all of that money. Can't be rich if they're dead, right? :'P  
    At least they don't sparkle.  
    Wish for a cape, top hat, invisibility cloak/powers, the ability to make it rain;D....I got chu California xD......and go around robbing banks. >:D  
    Ooh a pedo  
    It all sounded good until I read "steal" then I lost it. XD  
    *thinks about it*  
    Depends on how much of a nerd you are.  
    Save AMERICA.  
    The people apart of this question (A) are starving, not being murdered, though..  
    Oh I'm sorry I thought I was just killing time on a random site. Didn't realize how much THOUGHT you had to put into each choice, professor.  
    Viddy=ghetto youtube?  
    I've had green hair. I actually liked it. So.  
    unoriginal question is unoriginal  
    Have done this.  
    I liek that haur though :o  
    It's all about me motherf*kers ^~^ +252
    lol who cares?  
    titanoboa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    Why Do You Keep Commenting Like This? If A Word Isn't Capitalized It Doesn't Count Or Something? Smh. +3
    Out of all of the places this could's on the homepage.........Seems legit. +1
    My cat is gay. +1
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