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    There is bound to be one that you like.  
    Hate Ginny, she is just really annoying. Luna is weird but really awesome. +2
    humm die either of diseases or boredness or live in a crowded place?  
    WTH? I would rather date practically anyone besides Justin Beiber.  
    It would be gross, but I would be allowed to eat a lot to gain the weight and that would be so much easier than losing all that weight.  
    I could always lose the weight, it would suck but easier than gaining all that knowledge.  
    I am a girl otherwise I would have picked suit. lol SUIT UP!  
    Don't like coffee and I can make my own hot chocolate.  
    It doesn't say you would need to keep it on. Just take it off.  
    My friends are supposed to be there for me. I chose them to be my friends I didn't chose my family.  
    Wait. That way you can figure out if you really like them or if you are just attracted to them.  
    more awesome.  
    I be bored. +1
    Who the hell cares how favorite is spelled?!?!  
    Its just digging a hole. It doesn't even clarify how deep or often. +311
    Besides the no skin thing, would it really be that bad? Besides he might be awesome. +1
    So what if you are a girl? Men watch men play sports.  
    So? You still know he is horney.  
    I really don't want to know when my dad has a boner. I hate my mom so this really isn't a hard decision.  
    guess on the questions besides if you have no summer break you will still have homework.  
    Who said you had sex?  
    Barney... the teletubbies just freak me out.  
    wtf kind of question is this? +1
    You're joking right? Harry Potter is 100x better than Narnia! +1
    I would just pay the top chef to cook me food.  
    I am a straight girl, but Nicki is fuc*ing annoying as hell.  
    With butter it is just smeared on so it wont be as bad or you can wipe it off. Chocolate is full of mayo...gross.  
    Ashton is just good looking, Charlie was actually funny and not completely ugly.  
    As long as my son is happy I could care less if he was gay or straight. If my daughter was 17 and pregnant I would kick her ass! +1
    Suck it up b*tch!  
    put in equally dumb answers. +251
    London! Harry Potter cast?  
    Yeah but you are not eatting gum you are chewing it. (ha :D)  
    Eatting would hurt after a while.  
    Go swimming?  
    Niether! I like Detroit Tigers.  
    Neither! Although I heard a commercial where someone on Pretty Little Liars said Zombies Don't Text (I think it was Pretty Little Liars.)  
    I skipped, but I mean its only one baby compaired to the 100 puppies. +2
    As long as I can support myself.  
    Really? I mean how are you going to take showers, go the bathroom, clean your clothes, do dishes?  
    Of Course you can be famous and be in a perfect relationship.  
    I would use a rubber to protect myself from getting aids or getting pregnant. Unless I wanted a baby and trusted my partner.  
    I am short and hate it.  
    I don't really know the difference but the Nissan looks amazing. Besides I have a Nissan Altima.  
    Bring a parachute! If you drown that takes forever.  
    I rather Justin Beiber died. +1
    Ian Somerhalder because he is super hot and Lucas Till is just cute.  
    Neither, because he is a horrible singer, and I HATE HIM!!!!! I prefer Justin Beiber was shot and killed. +648
    Skip because I don't like either. +43
    I skipped because I don't have a credit card and wouldn't know the difference.  
    Hard to find favorite jeans, besides it didn't say anything about mud on your shirt being permanent like the jeans.  
    skip because I am 18 and not old enough.  
    xbox you can just buy a kenect and it is a lot easier.  
    The big bang theory because I am a nerd who likes superheros and two and a half men all episodes are alike Charlie is a man whore who sleeps around with random skanks.  
    with legs you walk with arms you do many things.  
    At least you would know somethings about the person, unless the totally lied.  
    Big dogs protect you better and some little dogs are really annoying.  
    Easier to put up and less messier. I can just put those smelly pine cones in it.  
    Can't I give some, but not all to less fortunate? +717
    games are awesome, but I love movies  
    Although it would hurt it would hurt more if I was a guy.  
    I don't eat dogs.  
    He was hotter when he was younger and he would be closer to my age.  
    I don't like sharing, we would just fight over it. I want something that is my own.  
    blind people, and use it when needed.  
    Rock band is easier to play and you can sing, play the drumbs, guitar, bass and on the new ones play piano.  
    Everyone farts +5
    Why would you want to look hot and blind? Are you really that whore like?  
    Never know, you could find the man/woman of you dreams +1
    Lady Gaga is f*cked up but is more tallented.  
    Just because you live in the same place doesn't mean you can't travel. +646
    I don't care how rich that guy is, he is waaaay to ugly.  
    That guy is just to ugly.  
    facebook might be cool now, but so was myspace not that long ago. Everyone uses google though. +1017
    You can always learn how to speak 5 different languages. Besides with the money I could hire a translator.  
    why is it such a big deal for a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman? Why is it alright for a man to marry a woman?  
    Picked the wrong one, if every dream you wished accomplised came true and if your dreams were about being in love with a certian person than isnt that being in love with the person of your dreams? +194
    I rather be able to see than to hear. Although I would miss music.  
    Because I am a fat kid I chose food, besides you can make smooties with fruit.  
    As long as he is paying.  
    I rather be fit and average, at least I wouldn't be totally stupid. +1
    I am in the middle, but am more democratic than republican.  
    Chocolate is good.  
    Less embarrasing.  
    currently a fat nerd lol. Not really, I actually meant to pick short and ginger. I always thought red hair was actually pretty.  
    netflix is better besides you can keep the dvd if you like it so much.  
    I am not a lesbian, and I wouldn't mind if my son was gay as long as he was happy. +2302
    I sleep better when it is cold. Besides I can't sleep with out at least a sheet on me. +985
    If you could NOT change it no matter what, then I rather know when. If I knew how then I would be scared every time I did/got in the thing that killed me.  
    I could probably become rich if I knew everything. +2220
    You can do more on the PS3  
    Meth is gross, at least there is some alcohol out there that tastes good.  
    Hello wig. +1
    Neither really, but if I really had to chose I would pick the iced.  
    Could care less  
    At least then I would know what the world and the people I love look like.  
    wolves are beautiful but I would love to fly and owls are beautiful too.  
    Golf is so boring, I love mini golf though.  
    Superman is annoying because he has all the super powers. =P  
    Superheros are amazing!  
    Heels hurt quickly and its hard to do anything in them. +1
    Glee is pretty dramatic, but I like the singing. +1
    at least winning a penny would be better than going home feeling like an idiot. Deal or no deal it wouldn't be your fault for only winning a penny, on millionare you would feel like a complete dumba*s for not knowing. +248
    Both would be annoying, but low self-esteem would be less. All the cocky people I know are jerks.  
    My phone sucks and the battery keeps draining going from 67% to 0%  
    Just buy a wig. +1
    It is so much easier just to do it at night. Then you can sleep longer in the mornings and not worry about being late for anything. Besides I think it makes you more tired after bathing. +423
    Meat is just that good.  
    Keys because I can't stay at my moms without trying not to kill myself. Besides call my phone or get a new one.  
    Both my grandmas are cool  
    Are you kidding? Justin Beiber is a girl and I am not gay and Taylor is hot and from the same state as me!  
    The dogs would smell but so would the fat guys. Besides the elevator could fall to the ground if the fat guys were in there.  
    Climb a tree? Besides Sharks just seem more frightning to me anyway. +1
    It can still be a warm and beautiful day and rain. Snow is cold! +163
    Who wants to live forever?  
    Rebecca just wrote a horrible song, Justin is really a 9 year old girl with no tallent. +1315
    You could easily fall off the ski lift and get severly injured, Elevators are bigger.  
    More people died in the Holcaust. Although 9-11 was horrible too. +2
    REALLY? Justin Beiber sounds like a 9 year old girl. +1
    Magic and smarts of course. +1
    Hurts less.  
    $20 for five kids is NOT enough. +976
    Socks are annoying anyway.  
    Why is this even a question? Besides what is the point of being popular if you don't have any friends.  
    Rap = Crap +636
    What kind of family or friends would leave you homeless? +1
    The books are always better, although its nice to see the books come to life.  
    EXACTLY! +21
    nice view and it would scare me even more underwater. +2
    I sleep to much anyway, besides I love my nice and warm, hour long showers. +1
    It would be horrible for an innocent to be sentanced to death, but better than a murderer going free only to kill more people. +407
    I love cucumbers but there is more fruit than I like than veggies.  
    I love tetris but after awhile its like sh*t I messed it up! +261
    Sorry but meat is too good.  
    I wouldn't want my face in someone's ass for a year.  
    I would hate myself if I cheated on someone. +3935
    Both? I guess if I had to choose I would pick read minds although I would want it so I couldn't read everyone's thoughts at the same time.  
    Pink although I love Raspberry.  
    Lady Gaga is weird but tallented, Justin Beiber sounds like a 12 year old girl. +862
    My face is alright, but I hate my body. I am not huge or anything but I feel self concious about it and I am really pale.  
    Neither really, but mountian climbing seems scarier than skydiving. +1
    Crap meant older because I would either date an 8 year old a 28.  
    You mean pretty? Who said you would be an ugly disabled person? Being disabled doesnt make you ugly. +2
    If you find out how you die can't you just avoid it? +2
    I don't understand twitter.  
    Electric guitar is cool, but acoustic makes the music sound more beautiful. +1311
    Oh yeah, how?  
    I prefer yahoo, but I do have a gmail.  
    I am a girl and not lesbian but Selena.  
    Honestly, I think I would hate to live to be 100. I probably wouldn't be able to take care of myself and would need someone to do some things for me. +1
    My grandma's back yard is filled with four leaf clovers.  
    I am a girl and honestly believe life would be much easier as a man. +3045
    Dick! Wanna bet?  
    I am geek.  
    I am not smart enough for WWTBAM  
    Los Angeles considering I am to young to gamble. +1
    Paul is an amazing person and John could sometimes be an ass.  
    Really? Harry Potter blows Twilight out of the water. You are seriously mental if you think that Harry Potter sucks.  
    I don't live in my car. Who cares anyway as long as it runs.  
    King then clown, clowns are creepy.  
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