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Would you rather blue green eyes or brown green eyes 5 years ago 135 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which do you like better DIS WON or DIS WON 5 years ago 882 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ETE DIS or EAT DIS 5 years ago 92 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather EAT NUTELA or BE PEACHY KEEN 5 years ago 137 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather BE BORING MEH or BE AMAZING DISCO MEH 5 years ago 111 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather HAVE THIS AWESOME MAGIC DUST (BLUR) or THIS AWESOME MAGIC DUST (PEHNK) 5 years ago 179 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be like Catbug or be like rocketdog 6 years ago 131 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be killed by slenderman or watch slenderman kill your family 6 years ago 174 votes 6 comments 0 likes

Adriana has posted the following comments:

Fangirl 4 years ago  
not THAT frozen 4 years ago  
not thousands, he killed over six million 4 years ago  
HOGWARTS 4 years ago  
donate about 500000 dollars 4 years ago  
me too DX 4 years ago  
I want to see my dares 5 years ago +4
I have hazel but I would love blue green eyes 5 years ago  
:'( 5 years ago  
:D 5 years ago  
OMG that would be so amazing 5 years ago +3
Thank you! it's started as a too round cork and ended as a mushroom lol 5 years ago +1
it says barefoot 5 years ago +1
0kay then 5 years ago +1
JO 5 years ago +1
I NOWS 5 years ago  
PUGS > FRIENDS 5 years ago +3
MAGICS DUST 5 years ago  
YEP 5 years ago  
haha i saw them reversed noooo scientists don't know a lot of stuff actually 5 years ago  
I STILL HATE YOU UFO 5 years ago  
luke and sparta.... 5 years ago +2
i have my mom's name 5 years ago  
love 5 years ago +1
Every day thousands of innocent plant get killed by vegetarians . help stop the violence 5 years ago +3
ligers 5 years ago  
ikr I loved the powerpuff girls and instead of a next season they are making a rip off new series 5 years ago  
poo you 5 years ago  
I hate licorice 5 years ago  
me too! 5 years ago  
true with me too, plus I would have to kill over 80 people 5 years ago  
Diet coke will kill you 5 years ago  
for street you need to go to Cathedral City High School and get like PERFECT scores 5 years ago  
both 5 years ago  
even if I did know everything I would forget almost half of it i one day 5 years ago  
but it does say EUROPE 5 years ago +1
ikr 5 years ago  
so would mine 5 years ago  
you are heartless 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago  
I laugh like A already 5 years ago  
tell someone to murder me. easy peasy 5 years ago  
yes they did 5 years ago  
machinima 5 years ago  
I thought I put a gif for catbug! 6 years ago  
me too 6 years ago  
Americans stole my country 6 years ago  
I already have green eyes but I want them greener (lol) and I want people to stop thinking my hair is black IT'S DARK BROWN!!!!!NOT BLACK!!!! 6 years ago  
my favorite teddy is 6 years ago  
omg just stpu! 6 years ago +6
they're divorced so it's good for me 6 years ago  
I chose mouse because an old dog dies faster 6 years ago  
YOU MEAN jULIET? 6 years ago +17
CATBUG! 6 years ago +2
now is one of the times I love having no crush 6 years ago  
it's kinda like a healthy food eating monster 6 years ago  
thnx now i don't get cancer 6 years ago  
like a honey badger! 6 years ago  
imagine 2 pupils in both eyes then it'd be ok to call me "4 eyes" 6 years ago +1
k thnx! I could use that on the CSTs! 6 years ago  
isn't it supposed to be 2+4=6x5=30-4=26? 6 years ago  
Americans... 6 years ago  
Taylor can't keep a relationship 6 years ago  
OMG I was going to choose b and then I thought Romeo and Juliet! 6 years ago  
ME TOO! 6 years ago  
I love to do nothing 6 years ago  
let's get 'im 6 years ago  
you ROCK 6 years ago  
11 in 2 months 6 years ago  
same :D 6 years ago  
just try to insult me! 6 years ago +1
both 6 years ago  
no it's honey badger don't care honey badger don't give a $#!t 6 years ago  
GET OVER HERE! 6 years ago +3
ligers 6 years ago  
true it is a bad photoshop but a liger is real 6 years ago +5
without glasses OK but I don't wear glasses I gear contacts 6 years ago  
you know cow stomach is rather yummy! 6 years ago +1
FOR 1 SECOND 6 years ago +3
i PREFER BASKIN ROBINS 6 years ago  
I wanna be forever young~ 6 years ago  
look up prank vs prank on you tube 6 years ago +1
exactly 6 years ago +1
they hatin' 6 years ago +1
I know it save me 5 hours! 6 years ago  
I saw a picture of stwabewies 6 years ago +1
Iove the scooterboards they have them in our summer camp 6 years ago  
0_o 6 years ago  
I just don't want to be alone but I love to read 6 years ago +1
I WANT MY HAIR LONGER THAN 70 FT. 6 years ago  
stab them when they're laughing 6 years ago +1
I'm a girl so... 6 years ago +1
exactly what I was thinking! 6 years ago  
me too I get exited before a storm for some reason 6 years ago  
BEATLES FTW! 6 years ago  
nooo I read the title wrong noooooo I thought it said LIKE more noooo 6 years ago  
YEAH ATLAS YEAH! 6 years ago  
you had me at nutella mmmm... 6 years ago +1
for some reason now I can't stop smiling 6 years ago  
IKR! 6 years ago  
no it will and because of the sun exploding 6 years ago  
WHAT! 6 years ago  
I want my bf to be a sweetheart 6 years ago +1
fake tounge 6 years ago  
I love the Beatles more than anyone has ever loved The Beatles I am their #1 fan and I'm 10! 6 years ago  
more imtportant than MY life 6 years ago  
I'm already superly hilariously funny 6 years ago  
me too 6 years ago  
rrrather 6 years ago  
and I live in the USA 6 years ago +2
my mom is an esthititian! 6 years ago  
I read 5th grade level books in 1st grade! 6 years ago  
me too 6 years ago  
dogs are real! 6 years ago  
I thoght I was the only one! 6 years ago  
I like pringles 6 years ago  
keep the comments coming! 6 years ago  
ohhhhh I get it FTW means "for the win"!!!!now I get it 6 years ago  
right?! 6 years ago  
10 6 years ago  
thank you! 6 years ago  
NOOOOO! 6 years ago  
I didn't write 5 sentences yet 6 years ago  
Maniac Maggie! 6 years ago  
IKR!!! 6 years ago +2
both 6 years ago  
I love sprouts 6 years ago +2
liger 6 years ago +2
chocolate Ice cream cake! 6 years ago +1
made of candy! 6 years ago  
wrong one!!!! :( 6 years ago  
floor toles? lol 6 years ago  
you're right we should 6 years ago +3
I'm a girl :) 6 years ago  
depends who 6 years ago  
both 6 years ago +1
??? 6 years ago  
only Coraline scared the poop out of me I loved Nightmare and I'm 10... 6 years ago +1
pretty please 6 years ago  
:O :'( 6 years ago +5
*life 6 years ago  
STILL 6 years ago  
badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM! 6 years ago +1
straw 6 years ago  
like slendermanaefyhr 6 years ago  
I love that dress 6 years ago +1
God would never kill us 6 years ago +4
for some reason when I get a book the first thing I do is smell it... 6 years ago +3
how about die :P 6 years ago +1
where is the both option? :P 6 years ago  
already have tastes sour 6 years ago  
I'm a girl if they had brains they would let me cool off! 6 years ago +2
SKIP! 6 years ago  
side 6 years ago  
hai from 2013 world didn't end 6 years ago +1
don't.move.a.muscle. 6 years ago +1
yep 6 years ago  
that was such a beautiful speech 6 years ago  
I'd bring my bff she's a Harry Potter fanatic 6 years ago  
I wanna scream and shout and let it all out 6 years ago +10
both 6 years ago  
1. rule the world 2. make the only days in a week Friday Saturday,and Sunday 6 years ago  
BOTH 6 years ago +1
SNOW DAYS FOREVER 6 years ago  
26 6 years ago  
NOOOOOO!! 6 years ago  
Atlas! 6 years ago  
*is busy fangirling about The Beatles 6 years ago  
prom 6 years ago  
both 6 years ago +3
my favorite books are based on movies :) 6 years ago  
same thing 6 years ago +1
7 likes dude 7... 6 years ago  
*is busy fangirling about George Harrison* 6 years ago +1
:'( 6 years ago  
:'( 6 years ago  
:'( 6 years ago  
WHERE IS THE BOTH BUTTON!?!?!?! 6 years ago +3
10 6 years ago  
IKR!!! 6 years ago  
you make me want to take back my choice 6 years ago +1
WRONG ONE!!!!! 6 years ago  
special fx glasses! 6 years ago  
Sunglasses 6 years ago  
use knives as arrows 6 years ago +3
I say ow 6 years ago +2
you watch tv 6 years ago  
I have no facebook :) 6 years ago +2
???? what statement? 6 years ago  
party all night! 6 years ago +1
with romney I lose everything (I'm mexican) 6 years ago +3
I punched my computer at the sight of Mitt 6 years ago  
CANDY!!!! 6 years ago  
I wanted to see the comments 6 years ago  
ghnghmnm 6 years ago  
I have my loving dad my loving stepdad and the idiot b**** that left my mom when my sister was born 6 years ago  
noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!such a hard question 6 years ago  
??? 6 years ago  
I have the awesomest sunglasses so 6 years ago  
I am 10 :) 6 years ago  
no I didn't get it 6 years ago  
I don't 6 years ago +1
is is real 6 years ago  
I am 10... 6 years ago  
snow!!! 6 years ago  
SAME PERSON 6 years ago  
ONE WORD :SLENDERMAN 6 years ago  
PARTY! 6 years ago  
yay my dream has come true 6 years ago  
I already am a comedian 6 years ago  
if I was a guy then 6 years ago  
wolves are cuter 6 years ago  
I am 10 6 years ago  
insta click once I saw the Beatles 6 years ago  
I love you 6 years ago  
no it can't 6 years ago  
depends if in forest no Slendy scares me 6 years ago +1
I'm latina 6 years ago  
there is only one god 6 years ago  
same thing 6 years ago  
lets all escape! 6 years ago  
joke's on you I have no phone or keys :D love being a kid 6 years ago  
too young to date 6 years ago  
you use google to get to facebook 6 years ago  
what does ftw mean? 6 years ago  
I want to be murdered but before they murder me I will cut off their nose so they become Harry Potter 6 years ago  
I live in palm springs 6 years ago  
Fats and th Furious 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
I already have one I'm 10 so my mom 6 years ago  
i AM 10 :D 6 years ago  
15% OF PEOPLE ARE ___________ 6 years ago  
NUTELLA! 6 years ago  
THIS IS HARD... i LOVE BOTH 6 years ago  
WHY?!?!?! 6 years ago  
THE BEATLES!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
I slapped my monitor when I read that comment 6 years ago  
I don't remember what I dream't so that would work! 6 years ago  
ferrari has both 6 years ago  
oh god drugs or home less.... 6 years ago  
I'm already a chatty cathy 6 years ago  
window 8 is a pc right? 6 years ago  
When I was a kid I would Hakuna Matata every day 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
gangnam style got old 6 years ago +1
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