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Hello whoever you are, welcome to my profile.

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    Working well for me so far 3 days ago  
    Waiting close to the door, just in case 1 week ago  
    Not entirely sure what I'd do with that much money, assuming I even got it 1 week ago  
    It'd feel weird but I like to cook so butler it is 2 weeks ago  
    Less chance of unintended consequences 2 weeks ago +1
    Don't think so at least 2 weeks ago  
    Although if I have to pay my way that might make things tricky. Otherwise I don't really have any issue specific to the situation 2 weeks ago  
    Although both would come in handy for work, smell seems like it would have less of an impact on my daily life. Erina's said she can only eat certain food because of the sensitivity 3 weeks ago  
    I don't get snow in my area anyway 4 weeks ago  
    Gray's teacher 1 month ago  
    Technically cecaelia 1 month ago +1
    Been a while since I submitted a question 1 month ago  
    Regular pets take a lot of work so who knows how much an alien pet would, not to mention I'm not in the best position to care for one 1 month ago +2
    Superman's vulnerable to magic 1 month ago +2
    Pessimists are more likely to live longer. 1 month ago  
    I try to find a positive but my thoughts tend towards the negative. 1 month ago  
    Feels like it'd be advantageous in more ways than speed 1 month ago  
    If it's possible to implement without too much difficulty. 1 month ago  
    Actually that's a fair point 1 month ago  
    Technically nothing as none of it's severe or persistent enough but I've experienced depression and anxiety to varying degrees. 1 month ago  
    So current situation but more severe 1 month ago  
    Oh hell no 1 month ago  
    Sometimes 1 month ago  
    Haven't had jack fruit before but dragon fruit tastes like nothing 1 month ago  
    I've been in enough at public pools to have adjusted 1 month ago +1
    They can be creepy but not to the point of making me scared 1 month ago +2
    Tough choice 1 month ago +1
    To a degree 1 month ago  
    Might help with my fear of heights 1 month ago  
    INFP or INFJ 2 months ago  
    Almost true 2 months ago  
    Don't hate it but don't use it (not sure on whether I want to farm my info out) 2 months ago  
    I've got a shower and if wanting to save water, a hand 2 months ago  
    11 2 months ago  
    ^this 2 months ago  
    Although certain pathogens may not spread as easily 2 months ago  
    Maybe not if they're a kid 2 months ago  
    Maybe to a degree but nothing major 2 months ago  
    Neither fandom is bad across the board but I don't know of anything particularly bad with the BNHA fandom whereas the SU fandom has some notable skeletons in the closet 2 months ago  
    You do realise that you're not entitled to a relationship, right? 2 months ago +1
    More because I'll spread it than because of how it'll affect me 2 months ago  
    Which can still mean becoming a superhero, just with... not the best motivation 2 months ago  
    More concerned with function than appearance 2 months ago  
    Doesn't say I have a time limit on the essay 2 months ago  
    But feel free to do so yourself 2 months ago  
    Doesn't matter how much of it is provided for free, I don't have a passport 2 months ago  
    Both are good though 3 months ago  
    Not quite as bad 3 months ago  
    Might help with the way things seem to be going 3 months ago  
    So long as my influence remains my importance doesn't matter 3 months ago  
    Neither 3 months ago +1
    Might as well have some fun 3 months ago +1
    Not many but yes 3 months ago  
    Probably should be 4 months ago  
    Not interested in converting 4 months ago +1
    Where does it say that? 4 months ago  
    Oh... didn't read the note. On here it's allowed (as far as I know) so I wouldn't report swears. Slurs and such I would 4 months ago  
    It's clean just cluttered/untidy 4 months ago  
    No way I can narrow it down to top 3 4 months ago  
    How should I be interpreting the question about internal organs? 4 months ago  
    I'd like to be able to return to my native plane 4 months ago  
    I'd be dead either way 4 months ago  
    ...crap that's a good point 4 months ago +1
    Well not really. I've looked into the meanings of symbols and such. 4 months ago +1
    That's my assumption, unless this happened to someone else. 4 months ago  
    Other info: he wound up committing suicide as an adult 4 months ago +6
    I don't trust myself with time travel 4 months ago  
    I'll be just a prodigy of sorts 4 months ago  
    I think that pic is from the British Masterchef which is also the original 4 months ago +1
    New Years is only exciting around midnight and I'm not likely to be working then, if I was working 5 months ago +1
    It would be based around evidence collected in addition to admissions of guilt and whether something could happen isn't always the best metric on which to judge a decision. 5 months ago  
    despite the saying originating independent of lions in the movie  
    let's find out  
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