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If you could FULLY domesticate one of these creatures and have as a pet, which one would it be? American Black Bear or Snow Leopard 1 year ago 83 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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Like you tested some stuff? 1 year ago  
Seems like this one was a test or something? 1 year ago  
golf? boring ass sport. 1 year ago  
Been used to caps, will stay that way. 1 year ago  
Proper one please. 1 year ago  
just the trolls. 1 year ago  
that escalated quickly 1 year ago  
Dont sing. 1 year ago  
More intelligent and stronger. 1 year ago  
Obey my every command... 1 year ago  
Very biased..... 1 year ago  
Whats viddy? 1 year ago  
just here to troll 1 year ago  
ez 1 year ago  
racism sucks :( 1 year ago  
50/50 1 year ago  
Dog was originally bred to fight, helped create the Pitbull, hence, having 'Bull' in its name. Maine Coon? Largest domestic cat, bred to... be a pet? Mismatch in favor of the dog. 1 year ago +2

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