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Sooo... When I created this profile I had no idea that AntBoy was a real movie xD -AntBoy

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    It's more like "what would you rather lose?"  
    Cartoon Network is full of bad messages (American version anyway)  
    DC makes their heroes way too powerful, superman has every power ever  
    Somebody mention Ireland, I wanna go to the UK dammit!  
    What are people putting on this site? +1
    Who on earth drives Camaro anymore?  
    Screw Android!  
    I'd press the skip button :D  
    Steve Jobs! Heck yea!  
    7 days...  
    Anything to get away from Tetris, stupid classics, no offence pac-man  
    Better taste  
    GameCube sucks  
    Either, I don't care  
    What would you even use the first option for?  
    More storage  
    Less poking :)  
    I've come across and skipped this one so many times!  
    What happens when you vote for Facebook? "Poke" "Poke" "Poke"  
    What does that mean?  
    The 3% that voted yahoo out of 20,027 people  
    Controller is easier to memorise the buttons, when on a computer you have to look down at the keyboard every few minutes  
    Apple all the way!  
    Cause they're awesome!  
    Blackberrys are crap  
    I use safari :/  
    For cookie clicker chrome is better  
    How dare you?  
    How dare you?  
    What do you choose if you're a boy? +223
    "Can't stop laughing"  
    WAY less embarrassing  
    Nothing good on my tv anyway, do I ever even watch my tv?  
    I don't know why but I won't swallow steak until I've chewed it for 20 minutes, wtf?  
    Vagina flaps? Are those things?  
    When you stub your toe you look down and expect to see your toe cracked in half¶ms=OAFIAVgW&v=Ld7QYI9szr4&mode=NORMAL  
    They're both horrible!  
    What on earth is a grolar bear?!  
    Flips for days!  
    5 days before Christmas 2015! Does that count?  
    No. >:(  
    What a view!  
    Toucans can't splash you in the face with it's massive tail  
    I correct my own sentences  
    I want to see this question with 50/50 votes so that I can show that cool coincidence to my friends  
    But what if you meet a person who has a phobia of bald people? (Yes, that's a thing)  
    Look like a guy pressing the skip button  
    I'd live in a world with a skip button  
    Perfume is smaller  
    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope!!!  
    Being able to see the future would be scary, you know what's going to happen and you can't change it, imagine that  
    No idea what that means  
    What does that even mean?  
    Ummm... Ever heard of social life?  
    The creator knows that it's spelt duct tape and not duck tape right?  
    I like to give my teeth a challenge :)  
    I haven't tried either but I've heard that Juicy Fruit is good  
    I don't wanna drown either  
    I've never seen the dark knight rises  
    I don't like sports  
    No idea what Reeses are, but I like Hersheys!  
    When I first saw the picture on the left, I thought it looked like a pair of lips with a vine coming out of it. What the heck brain?!  
    Is it a bad thing that I don't know who Steve Carrell is?  
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