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    You... you know the real ninjas were Japanese right?  
    It could be pool of jello shots?  
    History Major here.  
    Says you, Dick-Bukkake.  
    Both. Both? Both. Also is the drunk puppy drunk on love?  
    Bosnia is lit af.  
    We just solved a 100 year problem guys. Good job.  
    It's a pirates life for me. +1
    All the dog  
    Woah oh, we're halfway there.  
    Both please!  
    Maybe I do like attention...  
    Oh no, my nerd brain is having a catastrophic failure....  
    I like dogs  
    If you know everything then you know how to gain power.  
    Time for Legos losers.  
    Not if you're not religious  
    ... why would I want to chose between necrophilia and beastiality when I can have Ron...  
    My younger self was much more optimistic  
    I already do this anyway  
    Dude, Rob Zombie.  
    Orson Welles  
    My friend had a similar dream. Only instead of a unicorn it was a 4th dimensional space camel...  
    No sea sluts  
    Jews make great bagels  
    De fark?  
    Lol, Romney  
    At least you get food in prisons. Plus no rent!  
    Baby monkeys don't grow up to rip your face off.  
    My dreams are too weird to watch...  
    Either one sucks... but I'd senead o'conner the eff out of it.  
    If I can freak people out with my floppy tongue, I'm in.  
    Or Brad Pitt tbh. It's not worth the pain of stupidity.  
    I don't need both ears for the internet  
    I'd curse people tbh.  
    We all get old and crotchety sometime.  
    Dude, yoga is BA.  
    May the odds ever being your favor losers.  
    Yeah, I prefer animals over people...  
    Lol basic whites girls have spoken... and they're the minority.  
    Oh God help us. Nolo  
    Lol, I've played fallout, I know what to do.  
    Truth is, pain is short term, being an anus is forever.  
    I don't want people to be making love to dogs and stuff...  
    Oh lord how I'd like to rewind.  
    At least it's not a clown...  
    Twilight, Really? Sparkly vamps and love struck puppies or world of magic, umm duh.  
    Doctors can be sued for malpractice  
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