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Do guest lives matter? Yes or No 9 months ago 142 votes 13 comments 0 likes
What's the worst thing about sand? It's rough or It's coarse 9 months ago 134 votes 21 comments 0 likes
You were at a convention fifty miles away from home. It is 11:00 PM. You took an Uber to the convention so you have to take one back to your house. There are only two Uber drivers working right now. Would you rather... Have your Uber driver be a seven year old kid? or Have your Uber driver be very, VERY drunk? 9 months ago 124 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Simply going off the names of the places, would you rather live in... Stardew Valley? or Silent Hills? 9 months ago 119 votes 6 comments 0 likes
I want to play a game... Yay! I love games! or Uhh... I'm allergic 9 months ago 114 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who's the better superhero? Ant Man or The Wasp 9 months ago 107 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be locked in a room with... Logan Paul or Leafy 1 year ago 74 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be trapped in? A room with 1000 mosquitoes inside (No bug spray!) or The Sahara Desert (No water!) 1 year ago 90 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Who is the better superhero movie villain? Red Skull or Ares (Wonder Woman) 1 year ago 51 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would figure out that Light was Kira first? L. Lawliet or Dr. Doom 1 year ago 41 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which is more gruesome? Mortal Kombat or Happy Tree Friends 1 year ago 75 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who is the better telekinetic? Jean Grey or Eleven (Stranger Things) 1 year ago 61 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the world's best kazoo player or Be the world's only ladybug whisperer 1 year ago 113 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which do you prefer Beethoven's music or Bach's music 1 year ago 67 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which do you prefer Beethoven's music or Mozart's music 1 year ago 63 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a Guinea pig or Bearded dragon 1 year ago 73 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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Option D: He was abducted by aliens who are even now preforming ghastly experiments on him 9 months ago  
Ikr 9 months ago  
I'm a guy... 9 months ago  
B looks like garbage 9 months ago  
A wise strategy. Perhaps I should have used it when I returned 9 months ago  
I have to agree with you on the Kardashians 9 months ago  
First off, I think that Pence is a very good person ( Please do not respond to me about this. I'm not willing to argue and will not reply). But second, doesn't wanting them to die seem a bit harsh? Why not just want them to resign or move to a different country? 9 months ago  
More states in the country chose him instead of Green Party candidates and Hilary. Thus meaning that if anyone was chosen it was Trump. I'm really sorry if he's not who you wanted as a president, but the right to vote and elect a leader is one of the fundamental aspects of democracy 9 months ago  
You wish that everyone that disagrees with you and might run for presidency to die? 9 months ago  
Ok. He's not even close to being the optimal president. However, whether you like it or not, he's the president that America ELECTED. We as a country chose him. You might as well suck it up and accept that even if you don't like him. 9 months ago  
What is that monstrosity? 9 months ago  
53% have no clue what they're talking about 9 months ago  
What's mine is not yours 9 months ago  
The world is too obsessed with sex 9 months ago  
I like TTG tbh. It's so stupid it's funny. 9 months ago +1
He can do anything that isn't ridiculous. He can't make 2+2=5. That's ridiculous 9 months ago  
Talcum powder 9 months ago  
Guardians of the Galaxy 9 months ago  
R.I.P :,( 9 months ago  
God knows what the end result will be. However, he leaves it up to you to make your own choices 9 months ago  
On the cheek 9 months ago  
Clear choice 9 months ago  
Haven't seen either 9 months ago +1
Become Deadpool 9 months ago  
I disagree 9 months ago  
Didn't they take Kevin out of the series? 9 months ago  
Roll Tide 9 months ago  
No 100% for you 9 months ago  
Then please just stop asking questions like this 9 months ago  
I can't read 62 books in one sitting 9 months ago  
What has been seen cannot be unseen 9 months ago  
Talcum Powder? 9 months ago  
That's is most certainly not true. I have been on mission trips to Kenya. The missionaries there work at a hospital. What they do at the hospital goes from surgeries to radiology. And all mission trips aren't to third world countries. My church leader went on a mission trip to Utah. They made sidewalks and played and thought the children there. Some mission aren't even that extravagant. I went with my church to feed children at trailer parks. We don't cram the gospel down their throats. We don't even mention the Bible unless they ask. We do these trips to show the love of God. 9 months ago +1
We most certainly do not blame our problems on atheists. When we go through a rough patch, it can mean it's our own sin that did it or God is teaching us through our difficulties. We neither hate nor blame our problems on gays, we simply believe that being homosexual is a sin. We do not hate other religions. If we did, why would we go on mission trips? 9 months ago +1
So I'm a Christian and I can tell you for a fact I've never met A 9 months ago +1
One person won't do much 9 months ago +1
I would merge with a symbiote and become Anti-Venom 9 months ago  
R.I.P VSIA 9 months ago  
Ya 9 months ago  
YOLO 9 months ago  
Am I the only one who really enjoyed Iron Man 3? 9 months ago  
Obviously 9 months ago  
Uhh... 9 months ago  
Wouldn't the ability to use all forms of magic allow you to use almighty magic? 9 months ago +1
Well played, good sir, well played 9 months ago  
*sad trombone plays* 9 months ago  
Jaredc 9 months ago  
Umm... how exactly? 9 months ago  
False 9 months ago  
Agreed 9 months ago  
Lol 9 months ago  
Suck it up, buttercup 9 months ago  
One of this is a strange alien creature and the other is a dog 9 months ago  
Teal 9 months ago  
Once 9 months ago  
R.I.P :( 9 months ago  
Pandas 9 months ago  
Wow 9 months ago +2
Wait, who's in nine? 9 months ago  
As would Deadpool 9 months ago  
How hurt are we talking about? 9 months ago  
Thanks 9 months ago  
Just because I would feel insanely pressured to keep the animal alive at all costs 9 months ago  
I though A was a brass knuckle for a sec 9 months ago  
Just get stupidly good a paper maché 9 months ago +1
The newest Spider-Man (Tom Holland) 9 months ago  
Blue shell 9 months ago  
Join a mob and burn down the grocery store 9 months ago  
Chips 9 months ago  
I don't want to become a wendigo 9 months ago  
Portal 3 all the way 9 months ago  
Indiana 9 months ago  
How much does it cost? 9 months ago  
Are artists useless? Kinda. Do they strongly contribute to entertainment? Strong yes 9 months ago  
67 eyes 9 months ago  
Quicker 9 months ago  
Greater good 9 months ago  
You are indeed a good person 9 months ago  
Why are they in the same pose? 9 months ago  
You could've saved yourself a lot of hate if you just started with anime girls tbh 9 months ago +1
#AntLivesMatter 9 months ago  
Both sound cool 9 months ago  
Hopefully would have amnesia. (Kind of a messed up ideas but it's better than the other option) 9 months ago  
Stranger Things is better than both 9 months ago  
We'd probably become friends but not much farther than that 9 months ago  
That is true ig 9 months ago  
I have no idea what these are 9 months ago  
Oh, you're back! 9 months ago  
I'd like to be In It when you expand 9 months ago  
The site itself doesn't suck. It's the toxic users that inhabit it 9 months ago  
What anime is this? 9 months ago  
Unique 9 months ago  
O.o 9 months ago  
God didn't create Hell. Hell was created when Satan sinned, this was the beginning of sin. Since God is perfect, he physically cannot be with sin. Hell is life without God. God didn't create it. Sin did. When Jesus died, he took our sin so that we can be with God. 9 months ago  
What is a from? 9 months ago  
And just how am I supposed to get to space 9 months ago  
... 9 months ago  
Why not 9 months ago  
Yes! 9 months ago  
For all you know you could marry a serial killer 9 months ago  
Paper cuts heal in a day or two 9 months ago  
With my knowledge of modern science and technologies I could easily rule the world 9 months ago  
Skipped. I beat your sick game 9 months ago  
Who the crap r these people 9 months ago  
I know that the anime in the pic is popular. Which anime is it? 9 months ago  
Less chance of being thrown into a campfire 9 months ago  
I guess I could wear a mask... 9 months ago +1
Tea is love. Tea is life 9 months ago +1
'''Tis merely a flesh wound 9 months ago  
TL;DR 9 months ago  
What rarity? 9 months ago  
Telekinesis 9 months ago  
What now? 9 months ago  
53 degrees is not freezing at all 9 months ago  
This comment is irrelevant. I'm trying to notify you of ny recent edit. Have a nice day. 9 months ago  
I guess it depends on the circumstances tbh. If it was going to be in a p,ace that desperately needed a church (North Korea) it would be worth it. If it was in a place that already had several churches, I don't think God would want people to take down an entire forest. 9 months ago  
I wasn't that impressed by baldi's tbh 1 year ago  
How does one require an entire forest when they are building a single structure... 1 year ago  
Life isn't a "test" 1 year ago  
Faith and science 1 year ago  
He can do anything 1 year ago  
God never promises to heal them physically. When he promises to heal them he means spiritually. He can and will heal you if you pray to him about your struggles in your faith. Struggling in faith is perfectly normal and the Bible even says that it WILL happen. However, alll you need to do is pray and God will guide you through your struggles. 1 year ago  
Because Wikipedia is a great source of fact 1 year ago  
They were absolutely nothing like Christian motives. Have you ever read the Bible? It's obvious that their motives were/are absolutely nothing like Christians'. 1 year ago  
It says that they were KILLING Catholics. Obviously they weren't real Christians. They claimed to Ben Christians to gain support. Every Cristian denomination has denounced them. Christianity is about love and forgiveness. Things that they quite obviously aren't. 1 year ago  
The KKK aren't Christian. 1 year ago  
It depends 1 year ago  
I getting really sick of these questions 1 year ago  
A normal Saturday. (I'm not sorry) 1 year ago +1
I like being terrified. 1 year ago  
Why is 69 a dirty number? 1 year ago +1
Matthew2 should be #1 1 year ago +1
Looks fun 1 year ago  
That was cold hearted. 1 year ago +1
I already have this. 1 year ago  
Am I missing something here? 1 year ago  
Just use a nickname. 1 year ago  
I played it on my brother's computer once. I made it to the moon but then ran out of fuel. 1 year ago  
4 1 year ago  
The only person I can think of is Elliot from Stardew Valley 1 year ago  
That was oddly terrifying. 1 year ago  
They might pay more attention. 1 year ago  
Don't forget *seat 1 year ago  
Couldn't you teach them the same things without having them merge? 1 year ago  
Didn't read the whole question :( 1 year ago  
Don't know either so I voted on the pictures 1 year ago  
The Eagles won!!!!! 1 year ago +1
Lol 1 year ago  
Especially the doll. 1 year ago  
Wasn't biased at all! *Sarcasm* 1 year ago  
It's called Boy/Girl Scouts for a reason. 1 year ago +4
Just because you kill someone doesn't necessarily make you a terrorist. 1 year ago  
Actually, maybe. 1 year ago  
Can my knees bend backwards without breaking? 1 year ago  
Lol. I made the same mistake a few days ago. 1 year ago  
Okay. Let's just assume that it's in your business. You still can't make a valid point for a political figures since your not living in the country that their affecting. You can't look at the affects that he/she would make as you aren't seeing it from our country's point of view. You aren't seeing what he\she would do to our country. 1 year ago  
Unless a bug counts, I would not be able to see a Thestral. 1 year ago  
I would gladly do both 1 year ago +1
I like Catlover. 1 year ago +1
I know. But I don't think you should go around bashing polical figures when you're not even in the same continent as them. It's a little outside of your business. (Like it is outside of my business who you elect to be your Prime Minister) 1 year ago  
Wait, I meant A. 1 year ago  
How am I racist? Your profile says you're from the UK! If you're just visiting the UK and live in America then I apologize. 1 year ago  
I've never played bioshock so, I'm guessing. 1 year ago  
I'm pretty sure that Chick-fil-a isn't in a lot of countries, so that might be the reason so many people voted B. 1 year ago +1
Beautiful 1 year ago +1
Easier to quit 1 year ago  
Too young to wear B 1 year ago  
I'm too scared to watch it but, I'm morbidly curious... 1 year ago  
Chick-fil-a doesn't serve fish... 1 year ago  
Chick-fil-a is incredible. You have to try it. 1 year ago  
Do you mean inflation? 1 year ago +1
The Malfoys will hate you because you're a muggle, the Dursleys will love you because you're not a wizard. 1 year ago  
I don't really mind either one. 1 year ago  
If you say so... 1 year ago  
Please stop asking these questions :/ 1 year ago  
No offense but, would you mind leaving America's politics to Americans? (Not trying to start an argument) 1 year ago  
Is this "The Great Vegan Rebellion" or something? 1 year ago +2
It thought it said "Should dog fighting be ILLEGAL". Oops :( 1 year ago  
While I sleep. 1 year ago  
It usually only lasts for a few hours. 1 year ago +1
I have a lot of good memories from Wizard101 1 year ago  
Reaper from Overwatch. 1 year ago  
How do you know so many gifs? 1 year ago  
It was on my random not voted list. 1 year ago  
OK... 1 year ago  
Who the heck is Chuck Quizmo? 1 year ago  
13 1 year ago  
Bye :( (People would like you more if you didn't spam questions) 1 year ago  
That would suck. 1 year ago  
I've already been to Africa. 1 year ago  
Hijack the alien ship and fly away. 1 year ago  
Slightly less complicated imo. 1 year ago  
Less people know about him. 1 year ago +1
I'm pretty sure the kids don't want to be murdered either. 1 year ago +1
I clicked because of the panda. 1 year ago  
I know. But at least there's a chance that no one would die in B. In A you're going around breaking kids necks. 1 year ago  
You would kill random children for five million dollars? 1 year ago  
How did that pic. get past Alexw? 1 year ago  
Less death 1 year ago  
In B if they find you, you can't escape in time. 1 year ago  
He's filthy rich. 1 year ago +1
Doesn't die 1 year ago +1
Fouth comment 1 year ago  
How did dog with a blog make to the finale? 1 year ago  
My family could sue whoever the door belonged to. 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Exterminate! 1 year ago  
I don't have a job so... 1 year ago  
Good question. 1 year ago  
Not so much life as people. 1 year ago +1
Oops. I misread it. 1 year ago  
What if my best dream involves my worst nightmare not happening? 1 year ago  
Anyone but the Patriots. 1 year ago +2
The more you used A, the more the value would decrease. 1 year ago +2
Stupid copyright :( 1 year ago  
Cool 1 year ago  
What do you do? 1 year ago  
I've done this already... 1 year ago +3
Even If lions could climb trees, I could still climb higher than it as I am lighter. 1 year ago  
Yay! =D 1 year ago  
Climb a tree. 1 year ago  
Yoda am I 1 year ago  
$158 and no debt. Boo-yah!!! 1 year ago  
Both really good. 1 year ago  
Mexico, Australia, and Kenya. 1 year ago  
Using your hands? 1 year ago  
Tough 1 year ago  
Just put the kid up for adoption afterwards. 1 year ago  
We all float down here. 1 year ago +1
Mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
Oh no, my fatal weakness! *dies* 1 year ago +1
Sounds cool 1 year ago  
Absolutely nothing. 1 year ago  
Jurassic park never actually goes into business. 1 year ago  
Good question. 1 year ago  
Telekinesis and the ability to get more superpowers 1 year ago  
But then you would die... 1 year ago  
What the heck did I just watch? 1 year ago  
I'm talking about the boxes that I could check of in the ink blots test. 1 year ago  
I'm guessing that you made the answers yourself, didn't you? 1 year ago  
I don't get eaten 1 year ago  
I didn't like A. 1 year ago  
It's Friday, Friday; Gotta get down on Friday 1 year ago  
I AM GROOT! 1 year ago +1
Same 1 year ago  
Chameleons are hard to keep as pets. 1 year ago  
That video was so scripted. 1 year ago  
Universal Studios is awesome! 1 year ago  
Despacito 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Have Jane shoot it with her gun. 1 year ago +1
I don't die this way. 1 year ago  
Well, at least it's different from the "Who's hotter?" questions. 1 year ago  
Wait! RubiLove is asking a different question for a change. Oh happy, happy day! 1 year ago  
Didn't you literally just make the same question a few hours ago? 1 year ago +1
Together, we can rule the galaxy. 1 year ago  
Hope that TN wins but, lets be realistic here. :( 1 year ago  
Cooler 1 year ago  
You can't prove that any history that happened before you were born actually happened. You're just believing what people tell you. There are a lot of things that you can't prove to be 100% true. 1 year ago  
Take baths 1 year ago  
B looks uncomfortable. 1 year ago  
Does he have any weapons? 1 year ago  
That was really tough. 1 year ago  
Yuri would kill me in my sleep. 1 year ago  
The mustache made him look super dumb. 1 year ago  
Drinking alcohol before the age of 21 can mess the up the brain as it is still developing. 1 year ago +1
Into a swimming pool. 1 year ago  
Lol 1 year ago  
I don't know either... 1 year ago  
Already do 1 year ago  
Ikr 1 year ago  
Did you also look at what happens when you brighten up the nothing is real poem? If that doesn't interest you I'm not sure what would. 1 year ago  
The zombies would still eat the dead bodies. 1 year ago  
Give the zombies a distraction and you time to run. 1 year ago  
She should just put the kid up for adoption after he/she is born. 1 year ago  
But they're no longer trying to eat you so... that's a plus. :) 1 year ago  
Cut it off of the rest of my body then use it as a Halloween decoration 1 year ago  
Why can't it be to the body? 1 year ago  
What about an AK-47 with cure infused bullets 1 year ago  
Whelp, it was worth a shot. 1 year ago  
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope 1 year ago  
That's a cool tattoo 1 year ago +1
I laughed so hard 1 year ago  
I knew that. I just worded it badly. 1 year ago  
In my opinion they were really cool. Whatever... 1 year ago  
Try talk with them before you brutally slaughter them. 1 year ago  
Clara is soooo much better than Amy imo 1 year ago  
Plastic spoon 1 year ago  
Look up what happens when you change the .chr files to .png files. Now tell me that the game isn't interesting. 1 year ago  
That conversation would be too awkward for me. 1 year ago  
It's a pretty interesting game 1 year ago  
Misclick :( 1 year ago  
Was anyone right? 1 year ago  
Same 1 year ago  
You're the third guy I've met that has an obsession/crush on someone from doki doki literature club. 1 year ago  
More useful 1 year ago  
You really like Natsuki don't you? 1 year ago  
Bye 1 year ago  
Option C 1 year ago  
Infinity and beyond 1 year ago  
Same 1 year ago  
I like the pic in B. Does that make me a bad person? 1 year ago  
Look, I have my beliefs, you have yours. Please don't tease me because I have a different opinion on God than you do. Also, you don't have to believe in God to get advice from Proverbs. 1 year ago  
Just checking... 1 year ago  
Je parle Français 1 year ago  
Is that Natsuki?! 1 year ago  
Both full of idiots. (I am not saying you are an idiot if you use one though) 1 year ago  
Wolverine 1 year ago  
Natsuki is the best and I also like Monika 1 year ago +1
Thanks for telling me :) 1 year ago  
Human fat blobs or killer robots. Hmm... 1 year ago  
I'd say that I'm a 7 or an 8 but my best friend is an 11 1 year ago  
A maid is more useful 1 year ago  
Ikr 1 year ago  
Option C 1 year ago  
Have you seen the episode with the ants? 1 year ago  
Fun facts: there were already legends that told of America and some people (Leaf Erickson for example) had already found it. Second, there were very few people who still believed that the earth was flat by the time of Columbus. 1 year ago  
A dead body 1 year ago  
Ikr! 1 year ago  
Any bird 1 year ago  
I loved B 1 year ago  
I didn't read the author's comment :( 1 year ago  
Canada 1 year ago  
We all float down here 1 year ago  
That's a myth 1 year ago  
Pica? Is that how it's spelled? 1 year ago  
However, kids shouldn't be allowed to play game as bad as GTA5 1 year ago  
Because trees are tall which gives lighting the easiest way to the ground 1 year ago  
Don't blink 1 year ago  
Why do atheists hate on religion so much? 1 year ago  
ROASTED! 1 year ago  
Is that guy n B holding a saxophone? 1 year ago  
Actually read the Bible next time before you go cursing Christianity 1 year ago  
Then quit after a second 1 year ago  
I liked Iron Man 3 1 year ago  
Cow 1 year ago  
What the heck?! 1 year ago  
A bat 1 year ago  
But it is 1 year ago  
Dude, chill he's joking 1 year ago  
Actually, He did. Even atheists agree that He existed. People can prove that. They just don't believe that He is God. 1 year ago  
A lego 1 year ago  
Hobo stick 1 year ago  
Speed: 8 Int:9 1 year ago  
0CF0A 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
I liked Iron Man 3 1 year ago  
So like DHMIS? 1 year ago  
Green is not a creative color 1 year ago  
In A you couldn't sleep 1 year ago  
Lose weight 1 year ago  
Misclick 1 year ago  
Ok 1 year ago  
I would choose the black rings 1 year ago  
B was awesome! 1 year ago  
'Sup 1 year ago  
Just Monika 1 year ago  
Jaredc: jerk 1 year ago  
Hishe is winning at 55% 1 year ago  
He never said that... 1 year ago  
I don't want to keep arguing. I was only saying my opinion on the question. I have never known or even heard of a girl named Wyatt. Because of this I automatically pictured a boy because I have only known boys named Wyatt. I was not responding to you because I was responding to the freaking question. I will not talk to you again. Sayonara. 1 year ago  
I am not saying that there shouldn't be girls named Wyatt. I'm just saying that you need to stop being so angry about it. If you know a boy named Wyatt you would probably think of him first. The same applies if you knew a girl named Wyatt. The closer someone is to something/someone, the quicker they would think of them. Since there are more boys named Wyatt, more people would associate the name with a boy because they know more boys named Wyatt. I never said that it was a name only for boys. If you want that, look at the rest of the comments. Then you might actually find something to be legitimately insulted by. 1 year ago  
I am not trying to insult anyone. There are more boys named Wyatt than girls. There are more girls named Sarah than guys. Deal with it. It's your own fault for making everything personal. 1 year ago  
Horror? It's happened before 1 year ago  
Applejaxx or American_Jedi because Applejaxx is funney and AJ talks to me 1 year ago  
'Sup 1 year ago  
So did Washington 1 year ago  
French 1 year ago  
You never said what I had to do when I met my gf's parents 1 year ago  
Same 1 year ago  
Only #3 is true 1 year ago  
The trailer for infinity war came out on Wednesday!!!!!!!! 1 year ago +2
I beat Astro Knights and Skullduggery with no walkthoughs 1 year ago  
The question only asked which one comes to mind. It wasn't intended to insult anyone. Cool down. 1 year ago  
If we helped them they'd give us the tech 1 year ago +2
Elsa 1 year ago  
Anna or Christina 1 year ago  
Pewdiepie has fifty seven million subs 1 year ago  
Phone the front desk 1 year ago  
Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika just Monika Just Monika just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika Just Monika 1 year ago  
This is the first question I've seen with doki doki and hopefully Project Libitina (the sequel to DDLC) will be good too. 1 year ago  
120 1 year ago  
I'm a guy :) 1 year ago  
Teletubies is nightmare fuel 1 year ago  
Sweet tea 1 year ago  
Beezowzippitybopbopbop (it's a real name) 1 year ago +2
$27 for destiny 2 1 year ago  
Move somewhere else 1 year ago  
God 1 year ago +1
I don't want to be famous. 1 year ago  
'Murica 1 year ago  
You put one bullet in the gun chamber, and then you point the gun at your head and pull the trigger. 1 year ago  
SUPER fun 1 year ago  
Dangerous 1 year ago  
Applejaxx 1 year ago  
Tomatoes 1 year ago  
The fruit 1 year ago  
I dare you to reply and like this comment 1 year ago  
CNN 1 year ago  
Mug 1 year ago  
Short 1 year ago  
No one will miss the holiday special 1 year ago  
The question below sent me here 1 year ago  
Neither... 1 year ago  
Violin 1 year ago  
*too XD 1 year ago  
Magna Carta :) 1 year ago  
A pillow 1 year ago  
The pic in A O.o 1 year ago  
Balto 2 1 year ago  
Game theory, film theory, gt live, FBE 1 year ago  
India is the most polluted country in the world 1 year ago  
Film theory ftw!!! 1 year ago  
JaredC 1 year ago  
I'm a guy 1 year ago +1
I'm a guy (I read the author's comment) 1 year ago  
The only true part about that is the part about fearing God but fear mean respect 1 year ago  
I just watched Thor: Ragnarok tonight 1 year ago +1
Misclick 1 year ago  
There's fault on both sides 1 year ago  
MatPat 1 year ago  
Game theory ftw 1 year ago  
Odd1sOut 1 year ago  
Misclick :( 1 year ago  
Spoilers 1 year ago  
Iron man has over fifty suits including hulk buster 1 year ago  
MatPat 1 year ago  
Not if I don't love them 1 year ago  
Both 1 year ago  
I thought it said Disney WORLD =( 1 year ago  
Stop whining 1 year ago +1
You might die if u ate eggs 1 year ago  
I really want to go, but I live in Indiana and my parents don't want to go 1 year ago  
I wish 1 year ago  
I could be Venom 1 year ago  
Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt 1 year ago +6
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