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Hi I've been on this site for about a month but decided to make an account. I haven't posted any questions because I am still in the process of trying to think of a totally amazing question that no one has thought of yet. As you have probably guessed, I am addicted to anime especially romance comedies. If you want me to suggest a romance anime to you just message me whenever I'm on.

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Would you rather Cry when you're embarrassed or Cry when you're frustrated 5 years ago 175 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather most of rrrather be Female or British 5 years ago 216 votes 20 comments 0 likes
You have to give away all your belongings to save the life of your most loved person. Would you rather... Give away all your belongings and save that persons life or Keep all your belongings and let that person die/be murdered 5 years ago 1,239 votes 25 comments 0 likes
If you saw someone being bullied would you rather Try to stop it or Walk away 5 years ago 283 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Xiaolin Showdown or Samurai Jack 5 years ago 169 votes 5 comments 0 likes
For every season, would you rather wear Jumpers or Cardigans 5 years ago 535 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather the TheFineBros React videos... Be made into a TV show called React To That on Nickelodeon or Not be made into a TV show and just stay on YouTube 5 years ago 296 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Multiple Personality Disorder or Depression 5 years ago 936 votes 15 comments 0 likes
You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What would you rather say in your defence? "I'd rather die than go to prison!" or "I submit. Take me to jail." 5 years ago 327 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to AlunaGeorge or London Grammar 5 years ago 293 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather share a Bunk bed with your wife/husband or Double bed with your brother/sister 5 years ago 221 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather learn the words to The 4kids One piece opening rap or The English Pokemon opening 5 years ago 2,654 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear everyday to work/school This fall 2009 outfit or This fall 2013 outfit 5 years ago 757 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Anemia (iron deficiency) or Anorexia 5 years ago 129 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather your heart be outside your body or Your brain be outside your body 5 years ago 155 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather work as a teacher in a All Girls School or All Boys School 5 years ago 228 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend the rest of your life Putting up wallpaper or Painting Walls 5 years ago 178 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be The first person to understand a dirty joke or The last person to understand a dirty joke 5 years ago 208 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather take a family photo like This or This 5 years ago 197 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather save from extinction Spix's Mascaw or Black Breasted Puffleg 5 years ago 200 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear (with a school uniform) Kickers or Creepers 5 years ago 445 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather say Baking Tray or Cookie Sheet 5 years ago 191 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ask a woman what underwear she is wearing or ask a plumber why his buttcrack is so beautiful 5 years ago 181 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Flappy Bird or Temple Run 5 years ago 203 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Which remix would you rather listen to? Toxic Melanie Martinez Cestlador Remix or Ho Hey The Lumineers Huglife Remix 5 years ago 117 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have A boyfriend pillow or A bra with pockets 5 years ago 140 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Bluetooth Earmuffs or Bluetooth Handset Gloves 5 years ago 113 votes 4 comments 0 likes
If you had the power, would you rather Save one British/American child or Save 100 African children 5 years ago 754 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Johnny Depp have Long hair or Short hair 5 years ago 167 votes 3 comments 0 likes
During a zombie apocalypse would you rather have on your team Natsu. He is a dragon slayer that consumes and uses fire in combat. or Erza. She uses requip magic that allows her to swap her armor, weapons and clothes at will. 5 years ago 273 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather try to explain to a 9 year old The Grandfather Paradox or The Liar Paradox 5 years ago 182 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather give your old clothes to A Charity shop or A cash for clothes website 5 years ago 210 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather answer a 'would you rather....' question or a question where the only answer is 'Yes' or 'No' 5 years ago 120 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be part of an online community that has people with the same kind of interests and personalities as you do. (This would mean less hating and arguing but full on good discussions) or people with different interests and opinions to yours. (This would mean some arguments but interesting debates between clashing personalities) 5 years ago 113 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather drink Mineral Water or Spring Water 5 years ago 155 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather do homework 30 min before it is due then give it in unfinished and get a 1 hour detention sitting. or not do the homework at all and get a 1 hour detention (half an hour sitting then half an hour standing). 5 years ago 126 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat or be eaten 5 years ago 421 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather make notes electronically or on paper 5 years ago 142 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read a book in first person or third person 5 years ago 398 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sleep on the floor on your back. or your stomach. 5 years ago 198 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch an anime/movie that is predictable. or Watch and anime/movie that has a good plot twist. 5 years ago 2,387 votes 15 comments 0 likes

Asako has posted the following comments:

With B half my life would be gone 5 years ago  
4 because it's not too big, not too small and it's even 5 years ago  
This is my favorite vocaloid song and gumi is my favorite vocaloid 5 years ago  
From the test my lowest is word smart and highest is nature smart 5 years ago +1
I'm not a fan of Len's voice 5 years ago  
The chorus is really catchy but I can do the dance for A 5 years ago  
Fraternal twin 5 years ago  
If I change my favourite animal does that mean I can transform into any animal? 5 years ago  
B makes you seem creepy 5 years ago +1
Catbug has a bigger personality 5 years ago  
I only use rrrather on my phone and it's difficult to make questions 5 years ago +2
Hopefully in the fairy tail part 5 years ago  
I've played lbp for 6 years 5 years ago  
A would probably drive me insane 5 years ago +2
Unfortunately my children would have to reproduce with each other 5 years ago +7
*waiting for someone to comment a shout* 5 years ago  
There are too many let's plays but not enough good reviews 5 years ago  
So are you going to tell us what it is or not? 5 years ago +2
A crumb 5 years ago +1
Maybe with a smile, a different hairstyle and no makeup 5 years ago +1
I don't find the idea of leaving earth very pleasing 5 years ago +5
They are kittens and puppies for a shorter time 5 years ago +1
This is my dream 5 years ago  
A small part of me feels the government are a part of it but idk 5 years ago +2
This question really sounds like you're trying to convince us to choose A and not B 5 years ago +3
Skin is easier to fix than teeth 5 years ago +1
Even if they weren't going to do anything I would report them 5 years ago  
So I can act before they do anything 5 years ago  
I was joking 5 years ago +1
So the penny will somehow fall from canada to England? 5 years ago +1
I'm not a lesbian 5 years ago +1
That was a prank by funny or die 5 years ago +3
He's not my favourite and I don't think many people out of the UK will know him 5 years ago +1
I don't have anything against gay people but I'm not willing to have sex with a girl just because she is better looking 5 years ago +1
It gives me a rash 5 years ago  
I find kids react awkward to watch 5 years ago +2
Soul eater 5 years ago  
It's your decision but some smokers don't care when their trail of smoke is going into other people's lungs. 5 years ago +9
I chose A because I like where I live 5 years ago +1
Danisnotonfire thisisacommentary casperlee amazingphil ownagepranks 5 years ago  
No just physical objects 5 years ago  
I live 3hours away from the sea 5 years ago  
Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your heart 5 years ago +1
I'm a cat lover and I'm PERFECTLY normal! 5 years ago  
I heard its good but I haven't heard of kill la kill 5 years ago  
When I was little I used to eat cereal without milk for breakfast 5 years ago  
Only ear piercings 5 years ago  
I could turn myself into a mermaid whenever I want 5 years ago  
I have BBQ sauce on mine right now 5 years ago +1
She tries to get in the toilet 5 years ago  
To the countryside for education 5 years ago  
Otherwise my cat will walk in 5 years ago +7
I want to roll up at the partition for Beyonc√© 5 years ago  
I was joking, I know some guys vote on all questions 5 years ago  
Depends if I'm using nails or screws 5 years ago +7
I laugh at a lot of things uncontrollably 5 years ago +2
I'm guessing the guys who voted have tried it? Lol 5 years ago +1
I guess I should start writing a diary like Anne Frank 5 years ago  
I've lost track of what is happening at the moment. Has the US gotten involved yet? 5 years ago  
Kids don't smoke weed on their private jets lol 5 years ago  
I don't like it when guys do it and I don't fancy seeing another girl's boobs 5 years ago  
Depends on the size of the apples 5 years ago +1
KSI army right? 5 years ago  
Kawaii 5 years ago +2
Just so the Leo-never-gets-an-oscar jokes will stop 5 years ago +6
B has never happened to me before 5 years ago  
When washing dishes 5 years ago +1
Even though it wasn't on brake the guy shouldn't have been touching the car anyways 5 years ago +1
Why? Africa is a nice place 5 years ago +1
My parents chose a common name because some unis don't allow people with out of the ordinary names 5 years ago  
Only for skyrim 5 years ago +1
One of gumi's songs. Her music videos are like short anime, especially Childhood Blues. 5 years ago  
We can attract them to a big field with lights then gang up on them 5 years ago +7
My least favourite artist isn't a bad singer so I don't mind 5 years ago  
I don't think any of this matters at the end of the day. If they feel or want to be gay so be it. It doesn't affect me. 5 years ago +4
I'm wearing my school uniform right now... 5 years ago  
I would listen to it on a low volume 5 years ago  
B is your own choice 5 years ago  
Asako 5 years ago +1
They're bad but I use them anyways 5 years ago  
We call them jumpers in England 5 years ago +2
I would annoy people by drawing everywhere 5 years ago +4
I had a dream where I woke up but my eyes were still closed. I then saw Jesus and after I saw an eye. I thought my life was flashing before my eyes so I tried to open them. When I did I was paralysed. When I woke up I was in the position I was when I was falling asleep and when I was paralysed. 5 years ago +1
In the dream I done really well but in real life I had done badly 5 years ago  
My friends are wimps at horror movies so it would be annoying 5 years ago  
I have tried to watch bleach but I couldn't get into it 5 years ago  
My cat acts like a dog 5 years ago  
There were drawers under my bed and I was afraid of demons in the dark not in the closet specifically 5 years ago +1
Just because most good games have guys 5 years ago  
I wouldn't know who to kill and would probably end up committing suicide from the stress 5 years ago +1
It's not really the whole rrrather community though 5 years ago  
I don't think I can grab a radiator off the wall lol 5 years ago  
I've never used a gun before 5 years ago  
Fairy tail, angel beats, durarara, soul eater, sankarea, Ano hana and toradora 5 years ago  
I even procrastinate by cleaning 5 years ago +2
A would mean I have to have an hour detention every month 5 years ago  
It's annoying when people deny it 5 years ago  
I mean just his YouTube life not with bbc 5 years ago  
Anime faces are realistic in my mind just not to humans 5 years ago +1
Just the top users like pewdiepie. Youtubers like Danisnotonfire are popular but they aren't famous 5 years ago +2
All anime 5 years ago  
I just wouldn't wipe at all 5 years ago  
I have so many games already so I don't want to buy more for another console 5 years ago  
So would A 5 years ago  
A would probably be longer than 10 seconds 5 years ago  
Good to know I'm not the only one who dislikes Nutella 5 years ago +1
It wasn't justified but they are not perfect either. They go into shops with signs written with poop 5 years ago +3
I disagree. We would have to have diner in school. I can't stay with those weirdos that long 5 years ago +1
But people create music with their voices too. Would that mean we have to destroy everyone's voice boxes? 5 years ago +1
This is what I have. I dropped it onto concrete with the screen flat and it's fine lol 5 years ago  
QB is eeeeevil 5 years ago +1
You can ban it but that's not stopping me! 5 years ago +2
Just because they are suicidal doesn't mean they will do it 5 years ago  
I'll share it but we are really putting her in danger. She may get tracked down. 5 years ago  
In my previous life 5 years ago  
For free? 5 years ago  
Not my life so why should it matter to me? 5 years ago +6
I ask random questions that just pop in my head. They don't really show how I am as a person or my interests. 5 years ago +6
B makes me feel suicidal o.o 5 years ago +2
I don't get the point. People just try to make you look like an idiot. 5 years ago  
I'm not blond and blue eyed so... 5 years ago  
I had an anime dream. This is like the closest you get to being with an anime character. 5 years ago  
I may spend my free time watching anime and on the internet but I'm not a nerd 5 years ago  
Attack on Titan Sasha wallpaper 5 years ago  
The top question isn't even a 'would you rather' lol 5 years ago +3
A cat, rabbit and fish. 5 years ago  
My best friend is unreliable but she knows all my secrets 5 years ago  
That's what I was trying to say, I just wanted to make it clear. I don't understand the point of the debate. I believe in both. I believe in science but still have strong belief in God but sometimes I even get the feeling what we believe isn't even true. That there is something else. 5 years ago +1
Of course many people will think the science guy won because he has lots of 'theories' that seem more plausible than the creationism 'theory'. 5 years ago +4
It's easy to get first vote on questions 5 years ago  
I'm not sure but maybe baccano or durarara 5 years ago  
Killing is wrong and you killed someone. So we get to kill you! How is that ok? They shouldn't follow the murder's footsteps. 5 years ago +6
How did the people who don't know them choose? Lol 5 years ago  
It wasn't another man or his brother. He didn't have any brothers and I was the only one in the house. 5 years ago  
I don't think men and women should be thought of as equal but I do think pic B is wrong. 5 years ago +2
Yeah just not over. 5 years ago  
I saw the man who lived in my house before but I didn't know who he was. After I found out he died in the guest room and his picture looked like what I saw. My cat who is bold and brave stayed clear of the guest room. 5 years ago +1
Trust me... It wasn't a misunderstanding 5 years ago  
There is. I've seen a ghost before 5 years ago  
I don't understand. Why do you think yes? 5 years ago +1
Doing "XD" and ":P" would be weird 5 years ago  
For B he probably wanted children but no one would date him 5 years ago +1
Soul eater is one of my favourites 5 years ago  
I read fast 5 years ago  
Pets can already talk but just not in a language we understand 5 years ago +1
This is the same as my question... 5 years ago +2
I asked a girl if I should go to America because she's American and she said "no because the government's corrupt there" lol 5 years ago  
I like asako from tonari no kaibutsu kun 5 years ago  
I had an emo phase when I was 12... 5 years ago +2
It's just one of the few that use this type of song 5 years ago  
My bed 5 years ago +2
My valentines today is my bed 5 years ago +1
A dollar wouldn't be of much use to me 5 years ago  
Bad idea - alunageorge 5 years ago  
What's wrong with bringing in a Bible? If other people don't believe in it isn't it just a normal book to them? 5 years ago +1
Idk but the UK flag wouldn't look as good anymore 5 years ago +1
Who cares just dump them on the first day if you feel they are 'old, fat, ugly, retarded'. B would be very depressing. 5 years ago +1
I don't get the point of having more than 2 cars 5 years ago  
Mosquitos are flies 5 years ago  
Adding "Both" defeats the whole purpose of 'would you rather?' 5 years ago +6
I'd call 999 5 years ago  
I say fizzy drink 5 years ago  
Valentines day should be everyday anyways 5 years ago +1
I go to an all girls school and trust me, we make inappropriate jokes all the time 5 years ago  
Only if there are clubs other than sports 5 years ago +1
Maybe if they were bungee jumping but otherwise nope 5 years ago +2
It's not like I go into space on a regular basis 5 years ago  
I lie more than I sneeze which is really bad 5 years ago +1
I'm just about sleeping at my last period at 3pm so how will I survive till 6pm?! 5 years ago +1
The weather isn't actually bad it's just your idea of what is bad because of your situation or you just don't like it. 5 years ago  
I haven't even heard of half these drugs before 5 years ago +2
Heroin can kill you on the first dose 5 years ago  
Breathing can be harmful if you were to breath in carbon monoxide 5 years ago +2
I'll just do the girl push ups 5 years ago +2
It is in some countries and some states. 5 years ago +1
Cyber crime isn't harmless, especially cyber bullying. Causing someone to commit suicide because of cyber bullying is pretty much murdering over the internet. 5 years ago +2
I have one for company not any sexual uses lol 5 years ago  
I like crunchy desserts 5 years ago  
I play Minecraft too much 5 years ago  
I have big handwriting so this is easy 5 years ago +1
"A" looks kind if like a spider so nope 5 years ago  
Calm down. People died in WW2 but everyone makes jokes about it. Learn to move on. 5 years ago +2
I'm pretty sure being raped by a demon would feel the same or worst 5 years ago  
Code geass lol 5 years ago  
Peter Pan 5 years ago  
Farting popcorn isn't a bad thing is it? 5 years ago  
I would fall off a cliff into water or a net. I've searched some weird stuff in the past. 5 years ago +1
*squints* are you trying to tell me that miku isn't an actual singer lol 5 years ago  
Vocaloid concert 5 years ago  
Not a lot of people like beetles 5 years ago +1
I'll just use tango and whatsapp 5 years ago +1
B would be more depressing 5 years ago +4
It's very stressful being a YouTuber. A lot of youtubers who have run out if ideas make boring or random videos 5 years ago +1
Drake and josh without a second thought 5 years ago +5
I don't mess with black magic 5 years ago  
I'm clueless when it comes to politics 5 years ago +3
I like natsu soo 5 years ago +1
Time to burn my mattress 5 years ago +4
It would be going against my morals. 5 years ago  
No more stubbing my toe and feeling unbelievable pain 5 years ago +3
But what if you have slow reactions and it hits your arm? 5 years ago  
Creepers cause more destruction than enderman. Imagine a creeper staring at you through the window ready to blow up the side of your house 5 years ago +1
For A not for B 5 years ago  
I'll make a pig fly to shut up people who say "sure when pigs fly" 5 years ago +6
Just turn on private search 5 years ago +3
There is noting wrong with being a virgin until 20 5 years ago +7
I wasn't tricked by the picture swapping 5 years ago  
There are too many risks involved with time travel 5 years ago +1
I'll kiss my mum on the cheek 5 years ago +3
That's really sad 5 years ago +1
I embarrass myself all the time so this wouldn't make a difference 5 years ago +1
At least I'll be able to drive the cars 5 years ago  
If I done it in person people would start to believe I'm some female Jesus 5 years ago +4
I just think that no matter the reason it's wrong to kill a human being. I even believe that death penalty for murderers is wrong. 5 years ago  
Just leave the guy alone. It would be better if people just stopped brining him up everywhere instead of insulting him. 5 years ago +4
I used to love gaia puzzles 5 years ago +1
It's the assholes around me that make me violent not the games I play 5 years ago +4
I think abortion is wrong no matter the circumstances 5 years ago +6
There are less physical health risks this way. 5 years ago  
Average looks but great personality 5 years ago +9
If people can't drive cars on the ground who's going to trust them above our homes? 5 years ago  
You do know that most rapists, killers and 'war lords' are not black right? You are also implying that all black people become criminals which is incorrect. 5 years ago +1
Older brother and sister. People think I'm spoilt because I'm the youngest 5 years ago  
It's easier to grow more trees than to freeze the water again 5 years ago +3
I would help people who have disabled bodies 5 years ago +2
At least the fish will keep me company 5 years ago +3
Terk is short for Terkina 5 years ago +2
Imagine a fight breaking out between two siblings... Then imagine 533 5 years ago +4
Mikaeel Kular 5 years ago  
I'm already awkward anyways 5 years ago  
There's a girl who always holds a door for me when I'm like 6m away... 5 years ago +2
I was B but then I discovered the internet 5 years ago +6
175* lol 5 years ago  
Guess what I'm adding to my iPod 5 years ago  
Fairy tail will be coming back in a few months so if you want to catch up now is the time to do it 5 years ago  
Normally I do well just for tests then forget things straight after 5 years ago +1
This is the first time I'm hearing about this 5 years ago +2
You said would you rather so it doesn't mean I have to lol 5 years ago +2
I met him when I was 10 but I wanted to meet him again 5 years ago  
There are too many arguments in school to enjoy it 5 years ago  
Because I draw a lot people think that I can draw anything perfectly 5 years ago +3
It's just sad that people value money more than another's life 5 years ago  
If I wasn't spanked by my mum I would have turned out worse 5 years ago +1
I'm short anyways 5 years ago +2
I didn't even know people call it a clicker 5 years ago +2
These statistics are just sick 5 years ago +2
I like the song just not the video 5 years ago +4
Definitely. You wouldn't want to know what people here say about Americans sometimes 5 years ago +2
It annoys me when people don't ask would you rather questions like this 5 years ago +2
Having ALL mystical beings would be more trouble than dinosaurs. Eg Black dog and basilisk 5 years ago  
I hate it when people have toothpicks in their mouths like that 5 years ago +3
Men also tend to be pretty dumb also so that is a false fact. 5 years ago +4
In winter I'll buy large shirts to go over my jacket 5 years ago  
I call them "covers" lol 5 years ago +2
I only use my PC for Minecraft but I play console Minecraft anyways 5 years ago  
Who needs doors? 5 years ago  
I would use earphones instead 5 years ago  
It depends. If you filled it up till half then it's half full but if you drank/spilled it out till half it's half empty. 5 years ago +1
I would probably get arrested for having a real gun 5 years ago +3
A fake truth is a lie and a real lie is still a lie 5 years ago  
I find God save the queen boring 5 years ago  
I already am an otaku 5 years ago  
I don't see an "E" either 5 years ago +4
So you wanna be in a harem huh? Lol 5 years ago  
I would team up with anime characters from fairy tail and attack on Titan. Magic and giant slayers! 5 years ago +2
I found it boring so I came back here 5 years ago +2
So that them mofos know that they hurt my feelings 5 years ago  
Spaghetti is a type of pasta... 5 years ago +3
Justin got a tattoo of her on his arm 5 years ago +2
I don't want to look into the future and be disappointed that we still don't have flying cars 5 years ago +7
This is a sad question that I refuse to answer. It's not right. 5 years ago +1
I've done this too many times to count but I've learned to erases them from my memory 5 years ago  
Not because I am one but a lot of people are trolls anyways 5 years ago  
Why was tiansa banned? 5 years ago  
Aren't lollipops and lollies the same thing? 5 years ago +5
They could use me for futuristic buildings 5 years ago  
If I'm in love I would probably laugh as well 5 years ago  
I can't even play assassins creed without having a fear of being caught 5 years ago +2
I don't want back problems 5 years ago  
You can live off different kinds of sandwiches not ice cream 5 years ago  
Defiantly not 5 years ago +2
I would watch the worst first and leave the best till last 5 years ago  
Depends who they want to be tough 5 years ago  
Prison seems more depressing to me. At least I can still talk to family 5 years ago  
More money and local businesses aren't going that well at the moment 5 years ago  
1 window 18 tabs. I win! 5 years ago  
I don't get the deep meaning 5 years ago  
Hopefully I won't get treated like how we would treat an Alien 5 years ago +2
But immorality doesn't mean you can live for as long as you want. It means you live forever so I don't think it's a good thing. 5 years ago  
Why is it awesome? 5 years ago  
I can't even see what's in B 5 years ago  
Cell damage and dog's life 5 years ago  
It's not like you run out of boats every day 5 years ago +3
Why would you want immortality? 5 years ago +1
If people manipulate time it would get all messed up 5 years ago  
Slender man 5 years ago  
But you will need a console to play the video games 5 years ago  
For me it was polar express 5 years ago +2
All girls are beautiful. It's just society that judge some as ugly 5 years ago +3
I like to use mine to chase people 5 years ago +3
Many COD zombies players want an apocalypse but half wouldn't survive lol 5 years ago +3
Girl's boobs aren't normally the same size anyways 5 years ago  
Pretty much had to when it was played all the time in 2012 5 years ago  
But the last air bender is finished 5 years ago  
I would make a grass path through the desert 5 years ago  
It's not supposed to recap the best. It just recaps the internet trends good or bad. 5 years ago +1
Seems closer to cow 5 years ago  
I'm not turning down cupcakes 5 years ago +1
To detect crime 5 years ago +2
It isn't a much of a donation if the hospitals pay 5 years ago  
I've been to London to many times 5 years ago +1
Facebook is old anyways 5 years ago +3
Lol fanny doesn't mean butt here 5 years ago  
Sex isn't always the answer 5 years ago +5
That's cool. I have a friend who has brainwashed herself to think that all forms of media and people on the internet are part of the illuminati and are trying to control us. She's not very open minded. 5 years ago  
Satan would kill me with his horrible driving 5 years ago  
I'm just curious but what do you do in the illuminati? If it's a secret don't tell me 5 years ago  
B is depressing 5 years ago +5
Woah spoiler alert 5 years ago +7
People can have an opinion of all questions. It doesn't matter how many you have. 5 years ago +1
Depends who's giving the punishment if you know what I mean 5 years ago +5
Air drying makes my hair puff up 5 years ago  
I'm on my way to school right now. You can't believe how tired I am right now 5 years ago  
I wake up 2pm on weekends and holidays 5 years ago +1
We only have hollister in England 5 years ago  
We don't use dollars here 5 years ago  
Does B mean that you age slower or that you just act younger and can get away with it? 5 years ago  
I know that I would really want the money but A is what a good person should pick I guess 5 years ago +1
Actually I change my mind. I would have the house but wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage 5 years ago  
I would by a car and more 5 years ago  
I still have no idea what this is about 5 years ago +2
Seriously? 5 years ago +3
I don't want back pains 5 years ago +2
My friends don't like bugs and animals so they would be screaming all the time 5 years ago  
I couldn't be bothered 5 years ago +1
I don't think any of these are awkward 5 years ago  
I don't chew on pencils and when people chew on mine I throw it away afterwords 5 years ago  
I would like to rest in peace with all my internal organs 5 years ago +1
I let my kitten on my bed but not after pooping. 5 years ago +1
If they made wearing clothes illegal would we still be able to wear shoes? 5 years ago  
But they do get fully naked 5 years ago  
I don't know these American chocolates 5 years ago +4
Hey! Driving on the left isn't ugly >:( 5 years ago +1
We don't have A here 5 years ago  
It should be aloud if everyone was nude but people who decide to be nude would be looked frowned upon, sadly 5 years ago  
Well God would never tell us to do something that goes against the commandments but if he did, it would be a test to see how far we would go for our faith. 5 years ago  
What if the actor you're dating has to do a sex scene? 5 years ago +1
I voted by accident but I don't like it because it just isn't interesting to me. That's why I don't really watch harems because they usually a bit ecchi 5 years ago  
I only have Pounds sorry 5 years ago  
Female body builders have abs but on a more extreme level. It is obviously related to the question so I don't understand what the point you are trying to make is. 5 years ago  
The lowest I have had is a D 5 years ago  
All my school does are sports clubs 5 years ago +1
Minecraft 5 years ago  
Maybe. I watched attack on Titan last 5 years ago +2
Only a little from watching hours of anime subbed 5 years ago +2
Of course not. I know that she's not a body builder and I didn't say that having abs make you a body builder. 5 years ago  
The sitcoms for kids these days are TERRIBLE 5 years ago +3
Just because my kittens name is Zoe 5 years ago +3
Lol I don't wanna die yet 5 years ago  
I don't like the cold 5 years ago +1
I love Skyrim but I hate playing alone 5 years ago  
You can watch movies and browse the internet on ps3 as well lol 5 years ago  
I don't think female body builders are very attractive 5 years ago  
I'm not ready for all that lol 5 years ago  
It's called 'Free! Iwatobi swim club' and in my opinion it's pretty good and funny at times. 5 years ago  
A very very dark pink so that it's almost the same as my natural hair colour 5 years ago  
I'm scared of having something taken out of my body like a lung or something. 5 years ago +3
Many of us would be suicidal if it wasn't for religion 5 years ago +4
Many things on the internet that are "retarded" are funny as well 5 years ago  
It depends what kind of apocalypse 5 years ago  
For "A" how can anyone else be better than me at being me? Isn't that impossible? 5 years ago +2
Every day. Sometimes I even know what is going to happen or I have a feeling it has happened more than twice 5 years ago +1
Drinking a hot drink in summer cools your body down 5 years ago  
I wouldn't be able to match google as another search engine owner 5 years ago +1
I blog and it's much easier than vlogging because you can do it pretty much anywhere and don't have to make yourself look descent lol 5 years ago  
I didn't get it but after I voted I was like 'OOOOHHHHH' I wouldn't have voted if I had known 5 years ago +1
Same with me. I play so much that the music makes me feel sick lol 5 years ago  
I raised ¬£30 pounds for the cafod bike ride last year. That was hard for a lazy person like me to cycle 10 miles 5 years ago +2
I'm against both marijuana and drinking alcohol 5 years ago +1
If I know that it's true then I'll try to improve 5 years ago  
I know a girl who is 10 and had a baby but her parents are raising the baby as their own child 5 years ago +1
No, I'm not kidding you. 5 years ago  
Most of them are and only a small percent are about anime so the anime ones are easy to ignore for people who hate it 5 years ago  
We don't complain about your interests so why do it to ours? 5 years ago +1
All the ones about Obama and politics and guns etc 5 years ago  
There's a ghost in my house already 5 years ago +2
I like the beat 5 years ago  
This website is also spammed with America questions but we don't complain 5 years ago  
I rarely sneeze 5 years ago  
Say no to bestiality! 5 years ago +9
She died because of bullying but people still cyber bully her even though she isn't alive. It's just sad 5 years ago  
But I probably would go so fast that I would crash into something 5 years ago  
I do B when I'm angry lol 5 years ago  
What do you gain from posting a spoiler?? 5 years ago  
Clannad was really sad but ano hana was so sad that it made me depressed and question my life for a while 5 years ago +1
I would be dead by now if hitler was president with the ideas he had back then 5 years ago  
I don't want diabetes 5 years ago +2
We will cry over the manga together :,) 5 years ago  
They're called "Walkers" here 5 years ago +1
Ok I've changed my mind then lol 5 years ago  
I would but they would all be terrible 5 years ago  
Does that mean the steak is JB's flesh?... 5 years ago  
Easter is a religious holiday so 5 years ago +1
No flash on iPad 5 years ago  
Never had A before 5 years ago  
I got sick of minions because of their vines 5 years ago  
My nastiest shoes are not very nasty anyways 5 years ago +1
I would never be able to get sick of it lol 5 years ago +3
With "A" if you have never listened to music before you wouldn't know what you had been missing in the first place 5 years ago  
B would be torture 5 years ago  
A would be lonely 5 years ago +1
If this is about guns then no thank you. I don't want those killing machines on the earth 5 years ago +1
I would never be able to find anything in the box and if I go in there wouldn't it mean that I would be lost in the infinite space? 5 years ago  
I rarely get sick 5 years ago  
When I was 4 5 years ago  
I'm Christian but I think being gay is totally fine and they should have the same privileges we do. I'm not one of those stereotypical Christians that believe gay people should burn in hell and that nonsense. 5 years ago +5
My kitten doesn't scratch at all but she licks me sometimes 5 years ago  
Same with me 5 years ago  
I refuse to answer this question 5 years ago  
I can't live without crunchy roll 5 years ago  
There was a 15 year old girl I knew and she would always suck a dummy in school 5 years ago +5
I'll have to read this another time because I am too lazy to read it now lol 5 years ago  
You make me feel like I'm not British. I rarely have tea lol 5 years ago +2
I buried the memories of those terrible moments long ago 5 years ago +3
I would get an upper ear piercing but my mum would kill me 5 years ago  
To drink more water. I currently only drink about one glass of water a day and about 2 glasses of juice 5 years ago +2
For some reason the voice in my head is really deep lol 5 years ago  
I laugh when I'm telling the truth so it looks like I'm lying 5 years ago +3
When I got a higher grade than a girl that always rubs her grades in everyone's faces 5 years ago +3
I was at London centre so I got to taste the banana confetti 5 years ago  
Already am and I regret nothing 5 years ago  
I don't brake bones that often 5 years ago  
Whoever picked A don't commit suiside 5 years ago +4
About 4hours and 30min left 5 years ago  
Once I was in a dream with an anime character but I couldn't control my dream 5 years ago  
Because I know that if I chose dare my friend would make me do something ultimately embarrassing... Never again 5 years ago  
Sure I would do it for money but otherwise nope 5 years ago +4
I wouldn't have noticed the bum if you didn't point it out 5 years ago +7
This was only because I try to answer every question. I don't find armpit hair sexy lolz 5 years ago  
That was a joke he's not retiring... Sadly 5 years ago  
Sorry Kim but ya gotta go 5 years ago +2
I'm not bothered this year because last year I promised to wake up at 9 am every weekend but I failed on the first week 5 years ago +1
Cards against humanity lol 5 years ago +3
I just want to wait and see what crazy trends will start next year. I don't know if it will get worse than twerking or hallway swimming but knowing the internet there will be something to top the list 5 years ago +2
Bras are a pain anyways 5 years ago  
My arms are like noodles 5 years ago +4
I would love to learn to knit but I make friendship bracelets :) 5 years ago  
I have a lesbian friend but she's attracted to my best friend... Which is kinda awkward sometimes 5 years ago  
On my to watch list 5 years ago  
I started it but I didn't finish. I always give an anime a try but the yaoi was too much for my liking. 5 years ago  
I got depressed at the end of ano hana and soul eater. The only way for me to cure it is to watch more anime lol 5 years ago  
It's sad to know that they test drugs on pregnant animals to see if it will do any harm on our human babies. It should be classed as animal cruelty 5 years ago +2
Also it helps to promote being part of a community. 5 years ago +2
My school wears uniform and to be honest it saves a lot of time in the morning for not having to take everything out of my wardrobe to find something decent to wear. 5 years ago +2
Without homework I would be lazier than I already am but I hate it when teachers assume that you don't have that much homework from other subjects 5 years ago +1
They should have Nokia brick phones 5 years ago +4
Art was my only way of being able to happily express myself during school without a teacher saying that it's wrong. But of course I was forced to drop art for GCSE choices because science and stuff are more important 5 years ago +1
Time travel would probably mess everything up. Too dangerous to mess with. 5 years ago +3
I would eat the really tiny spiders 5 years ago +1
I wouldn't use it as an excuse to almost kill myself that's for sure 5 years ago  
I already know what's in the krabby patty. The name is a give away lol 5 years ago +4
I'm not gonna lie, this was me 5 years ago  
He can't control his eye pupils AND his students 5 years ago +1
WTF is in picture A? 5 years ago +11
A is cute but B is amazing 5 years ago +2
Not cartoons but anime for me 5 years ago +1
The birds don't wake me up 5 years ago +1
She may be but how much publicity did she get when she was just a normal singer after the end of Hanna Montana? Not much. In order to be famous you need to be different and seek attention or else you don't make the money. People are hating on her but at the end of the day we are sat behind our computers while she is rolling in money lol 5 years ago +1
I find them interesting 5 years ago +2
Brace yourselves for the racist comments 5 years ago  
Wow good question o.O 5 years ago +2
On my to watch list 5 years ago  
Both. Once it was the middle of the night and our hotel was just beside a forest, I was walking to go inside alone when all I could see were two big eyes staring at me at me. I ran. 5 years ago +1
I go into the shop and then hand them the food instead 5 years ago +6
No that I know of 5 years ago  
Already have one. I only play style boutique and got board of animal crossing but harvest moon cute on DS was amazing 5 years ago  
Why? 5 years ago  
Please don't start the "God/heaven/hell doesn't exist" comments. It just shows that you don't have respect of other people's choices of what to believe in. 5 years ago +4
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