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I love anime i like to roleplay/erotic roleplay just pm and i am single 15yrs and i am in highschool and i am in 9th grade

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Who would win Lolis or the FBI 1 month ago 72 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Who do u think is the best OG ILOVEFREEDOM or ALEXW REEEEe THE REAL OG 2 months ago 48 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Wanna rp or talk or play chess? PM ME or we could talk about t.v shows we could talk about bleach (the drink) REEEEEEEEEEEE or nah im good i don't like that stuff 2 months ago 25 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Someone send me a discord link to there server if they got one Nah b i do not want ur cancerous ass in my server or Sure thing 2 months ago 27 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Ur are walking home alone and u get kidnapped by whom of ur choice king Dragah or SATAN KING OF THE MEAT TOBAGNAS 2 months ago 32 votes 10 comments 0 likes
U are walking home alone and u see a tape on the street u take it home and u listen to it then a a girl stalks u always carrying a weapon what do u do FIGHT LE BISH or hug ur knees and wait for le police 3 months ago 64 votes 20 comments 0 likes
I lied about irene. He is a she so sorry irene for trying to expose Idk or Kys austin 3 months ago 43 votes 12 comments 0 likes
U are walking alone and a girl come up and askes for service what do u do bish are u supposed to be the prostitute or sure 10 bucks an hour 3 months ago 56 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be alone in the middle of the night or be with someone u do not know in the middle of the night 3 months ago 51 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Best food salad or chicken 3 months ago 52 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die or live forever with a dear one and watch the world crumble 3 months ago 52 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat meat or EAT A MEAT TOBAGNA 3 months ago 40 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be beaten up by your dad or fight some stranger 3 months ago 57 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What food is better pizza or STEAK 3 months ago 64 votes 19 comments 0 likes
You hear a noise in your basment and you go to check it out then you see a man in all black crawling up the stairs like a dog what would u do Break the dudes arm or run away screaming 3 months ago 62 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Who has the best memes Flashrex or Satanlordoflies 3 months ago 47 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have to eat a bowl of worms or get a broken leg(it can never heal) 3 months ago 46 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get your ankles broken or get eaten slowley 3 months ago 43 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which is my kinkeh thing (fav kinkeh) FOOTjOBS(kinkeh or girls in high knee socks(kinkeh 3 months ago 37 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which is my fav thing about women (kinkeh) FOOTjOBS(kinkeh or girls in high knee socks(kinkeh 3 months ago 30 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather call me Austin-Chan or senpai 3 months ago 31 votes 15 comments 0 likes
MY CONFESSION} i love women who give footjobs KINKEH or KINKEH 3 months ago 35 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Shoot me in the head or stab meh 3 months ago 36 votes 6 comments 0 likes
You are walking in the middle of the night when someone is following you you run but they keep coming what would you do confront the follower or run as hell 3 months ago 39 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be grimmjows friend or his foe 3 months ago 26 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in a harem crisis or go to war in any anime you want 3 months ago 31 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have one anime fighter to be your body guard or be a anime body guard 4 months ago 64 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you roleplay/erotic rolepay yes or no 4 months ago 57 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to shoot heat beams out of your eyes or Be able to predict your foes movements 4 months ago 65 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be in a harem anime or Be in an action anime 4 months ago 73 votes 24 comments 0 likes

Austinweiler has posted the following comments:

(Whole) not hole and why tf make a type of question like this 1 month ago +3
why trap? 1 month ago  
i respect ur friends decision 1 month ago  
OKEI 1 month ago +1
B loses they got some of the powerful ppl like meruem he could solo b 1 month ago  
why do i have to be a glyph user but it sounds cool ig 1 month ago +1
LOLIII 1 month ago  
both of my hands are dominant so anyway im fine 1 month ago  
U prob right 2 months ago  
Ok 2 months ago +1
Lmao i tried to drink bleach so ya tried but are u talking to the guest? 2 months ago  
i submitted as well just for the hell of it 2 months ago  
im telling cat the furry 2 months ago  
AYE THATS MY PIC LMAO 2 months ago  
ALL HAIL DRAGH 2 months ago  
SHE IS NOT UGLY 2 months ago +1
none both are ass 2 months ago  
mhm subway 2 months ago +1
ok i will text u when ill get home 2 months ago  
i saw that movie 2 months ago  
i like to be hit by women lol 2 months ago  
i like to be hit by women lmao 2 months ago  
but he did not its only permanat if to kais fuse 2 months ago  
both of them are straight to me 2 months ago +1
does hentai count 2 months ago +1
i need meh games 2 months ago  
yup i use it 2 months ago  
Depends on the cat if its angry at me 2 months ago +1
he was ur best friend so he would know that she was ur life and all so I WOULD KILL BOTH 2 months ago  
YUP 2 months ago  
misclick she is MY SADO im a sado to 2 months ago  
T-GAE 2 months ago  
A is my ONE OF MY KINKS 2 months ago +1
A for ever 2 months ago  
much more powerful and faster 2 months ago +1
Yes it is 2 months ago  
i do not have ur pic 2 months ago  
Throw it away 2 months ago +2
marvel better 2 months ago  
if i was gay i would chose jin 2 months ago  
satan u need to stfu thats not funny like wtf 2 months ago  
lmao i have A depression yeet 2 months ago +1
LMAOOOOO 2 months ago  
I run and lift weights so thats my workout ig 2 months ago  
Bruh she looks like she is 21 2 months ago  
I WOULD BE A GReAT SLAVE 2 months ago  
OFC 2 months ago  
CATTTTTT 2 months ago +1
pie 2 months ago +1
she prob means the shape the size the flavor and all that 2 months ago +1
Too much work 2 months ago +1
oh ok 2 months ago  
GO ON RRRATHER CHATTTT 2 months ago +1
oof 2 months ago +1
did ur balls drop 2 months ago  
u will get charged with assault in a so why not have someone else to do it for him 2 months ago +1
if it was anyone else but shaggy i would of chose goku but shaggy here 2 months ago +1
me masterbating 2 months ago +1
the porn 2 months ago +1
i miss her hitting me it turned me on LMAO 2 months ago +1
i help them then jump off myself 2 months ago +2
NOOO NEVER B 2 months ago +1
Much more hotter and better 2 months ago +2
misclick b is much better 2 months ago  
yes from deathnote 2 months ago  
Never b A is much better 2 months ago +1
Even if he did do that sh*t he is still humans 2 months ago  
B would be a not ok I CAN NOt tOUCH TITS OR FEET OR MEH CAT 2 months ago  
in picture a i thought that was cum 2 months ago  
u have a kid? 2 months ago  
idk i want to try b 2 months ago +1
misclick i want to be kidnaped my a bunch of girls who will hit me and give me footjobs LMAO 2 months ago  
misclick FFFFFFFFFFFF lol some men are assholes 2 months ago +1
he kool 2 months ago  
my teacher puts in a z as well 2 months ago  
Yes its T-GAE 2 months ago  
yesh 2 months ago  
YEET 2 months ago  
both good 2 months ago  
b for days 2 months ago  
T-GAE 2 months ago +1
Both are funny 2 months ago  
long death 2 months ago +2
BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB 2 months ago +1
lmao watch the guest take over it happend to meh to 2 months ago +2
has mega evolution 2 months ago +1
Mythicals much more powerful 2 months ago  
nope 3 months ago  
Cat would chose Satan 3 months ago +1
I see a hot anime a girl so i would sooo CHOSE B 3 months ago +3
lmao ok 3 months ago  
True but idc its just fun and short to say btw why would u hide u could beat dem to death lmao 3 months ago  
Oof 3 months ago +2
im 15 3 months ago +1
Way easier to kill a shark 3 months ago  
T-GAY 3 months ago +1
oml yes it does 3 months ago  
um ok well i feel u we are similar in suicidal and sh*t but lets stop commenting the person who made this question is prob getting hella annoyed 3 months ago  
I watched it once with my baby sister 3 months ago +1
Thats not what he means 3 months ago  
so it is saying as soon as u listen to the tape a stranger stalks u then it asks u what would u do 3 months ago  
i chose this one but i do not like dc but the fight scenes were ok ig 3 months ago +1
M:mental A:abuse T:to H:humans 3 months ago +2
OOF 3 months ago +1
I like his fur 3 months ago  
But u have to say that shadow is best villain 3 months ago +1
look dude im just like u afraid to live i want to die as well but that does not mean someone does not care for u 3 months ago  
Best duo ever 3 months ago +1
Its an ok obsession and plus they are so cute 3 months ago  
true 3 months ago  
no 3 months ago  
ok? 3 months ago  
yesh i love takis 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
cool 3 months ago  
Memes HAVE TO STAY 3 months ago  
Cool idc 3 months ago  
Hmm says the one who talks sh*t bout everyone else 3 months ago +1
Cool 3 months ago  
EW A FORD 3 months ago +1
U KNOW IT 3 months ago  
yesh it is 3 months ago  
np 3 months ago  
well my mom used to make this cotten candy sh*t which i still do not know but my dad make some pb rice krispies 3 months ago +1
Thanks and i handled the guest who was hating 3 months ago +1
hmm can i do both? 3 months ago +1
lots of ppl make these type of questions 3 months ago  
ok then get tf off rrrather then 3 months ago  
well its a question and it is a rrrather 3 months ago  
Iceland is a lovely place 3 months ago +1
U should know 3 months ago +2
>>>>>>>>> 3 months ago  
when her parents ask what do u do for a living(i say) MEME EXPERT 3 months ago +2
BBBBBBBBBBBB 3 months ago +1
i would do something i never did before 3 months ago +2
SHE WAS THICC 3 months ago  
Get up take a shower brush hair brush teeth get dressed and let out my dog and cut myself 3 months ago  
i take a shower brush my teeth then i take off my shirt and pants and underwear and hop into bed 3 months ago  
A is ok but b is way better 3 months ago  
she is trash 3 months ago +2
Both of them are gay 3 months ago  
NONE 3 months ago +1
none 3 months ago +1
,,,,,,, 3 months ago  
depends in a 3 months ago +1
oof 3 months ago +1
much better 3 months ago +1
none 3 months ago  
yeee 3 months ago  
b seems much cooler 3 months ago  
Bullies is not the only reason ppl kill or hurt them selves 3 months ago  
lmao 3 months ago +1
BACONNNN 3 months ago  
MEAT 3 months ago  
DO DIFFERENT MEMES then we talking l 3 months ago  
SLAP mEH 3 months ago +1
i like real cuts not fake 3 months ago +1
its not really selfish you try living like us 3 months ago  
stop with these questions 3 months ago  
they are the same and all you post is kermit do someone else not shriek either 3 months ago  
misclick 3 months ago  
oof 3 months ago  
yes 3 months ago  
INDEED have you ever heard of ceces pizza 3 months ago  
lol 3 months ago +1
a pizza place has a mac and cheese pizza where i live and its GOOOD 3 months ago +1
lmao 3 months ago +1
AAAAAAAAAAAAaa 3 months ago  
Damn this is a really close one 3 months ago  
I love A 3 months ago  
misclicked starbucks for days 3 months ago  
Not the worldTREE 3 months ago  
depends 3 months ago  
carnage 3 months ago  
not a 3 months ago  
i like rat 3 months ago +2
just stick to the memes 3 months ago +1
why do you post these 3 months ago +3
your kind is the human race 3 months ago +3
nah i was not offending you just saying it was an old meme 3 months ago +1
i am just saying shrek is an old meme 3 months ago +1
its a old meme he must be stuck in 3 months ago +1
not really 3 months ago +1
B should happen 3 months ago +1
I do hate your meat 3 months ago +1
Well i am in both 3 months ago  
god eater for days 3 months ago  
i don't mind A but it has a limit 3 months ago  
they can not hurt ban king and wipe them out them in a insant lucy would be too easy for all of the seven deadly sins 3 months ago  
he would still lose 3 months ago  
none 3 months ago +1
I love bazzi 3 months ago +1
why would her strength and height matter 3 months ago  
A is awsome 3 months ago +1
i love b 3 months ago +1
oh ok 3 months ago  
love a 3 months ago +1
misclick 3 months ago +1
i like action games 3 months ago  
lol i have no dream BUT WHAtpie I WILL EAt YOU IF YOU ARE PUMPKIN 3 months ago +1
if i want TRUE love i'd rather go find someone and love them instead of buying love 3 months ago  
TURN ME INTO A STEAK 3 months ago +1
ig 3 months ago +1
i am ok with heavy metal but the image lol 3 months ago +1
Why a 3 months ago +1
lol yes he is 3 months ago  
oof i hate prostitutes first reason they don't know if the man is going to have aids or not and they are ruining their lives 3 months ago  
oof 3 months ago  
sorry i have not been 0n awhile 3 months ago  
oof bye 3 months ago  
you need people on this planet to survive or else this planet would fail 3 months ago +1
I love b 3 months ago  
i would say b 3 months ago  
ikr 3 months ago  
oh ok 3 months ago  
weird 3 months ago +1
no you don't 3 months ago  
i like a 3 months ago  
i clip them 3 months ago  
what is that? 3 months ago +1
its neglect 3 months ago +1
why would you choose a that is very Depressing 3 months ago +1
i don't believe you 3 months ago +1
lots 3 months ago  
hard choice but not a 3 months ago +1
but b scares me lol 3 months ago  
a looks good 3 months ago  
misclick 3 months ago  
i check his question count 3 months ago  
he is not lying 3 months ago  
they are both depressing 3 months ago +1
tag is so funny 3 months ago +1
kinkeh (both are of them are my fav) 3 months ago  
Answer BOTH OF THEM ARE MY FAV 3 months ago +1
SATAN COME CHATT 3 months ago  
not always 3 months ago  
same i am with nat 3 months ago  
cool people like you 64% nice job you are really liked 3 months ago  
oh 56% for me not bad 3 months ago  
much more of a challenge 3 months ago +1
lmfao look at image b 3 months ago +1
i dig braven 3 months ago +2
ok 3 months ago +1
ummm 3 months ago +1
lol 3 months ago +1
but b is really cool 3 months ago +1 3 months ago +1
yassss 3 months ago +1
i would not 3 months ago  
oh no if anyone really hated me i would want to know how they will kill meh 3 months ago  
oh ok 3 months ago +1
GIVEME THE FOOD 3 months ago +1
CAN YOU NOT 3 months ago  
yep 3 months ago +1
Omg 3 months ago  
I hate you lol jk 3 months ago  
you are a female? 3 months ago +2
why you making a big deal about this if Irene says she is a female 3 months ago  
a copied f*cking rocky 3 months ago +1
Don't beleive him he told me he is atheist 3 months ago +1
lol 3 months ago +1
You son of a b*itch 3 months ago  
YOU LIED TO MEEEEEE 3 months ago  
For GLORY 3 months ago +1
idk know him 3 months ago +1
idk sure but you first 3 months ago  
ok 3 months ago  
all might just need to Use united states smash 3 months ago +1
Well if he uses all of his power all might can 3 months ago +1
i am confused 3 months ago  
all he has to do is SMASH 3 months ago +1
i think she is a she 3 months ago  
ok sorry again 3 months ago  
Great idea 3 months ago  
oh sorry for freaking out on you 3 months ago  
i really don't have to tell you 3 months ago  
why does it matter 3 months ago  
b image looks cool 3 months ago +1
deku would still win 3 months ago +1
A for days 3 months ago +1
thats why i chosed b 3 months ago +1
b looks dope 3 months ago +1
um ok? 3 months ago +1
she went to camp with you? 3 months ago +1
Go pewdpie 3 months ago +1
*is getting trolled* 3 months ago +1
ya thats what i am wondering was you born as a girl 3 months ago +1
oh no i don't hate them I despise them 3 months ago +1
wtf no i buy that sh*t with my own money 3 months ago +1
....................................... 3 months ago +1
But damn lUCY LOOKING HELLA THICC IN B 3 months ago +1
yes i have to go back and crop it a little 3 months ago +1
yours ig 3 months ago  
ye call them for my fam because they are going to need it after when i do this 3 months ago +1
I will always remember her but she was a thot but i still have some feelings for her 3 months ago +1
WHY DID YOU TROLL MEH 3 months ago +1
one day i am going to blow my brains out and tie them up and watch me and i will make them regret what they did to me and the gun i will use is my dad pistol and i will put my head right by my mom and sister and and make my blood spray on the those no like son of a b*itchs (sorry for a the long comment) i could not help myself there 3 months ago +2
Yep all of them can fuc*ing rot in hell except my 9 yr old 3 months ago +1
if she is hot and nice and A YANDERE 3 months ago  
my dad and my family can rot in hell 3 months ago +1
Thats my fam 3 months ago +1
misclick 3 months ago  
FBI OPEN UP 3 months ago  
And plus ITS HIV who wants that 3 months ago +1
I LOVE HORROR MOVIES 3 months ago  
Hey i won't feel it being scooped out 3 months ago +1
fucccccc dat 3 months ago +1
I like him 4 months ago +1
F*ck a 4 months ago +2
i would honestly f*ck her in that lmfao 4 months ago +1
DAMN THAT ASS and yes i luv choco 4 months ago +2
in a i cold see her nipples 4 months ago +1
lol 4 months ago +1
i won't give a f*ck 4 months ago  
Lmfao 4 months ago  
yes they are 4 months ago  
Archangel for days 4 months ago  
if it is then why are you here 4 months ago  
DADDY I WANT YOUR CUM idk i need help lol 4 months ago +2
20 4 months ago  
DAMN SHE HAS A ass 4 months ago +1
on insta and snapchat 4 months ago  
YESSS YANDERE 4 months ago +1
over 4 months ago +1
He still spelled my name wrong 4 months ago  
nope 4 months ago  
i used to love my x but now i love my friends 4 months ago  
he still spent my name wrong lol 4 months ago  
what i just said lol 4 months ago  
lol 4 months ago  
well that is cool 4 months ago  
the homeless could get a job and take shelter some where and when they get enough money for a apartment/house 4 months ago  
wait they are making another gta 4 months ago +1
(third option fight the b*tch) 4 months ago +1
i like to watch the human race die 4 months ago +1
slender man does not go in your dreams or whatever at least as i know 4 months ago +1
brown hair looks much more cutter on her 4 months ago  
he is cool 4 months ago  
b would be my type of people but a seems more positive 4 months ago +1
i like the right one looks like the angel wings 4 months ago  
if its female i would not mind 4 months ago  
HOWWWWW 4 months ago  
i say he is ok 4 months ago  
if they have a bad environment i will go back up to the surface 4 months ago  
why did you have to do me i knew what the results would be so there is really no reason for this 4 months ago  
and you spell my name wrong 4 months ago  
i suck 4 months ago  
a is not how slender even works they ruined slender man by making the movie still want to see it 4 months ago +1
I would save the dogggggggggg 4 months ago  
only watched one 4 months ago +1
OMG YESsSSS 4 months ago +1
i believe in god 4 months ago +1
*i would honestly punch hin 4 months ago +2
I would let it out 4 months ago  
A and i am a sadist as well 4 months ago +1
i don"t care if i live or die 4 months ago +1
Even if i am a faggot idgaf about what you say 4 months ago  
i picked a because of the females lmfao 4 months ago +1
i never watched one 4 months ago  
Half empty 4 months ago +1
BOOO T-SERIES 4 months ago  
misclick 4 months ago +1
MARVEL 4 months ago +1
omg yay a grimjow person i have Loads of pics of him on my computer 4 months ago  
lol 4 months ago +1
i don't know how to spell his name 4 months ago +1
his name is satima 4 months ago +1
if i had a gf i would but family for now 4 months ago  
i hate one punch man when i watched it i hated it they made him to op which ruined the anime 4 months ago +3
idk who he is 4 months ago +1
he is chill 4 months ago +1
luffy could blow him to pieces 4 months ago +2
same 4 months ago +1
Goku would stomp him 4 months ago +1
then thanos wins 4 months ago +1
if he does then thanos will win 4 months ago +1
if not then one punch would win 4 months ago +1
does thanos have all of the stones 4 months ago +2
My history is loaded with hentai/pornsites 4 months ago  
if they agree to it ithen yes 4 months ago +1
FORTNITE ALL DAY 4 months ago  
BILL NYE YOUR MOMS A GUy 4 months ago +1
Bill nye is my guy when we get high he prob gonna threw some facts bruh 4 months ago +1
its wrong you should not be able to erase anyone memories that is plain wrong 4 months ago +1
every one has a soft side 4 months ago +2
oh ok 4 months ago  
That would be very f.u.c.k.i.n.g painful 4 months ago  
have good luck with that 4 months ago  
nuuu 4 months ago +1
yes i do 4 months ago +1
misclick 4 months ago +1
srry 4 months ago +1
OOF 4 months ago +1
the 9 goes off the page 4 months ago +1
it died 4 months ago  
B is really a powerful offense and defense in my eye 4 months ago +1
lol 4 months ago  
yes it is 4 months ago  
yes its called reverse harem 4 months ago  
i am waiting for season 5 4 months ago  
ye i love high school dxd its an action anime/harem 4 months ago  
I agree with psycho 4 months ago +1
i am a Libra but i relate to cancer 4 months ago +1
Prude? 4 months ago  
Only female teachers 4 months ago  
LIBRA 4 months ago  
i don't know 4 months ago +2
i hated it i had no one LMFAO just watched stuff slept played some fortnite i used to love valentine's day when i was not single 4 months ago  
oof 4 months ago +1
tsds 4 months ago  
I AM COnfused 4 months ago +2
DIEEEEEEE 4 months ago +1
i do both anyway so 4 months ago +1
* smiles* ok lol 4 months ago  
okee sorry just bored 4 months ago +1
wanna rp 4 months ago +1
lol 4 months ago +1
we should then LMFAO 4 months ago +1
OMG B IS SO BADD 4 months ago +2
none 4 months ago +2
NONE NONE NONE 4 months ago +2
Cancer in mic 4 months ago +1
Disgusting 4 months ago +1
Why 4 months ago  
idk 4 months ago +1
Dc would lose 4 months ago  
leave the 12 year old be no girl that age should even be on this site and her insult are trash you can do so much better than her lmao 4 months ago  
lmao 4 months ago  
lmao 4 months ago  
b chin is really good the hair color is beautiful those hands THO 4 months ago +2
wtf is wrong with you 4 months ago +1
I am a Libra 4 months ago +1
Ok ok i see your point lol 4 months ago +3
Save ppl from piles of rumble help ppl in fires and much more disasters 4 months ago +2
Thx but there are reverse harem such as guys and one females think but i love anime 4 months ago +1
But only one srry 4 months ago  
It would be nice to have both 4 months ago  
Satan EXACTLY get paid alot nah i don't want to be no pornstar i want to work on computers and invent something great P.S all of this would need a 20 inch LMFAO 4 months ago  
Libra 4 months ago +1
honestly b seems much cooler in my eyes just think everything a human could do by turning themselves into a armed human and switching back to normal 4 months ago +1
Something a blade or bullet can not pierce 4 months ago +2
who would not want to be a powerful armed machine 4 months ago +1
Ok well i still chose it seems like a good power for offense and defense measures 4 months ago +1
I have a question for b if you send them into a coma can you take them out because i would pick b if that is the case 4 months ago +1
A is dope kirito and the guy who trapped them in sao i love SWORD art online i am watching season three aka Sao 3 4 months ago +1
But his song What do you mean i liked it but all of his other songs i disliked 4 months ago  
AAAAAAAAAAA 4 months ago +1
gather food supplies get guns look for any other survives find a shelter find ways to turn the world back to normal 4 months ago  
I would survive for some time 4 months ago  
Search it up 4 months ago  
i like the left one better 4 months ago +1
a 4 months ago +1
GOKU WOULD win 4 months ago +1
B seems good 4 months ago +1
oh ye my bad auto correct 4 months ago  
When did we started talking about the vine CONFUSION 4 months ago  
The thing is u was not we don't include other people So just enough commenting on this page 4 months ago  
Same 4 months ago  
true 4 months ago  
I loved tigger when i was a little child 4 months ago +1
OOF 4 months ago  
You make no sense at all 4 months ago  
Tbh i don't even know who i am LOL i am austin this is my alt 4 months ago +1
A MASTER DEFENDER 4 months ago +1
hmm 4 months ago +1
Who is he? 4 months ago +1
ye 4 months ago  
The anime is good but not the movie 4 months ago +1
Amandaf Let TalcumPowder run her mouth all she wants she is petty by judging our beliefs so let the petty girl say what she wants 4 months ago +2
So you are calling people retarded by stating their Beliefs oh wow you are petty 4 months ago  
Cool i don't give a sh*t how about u u know shut the hell up ok? 4 months ago  
ok 4 months ago  
I have a good idea lets stop commenting on here i think ActualFrisk is getting annoyed Aye i am sorry i came in rat's roast battle with MK I should let rat say insults 4 months ago  
Ok i know you are a adult now and i don't know about our generation i real do not care 4 months ago  
Yep. But for real read rats commentss 4 months ago  
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