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I love anime and i am single 15yrs I am new to rrrather and i am in highschool and i am in 9th grade now get the fuck off my page LOL just joking JK

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Would you rather Have one anime fighter to be your body guard or be a anime body guard 2 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Do you roleplay/erotic rolepay yes or no 4 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to shoot heat beams out of your eyes or Be able to predict your foes movements 6 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be in a harem anime or Be in an action anime 1 hour ago 29 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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i don't know 18 hours ago +1
i hated it i had no one LMFAO just watched stuff slept played some fortnite i used to love valentine's day when i was not single 19 hours ago  
oof 2 days ago +1
tsds 2 days ago  
I AM COnfused 3 days ago +2
DIEEEEEEE 3 days ago +1
i do both anyway so 3 days ago +1
* smiles* ok lol 3 days ago  
okee sorry just bored 3 days ago  
wanna rp 3 days ago  
lol 3 days ago  
we should then LMFAO 3 days ago  
OMG B IS SO BADD 3 days ago +2
none 3 days ago +2
NONE NONE NONE 3 days ago +2
Cancer in mic 3 days ago +1
Disgusting 3 days ago +1
Why 4 days ago  
idk 4 days ago +1
Dc would lose 4 days ago  
leave the 12 year old be no girl that age should even be on this site and her insult are trash you can do so much better than her lmao 4 days ago  
lmao 4 days ago  
lmao 4 days ago  
b chin is really good the hair color is beautiful those hands THO 4 days ago +2
wtf is wrong with you 4 days ago +1
I am a Libra 4 days ago +1
Ok ok i see your point lol 4 days ago +3
Save ppl from piles of rumble help ppl in fires and much more disasters 4 days ago +2
Thx but there are reverse harem such as guys and one females think but i love anime 4 days ago +1
But only one srry 4 days ago  
It would be nice to have both 4 days ago  
Satan EXACTLY get paid alot nah i don't want to be no pornstar i want to work on computers and invent something great P.S all of this would need a 20 inch LMFAO 4 days ago  
Libra 4 days ago +1
honestly b seems much cooler in my eyes just think everything a human could do by turning themselves into a armed human and switching back to normal 4 days ago +1
Something a blade or bullet can not pierce 4 days ago +2
who would not want to be a powerful armed machine 4 days ago +1
Ok well i still chose it seems like a good power for offense and defense measures 4 days ago +1
I have a question for b if you send them into a coma can you take them out because i would pick b if that is the case 4 days ago +1
A is dope kirito and the guy who trapped them in sao i love SWORD art online i am watching season three aka Sao 3 4 days ago +1
I love cats but i hate mine i got her when i was 13 i named her b.i.t.c.h because you know she is a b.i.t.c.h 4 days ago +1
But his song What do you mean i liked it but all of his other songs i disliked 6 days ago  
AAAAAAAAAAA 1 week ago +1
gather food supplies get guns look for any other survives find a shelter find ways to turn the world back to normal 1 week ago  
I would survive for some time 1 week ago  
Search it up 1 week ago  
i like the left one better 1 week ago +1
a 1 week ago +1
GOKU WOULD win 1 week ago +1
B seems good 1 week ago +1
oh ye my bad auto correct 1 week ago  
When did we started talking about the vine CONFUSION 1 week ago  
The thing is u was not we don't include other people So just enough commenting on this page 1 week ago  
Same 1 week ago  
true 1 week ago  
I loved tigger when i was a little child 1 week ago +1
OOF 1 week ago  
You make no sense at all 1 week ago  
Tbh i don't even know who i am LOL i am austin this is my alt 1 week ago +1
A MASTER DEFENDER 1 week ago +1
hmm 1 week ago +1
Who is he? 1 week ago +1
ye 1 week ago  
The anime is good but not the movie 1 week ago +1
Amandaf Let TalcumPowder run her mouth all she wants she is petty by judging our beliefs so let the petty girl say what she wants 1 week ago +2
So you are calling people retarded by stating their Beliefs oh wow you are petty 1 week ago  
Cool i don't give a sh*t how about u u know shut the hell up ok? 1 week ago  
ok 1 week ago  
I have a good idea lets stop commenting on here i think ActualFrisk is getting annoyed Aye i am sorry i came in rat's roast battle with MK I should let rat say insults 1 week ago  
Ok i know you are a adult now and i don't know about our generation i real do not care 1 week ago  
Yep. But for real read rats commentss 1 week ago  
Cool I really don't care anymore about what you say read rats comments ok before u call bullsh*t 1 week ago  
I was trying to save rat's a.s.s well not save but help 1 week ago  
Same srry ActualFrisk she got 47 notifications 1 week ago  
Oh i despise my father so i don't know what he does Meh guy 1 week ago  
cool I really do not care 1 week ago  
Cool should i care? 1 week ago  
Nah that's for some b.i.t.c.h. on the streets that you pay 5 dollars to suck your dick 1 week ago  
I don't think it because ik i ain't so how about you move along now 1 week ago  
i don't think i am slick so how about you leave hmm? 1 week ago  
Oh ya ik i am 15 and who said i was a slick 1 week ago  
Do you even know how old i am 1 week ago  
let see i have this is my alt the thing is some people around here hate you so. 1 week ago  
i can that was just a little bit of what i can do i can do more and how about u know stay out of it ok 1 week ago  
so anyone bored as i am 1 week ago  
So i think more guest should join 1 week ago  
MK is funny to think he can roast me the only reason i ain't the time to be roasted because he knows that he can't insult/roast for crap 1 week ago  
I am bored anyone want to pm? 1 week ago  
i do not care about your url's i 1 week ago  
try me u can't do s.h.i.t first your insults are absolute trash you have to f.u.c.k.i.n.g roleplay shut your monkey a.s.s up 1 week ago  
Let him whine i find it amusing when people whine because they don't get what they want i ain't gonna roast him or insult him because their are kids and he will whine even more 1 week ago  
Whats going on 1 week ago  
If you guys want to insult each other do it in PM 1 week ago  
i seen both 1 week ago  
I do 1 week ago  
Lol ok 1 week ago +1
Oh ok thx 1 week ago  
Oh u are from Russia what does that mean in English pls translate pls 1 week ago  
Is that russian? 1 week ago  
GoldenMoon is right it is not hard to make an account but anyway i don't mind guest 1 week ago +1
are u talking about MustaKrakish? 1 week ago +1
What's wrong with guest 1 week ago +1
I think b is a good choice 1 week ago +1
i want to learn Spanish but i am learning german 1 week ago  
I really like b 1 week ago +2
its ok i guess 1 week ago +1
just hope u never encounter one 1 week ago  
U know ghost could kill you know if they are strong enough to do so 1 week ago  
Why is my comments deleted i thought it was lol 1 week ago  
Bruh all day 1 week ago  
Its everyone's opinion 1 week ago  
Same i encountered one before 1 week ago +1
This one is funny asf 1 week ago  
Have u ever watched game night its pretty good or have you watched birdbox? 1 week ago  
Lol 1 week ago  
You are bold to think I am a faggot 1 week ago  
Die in a ditch slut ik that dumbass 1 week ago  
i was not talking to you srry 1 week ago  
I used to have someone but now i don't 1 week ago  
I love harem anime all type of anime 1 week ago  
I used to watch steven universe 1 week ago  
A is disgusting b is somewhat good 1 week ago +1
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