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    I don't like sports.  
    I have no social life.  
    Seriously? 57%?  
    I can live with guilt. +1
    "sex slave" "sex slave" "sex slave"  
    I don't have a Burger King here.  
    Vegetable Monster.  
    Mmm... Steak.  
    ANd zombies can't live, either, can they?  
    You'll have to order a lot of water. From somebody near you, I think.  
    I'm surprised that the top comments aren't "RACIST RACIST RACIST RACIST"  
    I already have long hair.  
    One, how, two, it says be the passenger, not the driver.  
    Umm... You chose a deal with Satan.  
    As much as I think Twilight is not good, I'd like to not need to sleep.  
    I don't think it works that way, but I might be wrong.  
    But He created Mount Everest.  
    This is a site where you have to choose one, or another.  
    I think I need my lungs.  
    It may grow back, but I've never cut my hair, and it would take a while to grow back.  
    Why would I want my car to be sick? Also, I can't drive.  
    Masseuse is a female massage-giver. Masseur is a male massage-giver.  
    Making love, I guess.  
    I have no friends.  
    Couldn't you "cheat" by skipping, then choosing?  
    You don't GET it, it's would you rather.  
    I don't like social media.  
    One thing about the second picture. AAAHHHHHHH!!!  
    I don't know how to swim. With a giant safety net, somehow.  
    I like toast, and I've never eaten nutella.  
    I have neither.  
    There was a skip button, you know.  
    I'll live where I do now.  
    I've never gone camping.  
    Who said it'd be an irreversibly destructive, hard drive wiping, undetectable-to-my-anti-virus-program virus?  
    Popular < Smart  
    Pain, or possible death.  
    And you've added to them.  
    That wouldn't make sense for this site, it's would you rather, not would you rather do this, do that, or do both.  
    That's illegal, and you said 1,000,000, not 100,000.  
    10 hours of lucid dreaming = more time to live in dreams, even the impossible.  
    You sound like a pedophile.  
    I don't have friends.  
    I don't have a crush, or a best friend, or a worst enemy, but still.  
    I like both songs (somehow), and this one is shorter.  
    I could get attacked by two animals bigger than me, or seventy animals that still have sharp claws and teeth.  
    I'd get rid of the law that I couldn't make or get rid of laws.  
    I like rain.  
    I love my brother, but I also love living.  
    I can't.  
    I don't have a job.  
    I like Minecraft, I just prefer the outside.  
    May I point out that you chose outside?  
    I need to go outside more.  
    Nightmares may cause lucid dreams.  
    Snickers bars taste good, in my opinion.  
    I wish for infinite wishes. I wish I could wish for money. I wish for money.  
    Except you already lived one of them.  
    Hey, that cow has teeth!  
    Humans are animals.  
    I'm selfish.  
    10,000 times 100,000 is equal to 1,000,000,000, or one billion.  
    If I'm immortal, I'd watch all of my loved ones die.  
    A mind is a terrible thing to read.  
    13,800,000,000 years ago, or the Planck epoch. The bottom of the Mariana Trench.  
    I don't even have a phone!  
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