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    Easy money.  
    This will be just like Fruit Basket +1
    It's possible to be a rich dumd person, its called inheritence.  
    I do the first option on a daily basis.  
    I refuse to answer this, I love them both! +1
    Yay, I can fight Psyduck  
    I'm to shy to go to a shyscraper  
    Bram Stroker all the way  
    We play games, everyday..........  
    I'm no fool I've seen the Youtube video of Ronald being a blood thirsty clown.  
    I don't have a phone :D  
    My Grandma's from Spain so naturally I would want to go there.  
    I rarely drink water, usually juice or soda, so this doesn't apply to me much. Also I can buy water  
    Correction, snow can still provide water for plants to survive and last time I checked there were plenty of animals that lived in frozen ecosystems like, polar bars and penguins, etc. Not to mention that some animals eat snow, too.  
    I know the guys comment is sexist and all, but I still trying to figure out why women wouldn't want to answer this. In fact this seems like a normal question. So my question is, is a grappling dummy a reference to something, or am I just talking what's on my mind.  
    burns over cuts  
    Well it says get "stabbed/slashed", meaning it's like a choice, so I'm okay with getting slashed.  
    A huge person doesn't necessarily mean obese, maybe a slightly fat person. Besides either way is okay depending on preference and sexuality, assuming the second one is what I think it is. but then again I could just have a dirty mind, soooooooo....  
    I choose the snake, all I have to worry about is just its mouth...... and its size.  
    Both are hilarious  
    I kind of agree to stop religion, since many conflicts in the past were centered around religion, causing more bloodshed than today's wars. Not to mention that there are people out there that would modify religions to suit their own base needs.  
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