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    I would have no guilt 1 year ago  
    #LukeIsDarthVader 1 year ago  
    Europe sux 1 year ago  
    Dead pool would kill you 1 year ago  
    Hamsters are pretty good 1 year ago  
    Cancer kills so much more, someone else can do that 1 year ago  
    I hate Thailand 1 year ago  
    Puppies would take too long 1 year ago  
    This is my dream job 1 year ago  
    ITS BEAUTIFUL 1 year ago  
    Baby eaters 1 year ago  
    My Grandmothers are dead so this wouldn't be a problem 1 year ago  
    Hitler sux guys 1 year ago  
    D.C. HAS BATMAN!!! BATMAN 1 year ago  

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