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    I’m so bad at music 4 months ago  
    No marriage then no reproduction then no humans (although i fkd my gf) 4 months ago  
    Y u want mac it’s so slow 4 months ago  
    Justin is crap 4 months ago  
    I would wish I had a better computer 4 months ago  
    Hermione doesn’t need Ron to tell her everything 4 months ago  
    Me 4 months ago  
    Screw you 4 months ago  
    Trust me you wouldn’t wanna meet mermen if you’re a potterhead 4 months ago  
    U steal my comment 4 months ago  
    mr 4 months ago  
    If I don’t eat chocolate I can’t survive 4 months ago  
    If I go on a world tour I probably wouldn’t have to talk to animals 4 months ago  
    I use soundcloud lul 4 months ago  
    I LOVE WORLD WARS. ( So Oversimplified releases a new video) 4 months ago  
    Overpopulation 4 months ago  
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