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    How many 'good Christians' are onl good because they fear going to hell?  
    A lightsaber is practically useless in real life, but a Pokemon is like a really cool pet. also I fear what someone could/want to do with a lightsabe +1
    Why doesn't he?  
    Is there something wrong with that?  
    I already get all my music for free  
    That isn't how it works  
    smart people  
    Windows is turning into Mac  
    n o p e  
    I know what windows is  
    Make your own damn website, HTML is a thing  
    innovative... Remove headphone jack  
    Sundar Pichai Dumb-dumbs  
    At the cost of your freedom  
    Motorola Moto G 4th Gen $190. Iphone 7 $400  
    Samsung isn't the only company that makes Androids  
    Android OS is a Linux-based platform for mobile phones. Android was released under the Apache v2 open source license. Android was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a coalition of hardware, software and telecommunications companies.  
    At the cost of your freedom, IOS gives you no control over your device  
    Samsung is Android  
    Android gives you freedom and control of your device.  
    I'm sorry? when do Iphones do anything? Apple limits what you can do so much.  
    People who enjoy freedom +2
    PCs and Android give you actual freedom, Apple controls everything you can do pretty much.  
    IOS is the OS for Apple's Iphones. OSX is used for Mac computers  
    Get an Android, mate  
    Enjoy having no freedom  
    Serif fonts are aids  
    God doesn't exist.  
    Fun fact: I don't care!  
    The question is assuming they were if you picked Pokemon.  
    Too bad, you have to pick one.  
    These comments sadden me greatly.  
    It would, I change my mind! More dumb people!  
    *cough* Muslims *cough*  
    They are probably too dumb to know what reconsider means. +1
    I clicked the wrong one ;-; I hate macs.  
    But the vidja games.  
    Friends are for people with lives.  
    It's nice to know that most people aren't biggots.  
    I love hitler  
    I don't believe in God, or sins. So I get off scot-free  
    You can only have one.  
    They meant people who are slow or do something to slow down your driving, not people who get in accidents.  
    I don't drive, so people causing traffic ain't my problem  
    People's pain is funnier the their success  
    I'd wish for really expensive things, then sell em'  
    I hate children, also I'm legally one  
    iTunes music is crap, I download actual music from YouTube.  
    Million dollars, bye sh*t, donate.  
    Small black dot, call it a birthmark  
    Yes, I can finally kill my victims without doing anything.  
    When the sun inevitably blows up and everything dies, I don't want to be the last one alive.  
    Screw peace, I want to control the planet,  
    But you wouldn't have to deal with them.  
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