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    LOL 50/50 :P  
    Micky.... "I need a caravan fer me mem" +1
    Angelina has fat ass lips :() +1
    NEITHER +1
    lol, don't know either xD  
    Ummm, Hamburgers are beef... +5
    Imagine being allergic to yourself xD +3
    Think! If you know that you die in a car crash then just never get in a car again! :D +3
    Already done :^] +2
    lol, I make cookie dough just so I can eat it xD +1
    Social network kinda sucked.... +3
    Talented people have Swag :P +2
    Already got em both :]  
    At least I'd have clean insides when I die :D +2
    I love the ocean :)  
    #2 = Ruined childhood. I've already done it :P +5
    Haha, my mom's a pushover :] +7
    If I said everything I thought, I'd be despised by just about everyone... +6
    Some foods have liquid :P  
    Musicians have swag :]  
    Easy answer :]..... Unless 2012 is real.... +5
    White chocolate is an imposter... +1
    Universal Studios, the beach and tons of hot girls? Easy answer :)  
    Eeew, who the hell wants a blackberry?!  
    Eventually you'd get bored of only chocolate... I'd get different flavors :D  
    Hannah doesn't give 50 year old men lap dances :P +8
    I've seen Star Wars way too many times... Plus, the Avatar can have tail sex!! :D +4
    Maple syrup and awesome accents baby! :D +1
    Kids can't have legal sex :3  
    Barack Hussein Obama? No thanks :/ +1
    I love sight too much... :/ +1
    At least I'd keep my head safe :] +2
    Fail, the Star Trek picture is from Transformers xD +18
    Awww, Justin's acting all grown up :D +3
    Who the hell would want to be fat?!  
    Pfff, screw national dept, I'm 13 :P +4
    Real football!! +2
    If I fell off the empire state building there's a chance I'd be on the news! :D +2
    Who the hell would pick rain?! Snow is so fun!! :D Rain makes you stay inside all bored :/  
    The kids who go to Narnia can't even do magic! +4
    On my birthday I'm the important one :) +1
    Tree houses rule!! :D +3
    Who wouldn't want to be a ninja?! Asian swag Ftw!! +5
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