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Painkillers are not allowed. You’d have to go through all the pain 6 months ago  
This is making me hungry 6 months ago  
Jaguars are swift af 6 months ago +1
I think we would be fine without marriage, but we might lose other values along with it that could make people more insensitive. Also we still need to reproduce 6 months ago  
Good point 6 months ago  
Way easier 6 months ago  
I am a very special snowflake :) 6 months ago  
Women could beat ur ass 6 months ago  
Lol how did u come up with this 6 months ago  
Bc ur a robot 6 months ago  
I would chose my favorite and put the others under cyrosleep. I don’t want to risk their safety if the government found out 6 months ago  
If you could relive any moment, what would it be? 6 months ago  
YASS HERMIONE 6 months ago  
If u can understand other languages, u could eves drop so easily 6 months ago  
Fails are hilarious 6 months ago  
My dreams are pretty frickin cool 6 months ago  
Yass Starbucks! 6 months ago  
I would be part of the zombie apocalypse 6 months ago  
I wouldn’t get caught 6 months ago  
I could undo so many embarrassing moments 6 months ago +2
Ima bad bïtch, u can’t kill me 6 months ago  
I want the pikachu cat omg 6 months ago  
I don’t understand this question at all lol 6 months ago +1
At least it’s not damaging to her health 6 months ago  
Just never greet people then 6 months ago  
You can love your friends and family- maybe not always in a romantic way tho 6 months ago  
I would rather know that someone loves me for who I am, not just bc I made them love me 6 months ago  
Never heard of either 6 months ago  
The wedding can’t start without me so no rush 6 months ago +1
I couldn’t get betrayed like that by my bff 6 months ago  
If my crush doesn’t know I exist how am I in the “friend zone” 6 months ago  
Already a failure at both 6 months ago  
I’m a girl so... 6 months ago  
I just clicked for the cat 6 months ago  
Omg trees are alive 6 months ago  
Already do that ;) 6 months ago  
I’ll have someone throw a toy train at me 6 months ago  
Whoever’s buying a blackberry is either insane or 80 yrs old 6 months ago  
Doesn’t say I can’t sleep, I just don’t need to 6 months ago  
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Holy fûck it’s a human 6 months ago  
I never get snow bc I live in Texas so snow would be a miracle 6 months ago  
I’m claustrophobic and afraid of heights so I’m screwed either way 6 months ago  
Lmao lizards are no match to the big boi 6 months ago  
You can find anything in Walmart 6 months ago +1
I clicked no comment, but I’m still commenting. I’m a rebel. 6 months ago  
?? 6 months ago  
If I’m the ruler I’m just gonna make things worse. I’ll let someone else rule the world for now. 6 months ago  
Doesn’t seem cool to me, more like super awesome fun 6 months ago  
I would just fall in love with someone who’s rich 6 months ago  
My favorite cousin is four so... I think I’ll pass 6 months ago  
She’s pretty cool 6 months ago  
I wanna drive a van with free candy in it! 6 months ago +1
No idea who she is so no 6 months ago +1
if both A and B are both ‘robotic’ and not human, couldn’t u just put superpowers into the human one? 6 months ago  
I just wouldn’t turn back time as much 6 months ago  
Just drove through Joplin actually (the city, not the person) 6 months ago +1
NEITHER OH GOD 6 months ago  
Hermione for the win! 6 months ago  
Those penguins r dope 6 months ago  
If I get pizza with it, yes pls 6 months ago  
I would tell my friend about it 6 months ago  
Whoever has a better personality 6 months ago  
I’m a girl and I still would choose Megan fox 6 months ago  
I would never wish rape on someone... 6 months ago  
Neither, Sry I’m not tryna be in a real life horror movie 6 months ago  
Who is this ‘Miss Click’ 6 months ago  
Be smart and hot? That’s perfect 6 months ago  
If I ruled, earth would be screwed 6 months ago  
With $10 mil u can buy true love 6 months ago  
Bacon is life 6 months ago  
I’m sry I can’t give up my donuts 6 months ago  
Doje 6 months ago  
So this is how Harry got his revenge on Voldemort? 6 months ago  
Kill whoever’s planning on killing their parents 6 months ago  
I misclicked. I’m so claustrophobic 6 months ago  
Escalators r frickin cool. They’re stairs for lazy ppl who don’t want to use stairs 6 months ago  
U don’t have to stick ur tongue out all the time 6 months ago  
Pickle juice isn’t bad. I’ve had both and I would much rather have the pickle juice 6 months ago  
No pls 6 months ago +2
Unplug the toaster and no harm done 6 months ago  
I’ve eaten paper and it’s rly not that bad 6 months ago  
WHAT ARE DOSEEEEEEE 6 months ago  
Depends who’s catching me 6 months ago +2
Bc of the broken glass being pushed against all of ur foot, it wouldn’t hurt bc there isn’t enough pressure on one point of ur foot to puncture it. That’s why ppl can walk on nails 6 months ago  
I would kill whoever asked this 6 months ago  
Ever heard of cliff jumping? 6 months ago  
I’m from Texas and black cars get way too hot during summer 6 months ago  
It would be hard not to start eating my hair in the middle of class 6 months ago  
What kind of question is that? It’s either be a known maniac and get locked up for it or silently kill ppl without being caught 6 months ago  
Tbh I think we could do without Trump tweets for awhile 6 months ago  
I saw the zebra on the motorcycle and clicked without even reading the question 6 months ago  
I’ll hang from the ‘shyscraper’ with a trampoline below me 6 months ago  
Doesn’t say there’s a tiger in it 6 months ago  
So either 10 minutes of awkward, or 10 minutes or torture 6 months ago  
I stand up too fast at least every day 6 months ago  
Do what? 6 months ago  
In a car crash I’m more likely to only be killing myself, not hundreds of other ppl 6 months ago  
Neither...? 6 months ago  
Pucks have sharper edges and are harder, I’ll take my chance with the baseball 6 months ago  
I’m sry, ron, but I’m not tryna be in a real life horror movie rn 6 months ago  
I think living in 1776 would be cool 6 months ago  
If my computer looks like that I’d be happy to let them take it 6 months ago  
Ur still being stabbed tho... 6 months ago  
I’ve only watched the first 5-10 minutes of the matrix so idk what they do 6 months ago  
I love sleeping 6 months ago  
I’m disappointed in whoever chose waterboarded over bon jovi 6 months ago  
Shame on whoever thought of this question in the first place 6 months ago  
If I’m happy I won’t care about my physical handicap 6 months ago  
I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!!!! 6 months ago  
I mean, maybe someone just threw a bullet at u. That wouldn’t hurt very much 6 months ago  
I live off candy 6 months ago  
If they killed me, then they are no longer ‘The one I trust’ 6 months ago  
I’d be fashionably late 6 months ago  
Caught doing what? 6 months ago  
Go big or go home. And if u go home, come back and steal the other briefcase 6 months ago  
I don’t think the world will care about my ‘secrets’ they aren’t that juicy 6 months ago  
Falling would be a quicker death, also you’d get to fly momentarily before u die. Life goals accomplished 6 months ago +1
Ive probably already eaten 20 potatoes throughout my life 6 months ago  
If there’s hell on earth I’m more likely to die quicker and then live the rest of eternity in heaven 6 months ago  
Sounds fun 6 months ago +1
Didn’t say they wouldn’t give it back 6 months ago  
I don’t have keys so I’d be fine losing my nonexistent keys 6 months ago  
Who even cares about tv anymore 6 months ago  
I would use them for awhile until they become useless, then eat them slowly one by one like in a horror movie so the last one does whatever I say bc they’re scared 6 months ago  
Being a kid forever sounds awesome I don’t have to worry about any responsibilities 6 months ago  
Just wash the shirt and ur fine 6 months ago  
Ummm 6 months ago +1
I need pizza 6 months ago +1
Good job guys 6 months ago  
I would drive away 6 months ago +1
I would smack them in the face and confidently walk away 6 months ago +1
I would be more disappointed than anything that my date was prom king and I wasn’t prom queen 6 months ago  
I love doing both 6 months ago  
79% think about it USA, we have Trump leading our country 6 months ago  
The leader of my county is already B 6 months ago  
I don’t trust AI... 6 months ago  
Have to deal with both already 6 months ago +1
I’ll take any vacation 6 months ago  
If it’s free why not, if I have to pay, I’ll pass 6 months ago  
First of all: why? Second of all: why. 6 months ago +1
This is what I think about laying in bed every night 6 months ago  
No one rly cares. It’s up to u 6 months ago  
I’d prefer not to be continuously watched by paintings on the wall or murdered by a serial killer 6 months ago +1
I’m imagining u just laying in bed at night and suddenly yelling “holy sh*t, how did I not realize this before?!” 6 months ago +1
Does that alien not look hilarious tho 6 months ago +1
I love huskies so much!!! 6 months ago  
If I have a time machine, I can go to the past (or future), rob a bank, then quickly escape in my time machine 6 months ago +1
Would that mean that other people could control ur mind if they chose that power? 6 months ago  
Sooo rape? 6 months ago  
It might think that the camera is open, since u opened the app but it glitched. I would try restarting and if that doesn’t work have a professional look at it. Idk tho I’m only in 8th grade 6 months ago +2
I’ll take either 6 months ago  
The sick part is that this question was asked at all 7 months ago  
I would receive 1 billon, then give it to families in Africa. $10,000 to 100,000 families would mean 10¢ to each family 7 months ago  
I don’t need men. I’m 13 7 months ago  
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