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Hello everyone of the RRRather universe, I am CocoaWolf. Here's some things that some know about me... Of course, I said SOME. Oh well, here we go....... -I am a female, of course. I mean, it says it by my beautiful avatar. *sigh* Well -I am obsessed with wolves, as if you can't tell. Every account I make is a wolf. -I am also on Quotev! I write fanfictions and make quizzes about my fandoms... -I like to draw. I only draw animals, not humans. Hands cannot be drawn. *sigh* -I am inbetween the ages of 0-100. If you guess correctly you get a cookie! Ha. I'm too lazy to put anything elae, bye. :D

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Crossbreed between a polar and grizzly bear. It exists. 3 years ago  
Yes, they do. Look it up. 3 years ago  
A mix between a grizzly and polar bear. It exists. 3 years ago  
WUT 3 years ago  
Anyone who abuses animals or children get in prison until they die. :) DONE 3 years ago  
I like his voice and his Top 10 countdowns. Anyone else...? 3 years ago  
With a working parachute, which I use to land safely. 3 years ago +1
Can I go to school with you? :P 3 years ago  
One of the first in the series 3 years ago  
Dat pic doe 3 years ago +1
Just stay inside 3 years ago +1
The f***? 3 years ago  
Jessica 3 years ago  
When life gives you lemons (not the fruit), look up kitten pictures and wish you never read that. 3 years ago  
Wtf? 3 years ago  
You chose die. :) Read the description before choosing, friend. 3 years ago  
Pirates are boss, man. 3 years ago  
PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU! 3 years ago  
Already do... 3 years ago  
Between 0-100000000 c: 3 years ago  
Dammit, can't choose... 3 years ago  
Rugrats actually is good, unlike that talking fish show. I don't know why I liked it when I was younger... 3 years ago  
Never tried it, but I want to. 3 years ago  
They're teenagers, not children. Get your facts straight, people. Ticks me off so much. 3 years ago +2
Common sense. 3 years ago +1
I grew up with TLK. Its quotes are a part of me. 3 years ago +1
What kind of question is this? Everyone with sense chooses A. 3 years ago  
That person could be a serial killer wanted for taking the life of thousands. I could save multiple lives if I get rid of them. 3 years ago  
Childhood right here 3 years ago  
"I didn't murder that guy." 3 years ago  

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