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Which duo would you like to see get their own movie series Curious George & The Joker or Steve Urkel & Drake 5 years ago 134 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who would have a bigger influence on the world if they were alive for another 54 years Philip Seymour Hoffman or Oscar Wilde 5 years ago 135 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which would you rather was a band in real life SpongeBoB & The Losers or Chip Skylark and The Fairies 5 years ago 157 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 5th season of Kenan & Kel or The Cleveland Show 5 years ago 143 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you be more interested in a fictional story involving cutting grass with scissors in some way or a town getting caught in a dust storm in some way 5 years ago 184 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which character would you rather see get their own spin-off Robot Santa or Reptar 5 years ago 172 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which duo would you rather see get their own movie series Nazz Van Bartonschmeer & Harley Quinn or Philip J. Fry & GIR 5 years ago 128 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would have a bigger influence on the world if they were alive for another 7 years Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan 5 years ago 107 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather was a band in real life Wyld Stallyns or Wildwind 5 years ago 77 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 6th season of Fringe or The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show 5 years ago 105 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you be more interested in a fictional story involving a science club in some way or involving Japan in some way 5 years ago 180 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which character would you rather see get their own spin-off Rose or Chase Matthews 5 years ago 124 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which duo would you rather see get their own movie series Sideshow Bob & Buzz Lightyear or Spongebob Squarepants & Shaggy Rogers 5 years ago 132 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Who would have a bigger influence on the world if they were alive for another 5 years Nelson Mandela or W.E.B. Du Bois 5 years ago 131 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather was a band in real life Sadgasm or The Bettys 5 years ago 93 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 2nd season of Alcatraz or Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza 5 years ago 84 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you be more interested in a fictional story involving a wounded baby in some way. or someone throwing up on a roller coaster in some way. 5 years ago 123 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather got their own spin-off Phil DeVille or Jet 5 years ago 109 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which duo would you like to see get their own movie series Darth Vader & Rocky or Chuck Norris & Gandalf The Grey 5 years ago 274 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would have a bigger influence on the world if they were alive for another 22 years Dwight D. Eisenhower or Mahatma Gandhi 5 years ago 102 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which would you rather was a band in real life Zack Attack or The Beets 5 years ago 158 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 10th season of Scrubs or The King of Queens 6 years ago 167 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Do you tend to like tv shows more when they are relatable or complete fiction 6 years ago 222 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather got their own spin-off Eustace or Rolf 6 years ago 378 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Which duo would you like to see get their own movie series Pennywise & Jason or Freddie & Chucky 6 years ago 157 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who would have a bigger influence on the world if they lived on it for another 33 years George Washington or Woodrow Wilson 6 years ago 188 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Which would you rather was a band/group in real life The Be Sharps or Party Posse 6 years ago 195 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 5th season of My Name Is Earl or Courage The Cowardly Dog 6 years ago 217 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 4th season of Rocket Power or The Boondocks 6 years ago 189 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which historical figure would have the bigger impact if he were alive for another 46 years King Charles II of England or John Calvin 6 years ago 135 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 5th season of Rocko's Modern Life or Prison Break 6 years ago 148 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Are the inner machinations of your mind an enigma YES! or no 6 years ago 153 votes 12 comments 0 likes
What do you do when your best friend leaves you wait for them to come back or nothing 6 years ago 227 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Which "Whose Line/Improv-a-ganza" star would you rather have as a friend Ryan Stiles or Colin Mochrie 6 years ago 142 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Can main characters leave a show for a spin-off or any other reason without hurting the story No or Yes 6 years ago 219 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather got their own spin-off Flatts or Jack 6 years ago 203 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have 67 more years with Chris Farley or John Belushi 6 years ago 144 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather got their own spin-off Mr. Spacely or Old Man Jenkins 6 years ago 216 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have an 11th season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S or CSI: Miami 6 years ago 194 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather had their own spin-off Larry or Eugene 6 years ago 208 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a 4th season of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide 6 years ago 222 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather got their own spin-off Anthony DiNozzo or Chef 6 years ago 200 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which would rather was a band in real life Love Händel or 2 Guyz N The Parque 6 years ago 259 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather a 5th season of CatDog or a 5th season of Everybody Hates Chris 6 years ago 451 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather A 7th season of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends or A 7th Season of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 6 years ago 195 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have 73 more years with Janis Joplin or Amy Winehouse 6 years ago 176 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather a 6th season of The Wild Thornberrys or a 6th season of Leverage 6 years ago 163 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Where you are from does kicking someones butt mean you just want to be friends with them or the literal meaning 6 years ago 211 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Do you say boulder or rock 6 years ago 239 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Who is more fun to be around The Outcasts or The Popular Kids 6 years ago 242 votes 18 comments 0 likes

ColdWarrior has posted the following comments:

Cake is better with candy on it. 4 days ago  
Spend it responsibly. 1 week ago  
I mean it doesn't really matter one way or the other. 1 month ago  
At the time, it was inconceivable that Batista was going to be the one to end the streak so that match didnt have a "it could go either way" kind of feel to it which is always nice. 1 year ago  
Wow, I mean your entitled to your opinion and maybe its even the right one to have, but I enjoyed both of them to a degree. 1 year ago  
Neither of them is a match for Gregor the Overlander. 2 years ago  
Being overly patriotic is dumb. Crucifying people for not being overly patriotic is asinine. I do not think one should have to display absolute loyalty to their country. 2 years ago  
I just use my phone more, but either is a devastating loss. I wish everyone would stop just looking at their phones though. 2 years ago  
The question seems phrased in such a way that you cant change anything about the day, which makes it a terrifying idea. 2 years ago  
Blockbuster went out in a depressing way - we all should have been more loyal. 2 years ago  
Calling someone on the internet a "troll" is entirely stupid. 2 years ago  
Look how long I have been here! So long I might as well become Chronos. 2 years ago  
I would not say "great man," but I do think that he could have gone down as a great leader. Evil does not actuallu exist because not everyone finds the same things evil. I find it evil that he stands behind the murder of Jewish people, but I think there was a lot about him that gets overlooked due to that. 2 years ago  
I think the rrrather community overestimates its actual importance in people's lives -- especially recently. The chat used to be a big draw to keep me coming back, but that died so long ago and I cannot find the intellectual conversation I crave. I rarely comment on YouTube for the same reason. 2 years ago  
I feel often that I get into so many arguments for my opinions so I hold my tongue to avoid that. It gets hard to listen sometimes though when I hear things that I disagree with and I desperately want to speak out, but I know that it will end up being more trouble than it is worth. The problem, I find, is that a lot of people have a different understanding of what a "conversation" actually is and people often take what I say the wrong way so I just listen so that both of us do not walk away from the "conversation" any more or less hurt than when we started. 2 years ago  
I am so glad the people complaining about how many times a question is asked have died down. 2 years ago  
A state is much more than who they vote for for president or what theme parks they have. Arizona has a rich history among Native Americans and regardless of the political turmoil surrounding them today they are a large part of where this country is right now. Florida has a good history too, but it also definitely has its problems. 2 years ago  
There was a lot in "The Might B" that does not get the attention it deserves. 2 years ago  
My birthday has been rather lame for a long time now and I want it to not be anymore. As for my wedding, even I couldnt care less about that. 2 years ago +2
But the spider has the ability to immobilize the snake with its webbing. Furthermore, spiders actually have leg-like things where as snakes are just all body. I think their longer bodies actually makes them more vulnerable. I do think, however, that if I can get in position to just lay on the spider that would be the end of it. I think spiders would be faster though. 2 years ago +1
Despite what many people say I actually do feel that she is qualified for the job. 3 years ago +2
Sleep is amazing, and I'd rather do it more often than succeed in life tbh 3 years ago  
Sure, why not 3 years ago +1
stupid. 3 years ago  
I could have sworn people would vote Futurama. (Futurama: 180 Votes / Simpsons: 281 Votes) 4 years ago  
Wow. You should really watch it. Avatar is one of the greatest shows to not have 4 seasons 4 years ago  
I tolerate everybody. To be honest though I wouldnt even want to know if this was the case or not. 4 years ago +1
I have more skills. 4 years ago  
No, youre a terrible person. 4 years ago  
Life in prison is always better than death. 4 years ago  
Simply because I havent heard of it before this. 4 years ago  
Doritos are actually a good thing to have for party guests. 4 years ago  
Irrelevant, I would never be a heterosexual guy 4 years ago  
My handwriting may be terrible, but at least I can read it and thats all that matters. 4 years ago  
DiNozzo: 56 Votes / Chef: 132 Votes 4 years ago  
Friends: 32 Votes / Literally: 157 Votes 4 years ago  
Rose: 69 Votes / Matthews: 44 Votes 4 years ago  
SpongeBoB & The Losers: 104 Votes / Chip Skylark & The Fairies: 38 Votes 4 years ago  
Mr. Spacely: 47 Votes / Old Man Jenkins: 156 Votes 4 years ago  
Rock: 187 Votes / Boulder: 41 Votes 4 years ago  
FRIENDS: 133 Votes / CSI: 52 Votes 4 years ago  
Farley: 88 Votes / Belushi: 49 Votes 4 years ago  
Alcatraz: 49 Votes / Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza: 29 Votes 4 years ago  
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: 85 Votes / Fresh Prince of Bel Air: 100 Votes 4 years ago  
Rolf: 188 Votes / Eustace: 173 Votes 4 years ago  
Ford: 24 Votes / Reagan: 76 Votes 4 years ago  
Oscar Wilde: 82 Votes / Philip Seymour Hoffman: 44 Votes 4 years ago  
Curious George & The Joker: 84 Votes / Steve Urkel & Drake: 41 Votes 4 years ago  
This is far too "straight oriented". (Ok: 121 Votes / Not: 95 Votes) 4 years ago +1
Sounds convenient, I know there are tie pockets so why not. (Pillow: 37 Votes / Pocket: 95 Votes) 4 years ago  
Im fairly certain this term is offensive. Like seriously, how about taking other peoples feelings into consideration for a change. (A: 388 Votes / B: 34 Votes) 4 years ago  
The world isnt set to end for billions of more years. (Yes: 68 Votes / Nah: 1289 Votes) 4 years ago +1
(Penis: 81 Votes / Vagina: 189 Votes) 4 years ago  
(A girl: 557 Votes / A boy: 738 Votes) 4 years ago  
(Girlfriend: 235 Votes / Baby: 52 Votes) 4 years ago  
I just think of it like, the worst thing that could happen is the audience murders me for being so awful and then i wont have to deal with it any more. (Yes: 138 Votes / No: 127 Votes) 4 years ago  
Euthanasia is dumb, the person should live as much of their life as possible and who knows maybe a cure will come along, its pointless to give up hope. (Euthanasia: 35 Votes / Youth In Asia: 65 Votes) 4 years ago  
Cuz its The Bourne Ultimatum. (Iron Man: 89 Votes / The Bourne Ultimatum: 31 Votes) 4 years ago  
Favorite song by OneRepublic? Top 11 characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender? (Okay: 28 Votes / Nah: 78 Votes) 4 years ago  
(Complete Fiction: 110 Votes / Relatable: 93 Votes) 4 years ago  
April 3rd, 1995. (Before: 159 Votes / After: 32 Votes) 4 years ago  
Tired of people saying "Run Forrest Run" WHENEVER somebodys running. (James Bond: 102 Votes / Forrest: 86 Votes) 4 years ago  
I love dodgeball so much its my favourite thing ever, it sucks that i dont get to play it that often. (Dodgeball: 136 Votes / Sledding: 98 Votes) 4 years ago  
13 is bigger in most situations more is better. (Seven: 107 Votes / Thirteen: 57 Votes) 4 years ago  
I drink a lot and need all of the different types of beverages I can get. (Arizona tea: 92 Votes / Taco bell: 78 Votes) 4 years ago  
Azumarill got it going on, miltanks good, but doesnt stand a chance. (Miltank: 35 Votes / Azumarill: 40 Votes) 4 years ago  
nobody needs to show anything, because nobodys trying to convert anybody else. (Believer: 150 Votes / Atheist: 59 Votes) 4 years ago  
I love sequels. Theres no such thing as a bad sequel to me (Many sequels: 163 Votes / One hit film: 145 Votes) 4 years ago  
I dont see why not. but if i did it would probably be the only iphone i get (Yes: 48 Votes / No: 250 Votes) 4 years ago  
gay marriage is clearly less accepted. they have to fight a lot harder (Rainbow: 138 Votes / Pokemon: 49 Votes) 4 years ago  
There should be more than 8 rounds declare a true champion (PS2: 82 Votes / Game Boy: 42 Votes) 4 years ago  
Both are good in their own right and this vote deserves to be closer. (How I Met Your Mother: 75 Votes / The Good Wife: 11 Votes) 4 years ago  
so unfortunate 4 years ago  
Is this even up for debate... (Walken: 106 Votes / Gottfried: 26 Votes) 4 years ago  
I could not draw the dog at all, but I am somewhat confident I could draw the narwhal. (Narwhal: 91 Votes / Dog: 115 Votes) 4 years ago  
California is too obvious, everybody has been there or is planning on it, Id be one of the only people who has actually been to Connecticut. (California: 87 Votes / Connecticut: 21 Votes) 4 years ago  
Why would I be teaching my son to be sexist when hes only three years old, that would be heartless. (Feminine: 39 Votes / Let him dress up: 84 Votes 4 years ago +3
My hair is long so it works either way. (Cut your hair: 60 Votes / Keep your hair the way it is: 31 Votes) 4 years ago  
Avatar: 109 Votes / Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: 96 Votes 4 years ago  
Rocko's Modern Life: 83 Votes / Prison Break: 56 Votes 4 years ago  
Dirty dishes can get quite fowl, I would much rather not be near them before cleaning if at all possible. (Load the dishwasher: 51 Votes / Unload the dishwasher: 206 Votes) 4 years ago  
Zack Attack: 50 Votes / The Beets: 46 Votes) 4 years ago  
10 lives are worth more than one, simple math. (10 Innocent people: 182 Votes / Kill myself: 98 Votes) 4 years ago  
Mahatma Gandhi: 74 Votes / Dwight D. Eisenhower: 20 Votes 4 years ago  
Fringe: 44 Votes / The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show: 57 Votes) 5 years ago  
I don't think you even gave it a chance. 5 years ago  
so do a lot of people, at least he was doing other things in addition to abusing drugs. 5 years ago +1
"who created the big bang" why did someone have to create it, because there is NO WAY it could have happened without someone interfering? 5 years ago +3
so does every one else on the planet, Hoffman was doing a lot of good, he wasn't just "some guy who did drugs" 5 years ago +1
I thought Guitar Hero would easily win, especially after winning the first two rounds. 5 years ago +1
what about "Everybody Hates Chris"? 5 years ago  
If these were my only two options I would have to send him to jail, he would be there for the rest of his life so it isn't like we would have any awkward moments, I think our friendship would effectively be over, but I would still visit him, I am not going to help him cover up a murder, that person had a family. 5 years ago +2
I have heard that, I didn't mean anything by it, it was just an observation. 5 years ago  
By a vote of 169-60, The Outcasts are more fun to be around. 5 years ago  
Research. 5 years ago  
it wouldn't be the same, but that doesn't mean the show itself would be bad. 5 years ago  
Yes they are, on planet Omicron Koalai 8 5 years ago  
You say "actually" as though the show gets a lot of hate. I need to get caught up on that too. And I already knew that about T.W.D. 5 years ago  
I like both, but it was obvious Dale would not get the support he deserves. 5 years ago +1
Sure walking the dog would be more fun, but it seems as though these would be chores and I would not be doing them voluntarily so I would rather do the one that gets completed faster. 5 years ago  
Not the response I was expecting. 5 years ago  
any one 5 years ago +1
He was also an actor, and a very decorated one at that, enormously disrespectful comment, not cool. 5 years ago +1
no 5 years ago  
wrong 5 years ago  
I know....irrelevant 5 years ago +1
your point is? 5 years ago  
He's just a character on a TV show. 5 years ago  
that's great. 5 years ago  
the ability to know the answer if its a number has a limit because the answer must be a number, but the X-Ray vision is limitless AND you can turn it on and off at will. 5 years ago  
You are someone who understands the question. The question is which one sounds more exciting, but it's which one sounds more exciting in a story, but it's up to the reader to determine what role it will play. 5 years ago  
i like you. 5 years ago  
its not a story ABOUT cutting grass. It's a story INVOLVING cutting grass. 5 years ago  
It's a fictional story, the dust storm doesn't even have to be all that important. A is exactly the same thing just the direction is different. Mowing may not be the only reason they are cutting. Exactly, a fictional story in which anything can happen, the only thing I have told you is that at some point the options will happen. They may or may not be major points in the story, that is for you to decide. 5 years ago  
a "dust storm" sounds a "bit overdone", really? 5 years ago +3
there is no both. 5 years ago +1
or pants. 5 years ago  
It is not really necessary. You can go through life without one. 5 years ago  
Its not, I voted for the winner. 5 years ago  
It is a shame that I would try to force the relationship solely because we have a child, but the break up of the parents really destroys everyone involved. Both the parents lose half of their belongings, they have to go through custody battles (in court or out), and the child basically ends up having to flat out say which parent they like better. Which more often than not ends up being the one with custody. 5 years ago +1
yes, but I just voted for the winner. 5 years ago  
If I am going to do something weird, it might as well be with another living thing. 5 years ago  
Setting up an account is not that much of a hassle. Compared to barely being able to use the site, setting up an account is nothing. 5 years ago  
The absolute best is when you get drunk or forget you ordered something and end up sending surprise gifts to yourself. But, seriously I love it it's like getting birthday or Christmas gift on any random day. 5 years ago +1
The President is a man, not a messiah. He can not possibly be expected to know every single thing that happens in this country every minute of every day. That is what the representatives in each state are for. 5 years ago  
earphones for when I go out, headphones for indoor listening. 5 years ago +1
Putting C.O.D. up against anything that is not another game from the franchise is just an easy victory for C.O.D. 5 years ago +1
Not a problem for me. Yeah, but so is the case with a lot of t.v. shows. Plot twists are good. At least we can agree on that. 5 years ago  
I didn't actually think the first season was that terrible. 5 years ago  
I would rather have a person as president so as not to destroy all credibility of the office. 5 years ago  
Suppose I do not celebrate Christmas, I could just celebrate Kwanzaa and still get presents. 5 years ago  
i was thinking that too, but it doesn't have to be the same to be good. 5 years ago  
Surprised to see the GameCube actually come out on top on this one, relieved, but surprised. I like the Super Nintendo just fine, but I got tired of seeing it destroy whatever it went up against. 5 years ago +1
Youngest player in NBA history to reach 30,000 points, that HAS to count for something. 5 years ago  
King Kong does not have the limitations of man to hold him back. 5 years ago  
The Flash's super power is speed. The answer was too obvious. 5 years ago +1
I will have both. Just chose PS3 because it has been made clear the Xbox 360 will win everyone of these votes. 5 years ago  
I am only on my 2nd one so, it is not that difficult. 5 years ago  
The awkward moment when I saw a foot rest first. 5 years ago +4
I don't need my classmates in my business. 5 years ago +1
being that this is rrrather option 'a' was too obvious for me. 5 years ago  
That would be such a trivial thing to be offended by. They are not calling anyone, except the players for said team, the name. It is not directed at anyone. Only people who look for things to get offended by would be offended by them. 5 years ago +1
I chose Lupi simply because I know Kimberly and want the opportunity to know Lupi too. 5 years ago  
Knew Sega Gensis would be defeated, such an underrated gem. 5 years ago +1
No your personal experiences are irrelevant. Because the question also refers to the fact that the story would be entirely fictional which suggests that you can't experience either "on a whim". 5 years ago  
Irrelevant. Your personal experiences have nothing to do with which one would make a good story, is the point that stays the same. 5 years ago  
But the point is the same. 5 years ago  
I can't believe you didn't like Chase. 5 years ago  
because they can be 5 years ago  
that is very grim news. 5 years ago  
25 trolls? 5 years ago  
right now it is 25 vs. 398 5 years ago  
I agree both are good quotes, I just think 'A' is overused. 5 years ago +1
who ever made this you hate them? That's kind of a harsh, I think this was a valid question. 5 years ago  
Being a fan of Naruto, I want to give Bleach a chance. 5 years ago  
Being that I like all movies, I can honestly say I am looking forward to this one. Also, my friend recommends it so two positive reviews is enough for me. 5 years ago  
Like both, went for Thor because these two have fought before. 5 years ago  
no. 5 years ago  
yes. 5 years ago  
unfortunate. 5 years ago  
No, it really wasn't actually. 5 years ago  
yeah obviously..... 5 years ago  
not going to tell you, you have to use your imagination. 5 years ago  
what do YOU mean? 5 years ago  
what do you mean? 5 years ago  
thats the point... 5 years ago  
Not a problem, I just forget that not everyone answers every question. 5 years ago  
He died last month, but okay fair enough. 5 years ago  
why not? 5 years ago  
so are you going to vote for him? 5 years ago  
I am really surprised, I thought rrrather really liked Vanna. I guess jbradley is more random which is what I would look for in a roommate. 5 years ago  
Yeah you could say that. 5 years ago  
I too, will accept your challenge. 5 years ago  
I used them already, but as it turns out The Simpsons has a lot of different bands to choose from. 5 years ago +1
I didnt calm down. I said relax, just seemed like you were getting a little bothered and that wasnt the reason I replied to you. 5 years ago  
Okay man relax, I guess hypocritical maybe is not the right word. All I am saying is you were a baby once, you can not hate something when you yourself did the exact same thing at one point. 5 years ago  
Seems kind of hypocritical. 5 years ago  
you were a baby once. 5 years ago  
I don't think there's really anything to debate. On all of these questions if I vote with the minority I was outvoted plain and simple, majority vote wins. 5 years ago  
why not? 5 years ago  
I could use that. 5 years ago  
It doesn't say the spider does anything but crawl on my face, as long as I don't swallow it I see no problem. 5 years ago +3
I am already trying to be good at writing, so knowing I am would be kind of helpful. 5 years ago  
Sports are just another form of entertainment that give us something to cheer for, why would I ignore something that I can get excited about, doesn't make any type of sense. 5 years ago  
Cheese is overrated, give me meat any day. 5 years ago  
I find nothing wrong with the year questions. 5 years ago +1
I could make something that would equal super strength. 5 years ago  
If I know I can take all the measures necessary to put my life in order, if I leave it unknown I could be planning the biggest thing in my life and then *boop* dead. 5 years ago +2
Im going to use a lot of characters. I chose Phil first because he and Lil were too similar, I think a spin-off could highlight his differences. 5 years ago +1
My only disagreement with standardize tests is the timing, I do not feel timed tests are an accurate way to test ones intelligence. 5 years ago +1
I actually want as many kids as possible. 5 years ago  
I really like both of them, but Fire Lord Ozai is continuing a legacy going back generations in his family, he fights with honor. 5 years ago  
I think it would be a close fight, but I do not think we ever see Rambo with any form of protection at all, at least Punisher has that metal plate. 5 years ago +1
There's just far too much good in A for me. 5 years ago  
Students hardly take school seriously. There is no way they would remember anything taught and there is no way to avoid biased instruction. 5 years ago +1
They made one movie about it. Regardless of the outcome one of them could win 9 times out of 10, how do we know the movie was not that one other time. 5 years ago +1
I do his door thing every time I open a door, he's a great character. 5 years ago  
Knew bulldog would lose, had to give it my support. 5 years ago +1
Awkward I actually thought the majority would choose Gandalf, only reason I voted Aragorn. 5 years ago +2
Like both, but I hear too many people choosing Xbox over PlayStation. 5 years ago +1
I like both, food is food. But, it was obvious Wendy's was going to lose. 5 years ago  
What exactly is it about a snake that would defeat a spider because the way I see it a spider has everything a snake has. 5 years ago  
If Tony Stark knew he had a fight with Hulk coming up I think he would just build something to beat him. Hulk, I like him, but he just attacks without thinking. 5 years ago +1
absolutely the best insult I have ever seen. 5 years ago +1
Yeah but ignorance isnt as bad as intolerance, without intolerance, ignorance wont lead to anything, there will just be stupid people. 5 years ago +1
Winning every single immunity challenge is not easy. Many people have socially masterminded the game so that's nothing new. 5 years ago +2
What's so bad about it? 5 years ago  
Really doesnt matter. 5 years ago  
I seriously support All That, but I think You Can't Do That On Television is underrated. 5 years ago +1
Food is food. Do I go into Olive Garden and ask them if they are for or against homosexuals before I sit down and eat? NNNNNo. 5 years ago  
A Bug's Life is the definition of underrated. 5 years ago  
A game system is a game system, I look forward to all new gaming. 5 years ago  
I dont need other people to tell me which games to buy. 5 years ago +2
Nicolas Cage is seriously underrated. 5 years ago  
Too obvious. 5 years ago +1
I dont have a most hated character so yeah. 5 years ago  
I'm pretty sure there are more people out there with college degrees than there are pro athletes. 5 years ago  
Does anyone who answered this even know where "Where's Perry" is from? 5 years ago  
When people get to 18 and up they just start to hate everything. 5 years ago  
Even if this question has been asked before who cares? 5 years ago +1
Nnnno, Jimmy Neutron or Bruce Willis like the question says. 5 years ago  
Liu Kang{Mortal Kombat} vs. Ryu{Street Fighter} 5 years ago  
I like attention, does not necessarily mean I need or want it. 5 years ago  
interesting choice, ill consider him for a future question. 5 years ago +1
I didnt think anyone knew I even left. 5 years ago  
i STILL adore both. 5 years ago  
i know, im saying if I HAD to i would choose Texas. 5 years ago +1
hell im 18 and i like it. 5 years ago +1
I liked the ending too, but 3 seasons just seems a bit too short for me. 5 years ago  
i really liked the concept, then again im not really as picky as your average tv viewer. You should give it another shot. 6 years ago +1
really why not? 6 years ago hunting rabbits 6 years ago  
....i am small 6 years ago  
i think theyd make an interesting team 6 years ago  
not true 6 years ago +2
why not? 6 years ago  
!!! 6 years ago  
i see what you did there 6 years ago +1
yes i disagree about Scrubs ending when it should have and not liking King of Queens 6 years ago  
they are both from the movie dodgeball 6 years ago  
i disagree, but i respect your opinion. 6 years ago  
apparently a blank tv screen 6 years ago  
too true, but i think both are 6 years ago  
i actually liked both of them throughout their respective runs 6 years ago  
what are you talking about ? Him living with courage has nothing to do with whether or not he should get his own show. 6 years ago +1
okay first you are quite LITERALLY the only one who has this much of a problem with it. second, its clearly a question related to SpongeBoB(hence both the pics being.....of SpongeBoB) -_- 6 years ago  
go on with what? 6 years ago  
typical, TOO typical. 6 years ago  
no, just no. there's no inside joke stop looking for one. now do you get it? 6 years ago  
you could say Courage had a storyline, you would just have to look for it 6 years ago +1
no i said what do you do when............because nobody stays with their best friend 24/7 their best friend leaves at some point. theres no need for it to be hypothetical because it does happen......pretty frequently in fact. 6 years ago  
most questions on rrrather dont have the asker referring to themselves in the questions they ask. heres an obvious answer: why would i ask total strangers about an inside joke? what would i gain from that? 6 years ago  
also true 6 years ago +1
who doesnt? 6 years ago  
again what inside jokes? relax and realize what website you're on before replying. 6 years ago  
they both were mine 6 years ago  
@ the results right ? 6 years ago +2
so any question regarding history has to be about homework? get over yourself. 6 years ago +3
what premise? Relax and realize what website you're on before replying. 6 years ago  
!!! 6 years ago  
that fact that i said "YOU" about three times 6 years ago  
because i clearly wasnt referring to myself and my best friend 6 years ago  
you obviously had a good one 6 years ago  
it gets harder. 6 years ago  
im surprised its this one sided 6 years ago +1
i couldnt pick one over the other, they are all hilarious. 6 years ago  
no because she wasnt on Whose Line or Improv-a-ganza 6 years ago  
instead of getting super excited when they come back, you dont. 6 years ago  
not like i was actually talking about me and my best friend 6 years ago  
Whose Line Is It Anyway is a T.V. show that originated in the U.K. 6 years ago  
oh you took the question seriously, now it makes sense 6 years ago  
what? 6 years ago +3
couldnt agree more 6 years ago  
i literally couldnt be any clearly than what i said 6 years ago +2
thanks for clearing that up for us 6 years ago  
Pie? 6 years ago  
take it to someone who cares 6 years ago +3
in this case no it isnt 6 years ago  
that took a lot of thought didnt it ? 6 years ago +7
already been said 6 years ago  
dont tell me what i like 6 years ago +1
okay relax. 6 years ago +1
both did 6 years ago +6
which would be awesome because then older kids could get tips 6 years ago  
really ? watching tv with you sounds fun 6 years ago  
relax 6 years ago +2
patience good people 6 years ago  
why ? 6 years ago  
same, thats why i couldnt decide 6 years ago  
how respectful 6 years ago +1
okay one "ever" would have done just fine thank you 6 years ago +1
If we found out there was an easy way to stop hunger a lot of people would be super pissed they had to go with out food when they did not need too. If we find out theres an easier way to stop racism nobody would really be pissed because no one is really suffering from it. 6 years ago  
your name must not be Eugene Krabs then....... 6 years ago  
you can have very very weird creepy sex with your money too.... 6 years ago  
same goes for the money. maybe you find the money, but are immediately shot and robbed for it.... 6 years ago  
shoot still is 6 years ago  
who says its a full moon ? 6 years ago +1
who am i to tell someone who or HOW to love 6 years ago +6
besides thats skate vs. rollerblade this is skate(and/or) rollerblade vs. ice skate 6 years ago  
i dont always drink beer, but when i do i prefer it be from Ireland 6 years ago +1
actually forts win wars 6 years ago  
yes handegg, thats exactly what it says. 6 years ago  
school doesnt start til i say so b*tch 6 years ago +5
We all live in a Pokemon World 6 years ago +1
One Direction really isnt that bad..... 6 years ago +2
neither was Flatts...... 6 years ago +3
war ! what is it good for ? 6 years ago  
well i think he is a good president, but i do not believe he is cleaning up the mess Bush left behind, not that there was really much to clean up. 6 years ago +1
lol whats wrong with it ? 6 years ago  
Anything but the Bee-Gees - too much Bee-Gees. 6 years ago +1
you silly rabbit...... 6 years ago +4
JFK was the president of the United States who didnt get to finish his term. MLK may have died before his time, but he accomplished what he set out to do. 6 years ago +1
bye Mr. Narwhal, bye Buddy hope you find your dad. 'nuff said. 6 years ago  
since i can tell the difference between butter and i cant believe its not butter...its obviously not. 6 years ago +4
she looks like shes watching the news, ill pass. 6 years ago +4
well i have every episode of Hee-Haw on tape so....... 6 years ago  
sounds like this is a battle for DEADLIEST WARRIOR to handle. 6 years ago  
damn voters got it wrong. btw " sophias mom " has a name - Carol. T-Dog dies SAVING Carol, how ironic for this question lol. 6 years ago +2
did he take his order anyway ? 6 years ago  
i would only jump off a bridge if my friends were too 6 years ago +2
lol YES somebody who understands why i asked this. 6 years ago  
every state is important in some way so neither, but if i had to..... 6 years ago +2
he also never said i dont have BOTH a gun and a sword 6 years ago  
your point being ? 6 years ago  
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