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Hey guys! I am ZombieWalker523

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    You would go to hell if you killed someone 11 months ago  
    A’s pic is creepy af 11 months ago  
    Same thing 11 months ago  
    So ur saying: Would you rather get hit by a train or get hit by a train? 11 months ago  
    The person who made this is racist 11 months ago +1
    Hahah ur a legend 11 months ago  
    Dart Vader 11 months ago  
    At least i’m still with my partner! If she was raped, then that means she didn’t okay it. 11 months ago  
    I’ll sleep with Aphrodite. I bet she’s good in bed 11 months ago  
    So...die or live 11 months ago  
    Ummm. How bout none 11 months ago  
    Nope...still a boy 11 months ago  
    I already have 11 months ago  
    So she’ll only love you for a day? ROASTED 11 months ago  
    TACO TUESDAY 11 months ago  
    #PercyJacksonForLife 11 months ago  
    Big deal. No one says I have to go out in public! 11 months ago  
    Neither oh god 11 months ago  
    Never heard of any of these. I pick Eminem 11 months ago  
    Almost every YouTube is fake these days 11 months ago  
    How can ANYONE flipping HATE CARMEL? 11 months ago  
    Nooo...I’m a boyyyy 11 months ago  
    Ready player one btw I’m about to go see infinity war! Like if ur excited! 11 months ago  
    Am I the only one that just saw the Emma Watson pic and immediately clicked on it. 11 months ago  
    Mirror hall looks like photo 11 months ago  
    Yay! I'm 12! Gonna be a teen in a year tho 11 months ago  
    I now understand why everyone HATES iloveovefreedom so much! 11 months ago +1
    Dad: What's wrong with my kid? Doctor: Oh! He only has cancer! Dad: ONLY HAS CANCER!? THIS IS SERIOUS! Docter: Barley! All he has to do is take some hand sanitizer! It'll kill the cancer! Dad: Wow! Who invented this idea? Doctor: manw! The cure for cancer discovered - 2018 11 months ago +1
    BOTH. 11 months ago +1
    I would give him SOME of the cash! What's a couple thousand when you have $500,000? 11 months ago  
    The ppl that let the dog die are retards. I would be HONORED to save a dogs life! Man's best friend right? Let's treat them as such then! 11 months ago  
    Sssniperwolf or LaurenzSide 11 months ago  
    lol ok I suck at mountain climbing so I would die earlier 1 year ago +1
    If u cut ur eyelids off with scissors, it doesn’t look like THAT like if u agree 1 year ago  

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