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hey :3 I love food anime and.. Uh.. I hate school though

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Which photo is cuter? This puppy :3 or This kitty :3 4 years ago 107 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a pet Nyan Cat or Pusheen 4 years ago 102 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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Love aot :) 4 years ago  
I would probably eat all the popcorn I was supposed to string.. 4 years ago +1
I mean I don't think she's crap and all, I just don't prefer her.. 4 years ago  
Tehehhehehe 4 years ago  
Eyeless jack :3 4 years ago  
A 2 slices of pizza, very English, much logic 4 years ago +2
Kill myself. 4 years ago  
I play the viola in my schools Orchestra (a.k.a a strings class), and all the violins have all these cool parts so 4 years ago  
I LOVED THIS SH OW 4 years ago  
XD home alone 4 years ago  
Near sighted :L 4 years ago  
RIP Neo :( 4 years ago +1
black Butler all of them ;3 4 years ago  
to late...? 4 years ago  
Neither lol XD 4 years ago  
The power of the toe gap :D 4 years ago  
same I would go to Japan as well :3 4 years ago  
July 3rd 4 years ago  
C H O O S E XD 4 years ago  
MOON GRAVITY :D 4 years ago  
Belgium waffles and home made waffles. Not eggo waffles.. 4 years ago  
A lot of people choose walking dead because I bet they haven't even heard of corpse party. We'll corpse party is An RPG horror game with an anime art style. Many people are in the fandom including myself. Basically the story behind corpse party is a group of teens and a teacher were cleaning up their red bean cafe stuff. One of the students Mayu Suzumoto was having her last day at the school. So another student Ayumi Shinozaki suggested they do a charm. You see the charm was if they did it correct then they would be friends forever. But the website that Ayumi got the charm from was ran by a blogger Naho Saenoki. Anyway Naho put the directions wrong in how to preform the charm (charms name was Sachiko Ever After). They group of 9 all ended up doing the charm correctly due to the website. But because the directions to do the charm were wrong on the website of course they did it wrong. So they get sucked into a school out of existence called Heavenly host and- ok you know what just search the damn game up XD 4 years ago +2
I get sea sick like.. Very easy. So I gotta choose this XD 4 years ago  
Headshot 4 years ago  
Very first game I played :^) 4 years ago  
Anime music videos.. 4 years ago  
Do you people know how many time my phone goes off in class? 4 years ago +1
Food, drinks, internet 4 years ago  
At least I'm not the one getting barfed on ;3 4 years ago  
Rather watch the walking dead but... 4 years ago  
Shrek is love shrek is life :^) 4 years ago  
A desk :D I'm at school rn so.. 4 years ago  
what is MySpace? Seriously I don't think any have used it in like a century xD 4 years ago  
Whooooo whoop whoop :D 4 years ago  
Hey baby are you a Pokemon? Because I wanna peek at chu. What 4 years ago  
Tripping af 4 years ago  
Nui is more insane but I like Yuno more 4 years ago  
Tokyo 4 years ago  
Yuno-sama ❤️ 4 years ago  
Peanut butter yelly time xD 4 years ago  
Don't stop believing, hold on to your feelings :D 4 years ago  
Bullies, to much work, to hard work, and yeah 4 years ago  
If I played GTA 5 there would be a less chance of me losing my mind 4 years ago  
My brother cried during that part 4 years ago  
I got distracted by L my bby 4 years ago  
Kill myself 4 years ago  
Kick that damn tricycle and run away 4 years ago +2
Nghhhh fall out boy is. Oh wait that's not an option.. Oh well 4 years ago  
I mean.. I am.. God kill it with fire 4 years ago  
I couldn't chose and my dog just did that to me so 4 years ago +1
whoops wrong one xD but some of the shows scared me when I was younger but I still like them 4 years ago  
I'm in Arizona and I don't live in Scottsdale so I'm good :3 4 years ago  
Well when you get braces you kind of gotta brush your teeth after every meal but :p 4 years ago  
Happy ;3 4 years ago  
Being the third wheel sucks a** 4 years ago  
I just saw a cat 4 years ago +1
Where my cookies at? 4 years ago +1
F ants :l 4 years ago  
A lot of shows I watch are still kids shows and I watch them for like 5 hours xD 4 years ago  
Smoke weed everyday, we'll I'd rather not do drugs but >;) 4 years ago  
I gave money to one of Markipliers old charity live streams :p, also church 4 years ago  
Whooop 4 years ago +1
TheDeadOtaku ;p 4 years ago  
Whoops wrong one, we'll these are all my friends anyway.. 4 years ago  
Everyday 4 years ago +1
I would rather live with the pillow then die.. But how well 4 years ago  
;) 4 years ago  
Derp :3 4 years ago  
Wear some gloves 4 years ago  
R.I.P robin williams 4 years ago  
Perfectly normal tbh :3 4 years ago  
Eyes are so kawaii!!1!!! 4 years ago  
I am blonde -_- well I have dirty blonde hair but still. Not funny :l 4 years ago  
I have braces so I can't do it now :P 4 years ago  
Done it once I can do it twice 4 years ago  
I play the viola, piano, and drums :) 4 years ago  
I love Mac and cheese >_ 4 years ago  
Tbh I love them both but I've been watch Dan longer 4 years ago  
Let it snow let it snow let it snow 4 years ago  
Haven't seen St.Vincent lol 4 years ago  
Perfume. 4 years ago  
I f*cking love anime 4 years ago  
Blue, but purple is my second fav 4 years ago  
If I had this bed I would die ❤️ 4 years ago  
I like them both a lot.. But I just started watching Cry and I've just been watching Poods longer so.. 4 years ago  
I don't have the heart to do either 4 years ago  
Nothing pisses me off more then a bad/no connection 4 years ago  
I have an a** load of it 4 years ago  
1D sucks tbh 4 years ago  
Not YET c; 4 years ago  
I like the cool ranch ones 4 years ago  
Yeeah 4 years ago  
Couldn't chose because love them both, but I had sushi last night so.. 4 years ago  
Yeah 4 years ago  
Hell yeah 4 years ago  
360 no scope bruh 4 years ago  
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