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    Uh...the world honestly sucks  
    I got the moo-oooooves like Jagger!  
    And get rejected  
    The other picture seems weird  
    The trees would strike us back for cutting then down soo  
    Uh..and the police don't find out?  
    With a parachute?  
    Take half then Run!  
    We shall have a pillow fight  
    I vote for Obama  
    Gummy worms  
    I really would rather not get salmonella.  
    Is a ps4 a toy?  
    A clean unused bathtub?  
    A razor with a protective cover!  
    After disinfecting?  
    I now know I should have chosen the other option  
    I'm an only child so...boom  
    Mental institutions are not like some of you might think.-_-  
    A rainbow fart  
    Better be a baby trained shark with no teeth +1
    Never said how big of holes  
    Your not you when your hungry  
    With stlilts?  
    Boom, the end.  
    Your not you when your hungry.  
    Splat, simple as that.  
    Over 2 years?  
    At least I wouldn't be suffocated by fat cells. +1
    Seems normal for a guy like me  
    Well the world is already pretty much hell anyway  
    That borrows from me? That borrows and doesn't repay?  
    Neither, Obama would.  
    The hunchback is a cool dude though  
    It scares  
    Well'p, already accomplished.(almost)  
    Uh...circumcision? +3
    Surrender then be taken in for stealing nothing whatsoever  
    This is a very religious question.  
    At least you can use their bones (after you murder them) as weapons  
    Run out of oxygen 5 feet underwater? +1
    Remember me for centuries!  
    I would murder that grolar bear so fadt  
    Why would you want to sleep if you didn't have to?  
    Good old days  
    Happens anyways  
    I love pets too much.  
    this isn't technology , but okay.  
    Would buy these then sell and get something that actually has good sound quality, probably will cost less too.  
    Guitar hero isn't even that good  
    Even just a day guys? Your mostly all wanting to just surf the Internet?!  
    No question about it  
    The bullet may pierce farther and get a bullet lodged in there, while the sword may be eaisier to surgically fix (Unless it's a huge sword and a deep stab)  
    Tetris can get quite boring after time  
    The other option seems very unknown and too advanced.  
    Have you seen how much Google workers get paid?!  
    Times new roman is the standard and probably most professionally used.  
    Yahoo is like never even used  
    Really depends on what your using. I'm just overall better suited with controllers,  
    Is this even a question? I really wonder who even uses blackberrys  
    Seems like me anyways  
    Homeless shelter? Anyone?  
    I'm already deaf in one ear so this doesn't matter to me  
    Would receive then donate half to charity's  
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