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For Christ. For Confederacy. For Luisiana. White Power! White Power! White Power!

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    Talcum Powder going through numerous gender changes that proove to be too much for his frail weeb body 1 year ago +7
    Emperor Palpatine 1 year ago +1
    Duh 1 year ago  
    1- Krakish....2:Talcum 1 year ago  
    Being stronger also makes you faster, so i guess you would be more like 15 times faster 1 year ago  
    Very good question 1 year ago +1
    And the nazi army that i will bring 1 year ago +1
    No pinch, no stink, no sweat 1 year ago  
    Duluth buck naked underwear. Tougher than an angry beavers brood 1 year ago  
    *palpatine themesong* 1 year ago  
    Vladmir Putin 1 year ago  
    Yes But obj is a wide reciever, so he’s expecting it, and the pass would be more accurate, woodson is a corner. Plus, you havent even seen the catch i’m talking about so you wouldnt be able to judge it. And i’m on heroine btw 1 year ago  
    Easy 1 year ago  
    Less social 1 year ago +1
    Andruc: Penes 1 year ago +1
    You had me at “rape” 1 year ago +3
    Duh 1 year ago  
    Jar jar 1 year ago  
    Both are autistic 1 year ago  
    The cool-aid man 1 year ago +1
    Who fu€king cares what animal it is, they’re all the same 1 year ago  
    That guinea pig looks derpy as fu€k 1 year ago +1
    Male superiority 1 year ago  
    Both are Gold 1 year ago  
    Not b 1 year ago  
    Strength in Numbers 1 year ago +5
    Rape 1 year ago  
    DK GARAGE 1 year ago +2
    American Jedi 1 year ago +1
    Ban Talcum Powder’s account 1 year ago +2
    More money means i dont have to use as much time making money 1 year ago +1
    Chica 1 year ago  
    You have autism if you dont get A 1 year ago +1
    Is it gonna br a normal field trip? With the Frizz? No way! CRUISIN RIGHT DOWN MAINSTREET 1 year ago +2
    No 100% for you 1 year ago  
    Hate Hamilton 1 year ago  
    Funniest show currently 1 year ago +1
    I love crackers 1 year ago  
    Heil 1 year ago +1
    Why is this homepaged? 1 year ago  
    These questions are good, but dumb 1 year ago  
    I would happily welcome any president weather i hate them or not 1 year ago  
    Love SoE 1 year ago  
    Good evening forst years, and welcome to Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry 1 year ago  
    Lmao, the guest doesnt get it 1 year ago +1
    Dank 1 year ago +1
    Umm....Bowser.....duh? 1 year ago  
    Always Verruct 1 year ago  
    Just for the meme 1 year ago  
    Both classic 1 year ago  
    Dank 1 year ago  
    Love both 1 year ago  
    Its a win-win 1 year ago  
    Usmac 1 year ago  
    Its a win-win 1 year ago  
    Learn Grammar Andruc 1 year ago +1
    Less Weebish 1 year ago  
    The G.O.A.T. 1 year ago  
    Talcum Powder 1 year ago +1
    Vanoss gaming has the second most subscribers in all of Youtube. I say that's quite noteworthy. I love this series and hope you continue with it 1 year ago  
    I like seeing my wallpaper 1 year ago  
    No, please 1 year ago  
    Peanut butter + chocolate chips on a hotdog 1 year ago  
    C: Blow job 1 year ago +2
    How is being a guest weebish? 1 year ago  
    I think i'd rather live in Seria than have Talcum as President 1 year ago +1
    Umm, Zeus? 1 year ago  
    Saw 2 1 year ago  
    Sorry Scooter 1 year ago  
    Love Alex Jones 1 year ago +1
    Packers 1 year ago  
    Thanos 1 year ago  
    6'9 1 year ago  
    This series is ass 1 year ago  
    So close 1 year ago  
    Its a win-win 1 year ago  
    Ur a f***in lesbian f*** 1 year ago  
    Vote for Pedro 1 year ago  
    Nobody out-pizzas the hut 1 year ago  
    SAW!SAW!SAW! 1 year ago +1
    Think of Christianity 1 year ago  
    Buffalo sauce should be 1 1 year ago  
    It cums at night 1 year ago +2
    Dank weed my doods 2 years ago +1
    *slurp slurp* 2 years ago  
    Not all 30 year olds look like this though 2 years ago  
    Windex 2 years ago +2
    Star Wars 7 was complete trash. Rogue one was absolutely amazing 2 years ago +1
    I prefer Windex 2 years ago +1
    Mark Hamil 2 years ago  
    Life, Living, being alive, not being dead, shopping 2 years ago  
    I just like saying the word Equinox 2 years ago +1
    How is Abortion not bad? Your taking the life of a human baby 2 years ago +2
    It would work. The better question would be would it work or not 2 years ago  
    I thought it said Dankest Dungeon 2 years ago  
    Your taking a life of a human, I hope you guys know that 2 years ago +1
    Pour Windex down his throat 2 years ago  
    Canada has the uranium, trump has the keys to the nukes. Perfect sinario 2 years ago +1
    Drink Windex 2 years ago  
    Windex 2 years ago  
    You know, I don't really like Hitler jokes, I do nazi them coming Ann Frankly oppose them 2 years ago +1
    Easy 100%~0% 2 years ago  
    How about more I can have both....and some down my throat 2 years ago  
    No, God is a God 2 years ago  
    DART VATAR 2 years ago +1
    KNEEL 2 years ago  
    WAH 2 years ago  
    You do not want to be on putin's bad side 2 years ago  
    I love myself some syrup 2 years ago  
    They are both the same 2 years ago  
    Not drinking Windex 2 years ago +1
    Guest from Ontario, They are both fluffy what are you talking about? 2 years ago  
    Michigan 2 years ago  
    I won't sleep. Just play BLack ops 2 zombies all night 2 years ago +6
    X box if you agree 2 years ago +4
    Die Clarence get cancer. (That was a joke by the way) 2 years ago  
    Merica 2 years ago  
    Nobody could REALLY look like a smurf....right? 2 years ago  
    It's convenient because I have no fears 2 years ago  
    Anime is taking over rrrather GET OUT 2 years ago  
    I don't know how people can like ghost busters 2 years ago  
    Jojo 2 years ago  
    Just because of the memes 2 years ago  
    Wow, that many people below 6 hours? That can't be healthy 2 years ago  
    Bull Frick 2 years ago  
    Because Jesus is DEFINETLY a Pokémon right? 2 years ago +1
    Peggle is love I say. Peggle is life 2 years ago  
    The 4th and 5th most populated countries in the world 2 years ago  
    The dreams I have are to cringey to rewatch 2 years ago  
    THE BEE MOVIE 2 years ago  
    Only the Dankest of memes 2 years ago  
    The national animal of Poland is the white tailed eagle 2 years ago  
    I hate Hamilton so much 2 years ago  
    Syrup and Ribeye 2 years ago +1
    I've pet a camel before 2 years ago  
    Die 2 years ago  
    YOU DONT SAY 2 years ago  
    I can just see it. Me and Windex. 2 years ago  
    That moment when santa falls down your chimney, pulls out a hologram and says "Execute order 66" 2 years ago  
    He looks more dank 2 years ago  
    rrrather is infested with anime....ugh 2 years ago +1
    That actor is dank 2 years ago 2 years ago  
    Hehehe... 2 years ago  
    The pictures of these are totally biased 2 years ago  
    Mindless Pie....definetly the fan base 2 years ago  
    I would still feel like I'm dying in the inside 2 years ago  
    *Slurp Slurp* 2 years ago  
    If you say "Rise up lights" it sounds vaguely like "Razer blades" 2 years ago  
    I would slaughter him. I would slaughter them all. 2 years ago  
    Not killing myself 2 years ago +3
    Drinking Windex 2 years ago +1
    I prefer death 2 years ago  
    What do you call a super hero who leaves church early every Sunday? CHRISTIAN BALE 2 years ago +1
    Merica 2 years ago +1
    Only the Dankest of memes 2 years ago +1
    Just because it has the word "Rogue" in it and I can't wait to see Star Wars Rogue One 2 years ago +1
    Got food poisoning from pulled pork once. Gag every time I smell it 2 years ago  
    The most recognized Nintendo villain of all time pretty much 2 years ago  
    So being lazy, or another Hitler. Close. 2 years ago  
    More feminine 2 years ago  
    KYS 2 years ago  
    Pot stickers are disgusting 2 years ago  
    Rhymes with meme 2 years ago  
    CUHNAYDEEAH 2 years ago  
    YES. YES. LET THEM ALL DIE 2 years ago  
    Probably give em his money back for the ticket but that's all 2 years ago  
    Fantastic beasts looks gay 2 years ago  
    A quick death 2 years ago +1
    Yummy Yummy Yummy I got Windex in my tummy 2 years ago +1
    I want to slaughter anyone who is on, or works at Buzzfeed. 2 years ago  
    Well then 2 years ago  
    usmanc, it's not your favorite, it's what is more classic. Which is by far PAC man 2 years ago  
    More loyal 2 years ago +1
    I would slaughter my boss. I would slaughter them all 2 years ago  
    Somewhere in the middle 2 years ago +1
    My dood rocky 2 years ago  
    Heil 2 years ago  
    Death 2 years ago +1
    Wat 2 years ago  
    Just because my boy Sandler is in it 2 years ago 2 years ago  
    What? 2 years ago  
    Dat serious description doe 2 years ago +1
    My vote made it 69 percent..........hehehehe 2 years ago +1
    Sacrifice HAVING a family, or sacrifice YOUR family 2 years ago  
    Good question, now we need Obama or Hillary 2 years ago  
    It looked like "Death" at first glance, so I emmidiatly clicked it 2 years ago  
    Why was markiplier the picture in the "famous celebrity" pic? 2 years ago  
    That face doe 2 years ago  
    Science my doods 2 years ago +1
    Toast for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, burger for dinner. Less than $10 2 years ago  
    *HEADSHOT* 2 years ago  
    Less Australian 2 years ago +1
    THAT PICTURE THOUGH 2 years ago  
    I'm not gay, but 100,000 dollars is 100,000 dollars 2 years ago +4
    Any one see the purge? Do you REALLY want that to happen people? 2 years ago  
    How would that be awkward? 2 years ago  
    Are you kidding me? This is going to be one of those questions where it's gonna end up in the "biggest difference in votes" catagory 2 years ago  
    Why do unicorns poop rainbows when they fly? 2 years ago  
    MLG BAMBI 2 years ago +1
    He has the most Super Bowl wins and appearances of any QB in history. How hard can 1 more be? 2 years ago  
    Isn't this just a wolly mammoth? 2 years ago  
    Not even close 2 years ago +1
    Just the thought of having sloth as a roommate makes me shudder 2 years ago  
    Perfect relationship? That's enough for me 2 years ago  
    Muh boy wolf in smash bros brawl my doods 2 years ago  
    Batman. Hehehe 2 years ago  
    You would emmediatly die if you were in the center of a tornado 2 years ago  
    Death. 2 years ago  
    MATTY B 2 years ago  
    The celebration of Christmas is because of jesus's birth. His birth wasn't even close to be winter 2 years ago +1
    I'm watching you wizowski. Aaaaaalways waaaatching 2 years ago  
    Russia would crush U.K. Military is so much more powerful 2 years ago  
    How about a remake of Star Wars prequels? 2 years ago +1
    Sleep. Sleep rhymes with sheep. And you count sheep in your sleep. Illuminatti confirmed. 2 years ago  
    Classic 2 years ago  
    Wat 2 years ago  
    How is this even close to 50/50? 2 years ago  
    Moana looks like death 2 years ago  
    Death 2 years ago  
    SANIC 2 years ago  
    Sweatshirt by Jacob Sartorious 2 years ago  
    God's chosen country 2 years ago  
    That Rey's parents in Star Wars are Darth Maul and Princess Leia 2 years ago  
    Just because they were barely any good and water to go around in the union. Also almost everyone just died in disease 2 years ago +1
    Competitive chess. 2 years ago  
    Looks like jigglypuff more 2 years ago  
    He is our president elect. Don't know why everyone is freakin out about him bein pres. 2 years ago +1
    Already does...hehehe 2 years ago  
    No matter how fast I run, I cannot run away from the pain. 2 years ago  
    We are number 1 2 years ago +1
    A Population Density map of the West Indies 2 years ago  
    Well put 2 years ago  
    Popcorn is nasty 2 years ago  
    Close. But the MLG lazy towns just can't be beat 2 years ago  
    Cancer. Pure Cancer. 2 years ago +6
    If you guys have seen the movie Reign of Fire, you would not want dragons in the world 2 years ago  
    Death 2 years ago  
    Mark Hamil is better than Heath Ledger 2 years ago  
    Has the work Beer in it 2 years ago +1
    The president IS a celebrity. Idiots. 2 years ago +1
    Slaughter everyone at the restaurant. INCLUDING MY DATE 2 years ago +1
    I slaughter him. I slaughter them all. 2 years ago  
    Sometimes I drop my hammer and it falls on a battery which then brakes it in half and squirts a whole bunch of acid 2 years ago  
    I like long walks on the beach 2 years ago +1
    Tom579 what could you do with reading minds besides crime and being perverted? 2 years ago +1
    Latin. Because nobody in the world speaks fluent Latin 2 years ago +1
    Charles Woodson leaped almost 4 feet of the ground a couple inches away from the sideline, 1 hand catches it. That's probably the best catch I've seen 2 years ago  
    You spelled Alderaan wrong 2 years ago  
    MUCH more enjoyable to look at. 2 years ago +4
    TROLLL 2 years ago  
    Cool 3 years ago  
    CANCER 3 years ago  
    Racist... 3 years ago  
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