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I love llamas so that's why my profile pic is a llama plus i AM craycray!!!!!!

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Would you rather Meet the Pentatonix or Meet Jimmy Fallon 2 years ago 40 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather become a famous scientist or become a famous inventor 2 years ago 138 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a pet llama or have a pet otter 2 years ago 219 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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Will you people vote plzzzzzzzz 2 years ago +1
Tell your left hand to leave you alone and tell him that you don't love him anymore! Be with your right hand!!! 2 years ago  
So true!!!!! 2 years ago  
SAME!!! 2 years ago  
I 2 years ago  
What is wrong with you?! 2 years ago  
Tanks for all your feedback guys!!! 2 years ago +1
I love football! TOUCHDOWN 2 years ago  
I lve football 2 years ago  
snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
idk 2 years ago  
It seems fun 2 years ago  
i made this 2 years ago  
i hate u 2 years ago  
God rules so I couldn't rule 2 years ago  
i want to see if i am still alive 2 years ago  
whatever 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
I wouldn't know if I was already dead 2 years ago  
me anyways 2 years ago  
I have a friend thats a jew 2 years ago  
if u picked lightsaber i hate u 2 years ago  
it's sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!! 2 years ago  
boooooo 2 years ago  
lol 2 years ago  
I do this anyways 2 years ago  
i hate green 2 years ago  
i am a girl so neithier 2 years ago  
i am a girl so neither 2 years ago  
This is the only team i can pronounce 2 years ago  
I have already seen a whale. 2 years ago  
Find me at the beach 2 years ago  
I love color!!!! 2 years ago  
I do this anyways 2 years ago  
FREE MAYO!!!! 2 years ago  
I do this anyways 2 years ago  
MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
Same Vanderros 2 years ago  
i look like that anyways 2 years ago  
at least my insides will smell good 2 years ago  
justin beiber is sucks 2 years ago  
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh who r these people 2 years ago  
i need to get out of the house 2 years ago  
I don't want to know what people think about me 2 years ago  
I hate harry potter!!! 2 years ago  
hey slither Christianity has not ruined America thankyouverymuch!!! 2 years ago  
he is so funny in both movies 2 years ago  
SAME!! 2 years ago  
PEPSI IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
people are soo mean to people that don't have the same religion as them. 2 years ago +1
the people that picked money are just shallow 2 years ago  
if your famous you get alot of money anyways 2 years ago  
I say whatever is on my mind anyways 2 years ago  
i am not smart at all 2 years ago  
I am a cristan so yeah 2 years ago  
Reading is soooooooooooooooooo boring!!!! 2 years ago  
God said i was a girl so that's how i'm gonna stay!! 2 years ago  
I love camping sooooooooooooo much!! 2 years ago  
I love starbucks!!! 2 years ago  
I on't even have a cell phone it's not that bad 2 years ago  

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