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    Wow. That comment was from me before I got an account. And 6 months later I get 122 likes!  
    Sleep in a bed of GUMMY worms  
    Dogs can get worms....  
    Tell this person to do both  
    I'm a girl  
    Gummy worms mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm  
    Pluck off the hair  
    They'll beat the crap out of me no matter what. When it comes to the fúck finger, my parents turn into immediate assholes  
    Never said u couldn't rinse it off  
    I bite my nails already...  
    Didn't say you couldn't take one bite  
    I already lick sweat off my body  
    I already have bad breath @$$ hole  
    If the underwear has money in it I'm game!  
    Kill the person who made this question  
    Didn't say you couldnt eat AROUND the worms  
    I don't have a dick!  
    I don't have a penis trolololololo  
    I don't have a penis trololol  
    Didn't say it couldn't be an odorless fart  
    I'm a girl, I don't have body hair  
    It would be like a sweet treat to get girls pregnant  
    What the hell does that mean?  
    I'm a girl trololololol  
    Then a girl with a penis could get a guy with a vagina pregnant  
    Doesn't say how much pube or if it could be with something else within the sandwich  
    I could make a baby at 10 if possible. My parents don't do IT any more.  
    Yea buddy!!! Like if you are a girl!!!  
    I would like to put a pencil up one of the holes  
    Why??. I would wonder if a cup of daddy sperm would get you pregnant if you are a girl, but why???  
    If it tastes like chocolate pudding I'm ok  
    You can have an account no matter what age you are? And why are you offending me by commenting on my comments when I didn't even reply to YOUR comment that started a comment war? Huh. That's what I thought you bee-otch  
    Damn, have you SEEN Ihascupquake with an unmade up face???  
    I'm 10  
    I'm young, 10 yrs old, b*tches, yes I'm 10, I do this s*hit when parents aren't around to beat the crap out of you +1
    That's actually some cool hair  
    Names don't matter to me  
    Shut up plz. I'm only 10. :(  
    I love that little golden retriever puppy pic  
    So much fun...  
    Children would pop open a cold one, and eventually hurt themselves so bad when drunk, and die.  
    It's frustrating and demeaning to these children, and frankly, my school (I'm 10) wears uniforms. I hate it, personally. Like if you do too.  
    And now it's 131 peeps that soon out their sh*t  
    I'm right handed yay  
    My famous friend would make me famous  
    I would make the world I rule have no problems  
    Now that's fùcking offensive u little b*tch  
    Who r u calling turtle fùck, creep?  
    My grandma isn't annoying so haha  
    After I get my beautiful house with my ugly car, I would throw the f*cking car away and get a sick car  
    I'm already one of the smartest people in school....popularity would be cool  
    He piglet is soo cute.... Plus I could oink my bro to death, and use my leftovers as pig slop  
    Can't live without bacon....  
    Hahahaha im a girl!!! TROLOLOLOLO!!!  
    Hey,mine is, too!!  
    Holy Crap!!! I never knew that I got so many likes on my comment on the snow thing!!! 6 months later....  
    Frozen 2010!!! Not Frozen 2013!!! Learn to look closely you dick!!!  
    I would rather kill the person that made this fvcking question +1
    Didn't say I couldn't get a guy while rich....  
    I would rather go bra-less than pantsless  
    I would rather bleed bad as hell, rather than be burned as hell  
    I would rather be bleeding bad as he'  
    I would rather be trampled to death  
    God I love Twix....  
    I meant to tap fall off the Empire State Building my bro pushed my hand away  
    My grandma isn't annoying trololol  
    Didn't say you couldn't buy a fancy car and rid the ugly car.  
    I'm already the smartest person in my school so ha.  
    I'm a girl.....  
    @Boss God does exist. He created the Big Bang, try to get your fvcking facts straight you fvcking dodo!!!  
    My bday is ON Christmas so....  
    Aww I should have said BLIND!! I would listen to music and never have to worry about Slenderman ever again!!! Then again I would trip trying you turn out the light  
    I'm f****** afraid of heights, though I'm not claustrophobic.  
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