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    comfy or tence and uncomfertable  
    record companys get paid 5 times more  
    kill yourself  
    land has more guns and supplies if you run out but if u on the boat u skrewed  
    i know where things are a home  
    walmart has boy stuff at least unlike target where things, guns and food so yea......they may be like scumbies but i get free food  
    im a boy  
    are you even human???  
    oh crap... the comments are going to be hell so ima just skip this one.....  
    computer is worth more  
    the snow would build up to the point where life isnt sutible  
    i want to change my vote. cali have the fault and is hanging on to the country floating over the ocean  
    jello is all fake chemicals and stuff so yea....  
    Why is this a choice???!!!!!!! Would you like to see the other 4 trophies we got it should be 90%:10%. Falcons got nothing against us!!Patriots!  
    Trump will fir the loomign 13 TRILLION doller debt  
    plus meth could kill instantly  
    There is no light meth user  
    humpbacks are more rare  
    religous but ok  
    protien shakes boi. win  
    The award is worth far more to me than the paper/cotton  
    buggatti you cant drive fast. too much attention. and B, they are soooo fing heavy so you have to go only strait  
    Icoundent find the lamb sauce  
    make friends with him in the after life  
    There not painful u idiot. have you seen the movie  
    sell the mercedes and get 3 bmw's  
    What kind of lambo and how old? Old is worth way more than a new one .lambo is worth like 2 million and even if you add up the Prius its only like 70gs .  
    yeah well golf pays more than 6 million a game. you get to play a calm sport and go see a beautiful place not inside with a bunch sweaty freaks 7 feat tall.  
    its way quicker  
    it woould be funnny watching my body fal down the million foot drop  
    define friend  
    Its proven that the longer people are friends the more they like each other.....so  
    spoooky scary skelotons  
    gonna git laid doodaly doo  
    South park isnt even funny  
    I can make it work out and settle differences unlike 90% of the world.....  
    chocolate ceareal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    at least i have food and stuff  
    god damn it guys come on think about the potential here!!!  
    Act like a crip....  
    I love driving too much so....  
    Get them rock hard abs bruh!  
    Resteraunts are always better and do not have gmos and stuff.  
    im a man so ill asume this would be changed to girls  
    Keys are cheaper to remake then a phone....  
    My dream is option b so i can get both  
    Kid is still at 17 so Hhaahhahahahahahaha  
    This is sexist but ok.  
    My friends would support me and probably get me laided that night at a club.I win!  
    Be yourself and walk away from the others that say you dont.....  
    good for my enamy which I shouldnt even have.  
    Just dont post about politics or religon ok? plz?  
    O-man is such f-ing puppet though. idk came who this guy is he is probably better than this turd.  
    Can I report this?  
    awwwww. I cant though. put the guys that abuse the animals in the same position for twice as long and see how they feel then beat them to death...  
    I already can make people fart on command. just punch them in the gut.  
    Can I beat the crap out of my son till he stops?  
    All about you or Jesus....I think you know...  
    im neither so skip!  
    200,000 a year!? Yes please  
    What is life without friends?  
    Why cant i just feel happy for my enamy and not have a enamy?  
    "Dont worry be happy." +1
    Just be who you want to be and say "f off!" to the people that denied your dreams.  
    Date one of your friends. Boom loophole.  
    Get along and move on people.....Like. come on!  
    Is this even a choice? Do her.  
    Not true at all.still have 60% of water left and the aliens entering earth  
    Why is this an option\  
    Women can imigrate to america now but DONT bring your isis monkey brother!  
    At least im happy not a deppressed guy forever  
    I hate coffee  
    There both bad but at least I could get it done faster this way.....  
    The money equels one billion  
    me. Twilight is just bad.  
    id die if I dubled my wheight. like instantly  
    The fact that hotter won means america is doomed  
    How much money 100m?  
    I could came less about fame...Love makes me happy forever not 1 day then back to nothing.  
    Do what your heart says  
    who cares about money if the search for love is over  
    I dont want to be involved in all that celeb drama and stuff.  
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