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Incase you cant tell, i am a frog.

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    No one said you would.  
    If i ruled the world there would be no problems. Duh.  
    Go for 16 kid  
    Because the 3% are trolls, or morons.  
    Make up includes hair vax  
    Seriously? 19% wanna miss out on checking out booties?  
    Thats kinda funny, they do exsist.  
    Depends on which country you are in.  
    Osama Bin Laden apporves  
    Thats american football  
    As long as the price is above 100 000£ it doesnt matter  
    I know they would show empathy for me, proably.  
    You cant stop World Hunger.  
    I need one for masturbating.  
    President where?  
    Give that man a medal!  
    Pollution affects the planet. Animal abuse dont.  
    Female doctor because, things...  
    Be stuck with Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Justin Bieber? No thanks  
    I dont have a son.  
    ''Any vehicle of my choise'' Ahh yes  
    Who said i am going to ger arrested for it?  
    Write a book about each nightmare, get rich. Problem solved.  
    Earth = Action and entertainment. Heaven = A sofa looking at people.  
    I always use Incgnito mode, win win.  
    Ahaha 13% loosers  
    You learn from failure to win.  
    Right one means hookers and blackjack  
    Make that Sleep with*  
    The left one would be a cool Movie plot.  
    Wikiedias article on Russian Rulette, read it.  
    I can use spotify, Free music. Duh.  
    left pic looks more like a zombie apocalypse.  
    They have the same meaning, dont they?  
    Do you think i am gay?  
    More time, more time to get more money.  
    Regret my choise, know the cause so i can prevent it  
    But it can get you love  
    My world = No problems. +1
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