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in the end, I would prbably spend more than 300 000 on cigarettes :s 5 years ago  
beenteredonethat 5 years ago  
good christians celebrate halloween, for they burned the witches, for the killed the cats 5 years ago  
I'd rathre please me 5 years ago  
I sacrifice 40 k to make 42% gain 40 k 5 years ago  
Sharks only attacks humans if nothing else around,lions don't give a F :3 also clearly the question states that there is a hungry lion in this particular jungle so stop whining! 5 years ago  
The subway in my town...it's just terrible 5 years ago  
wrong 5 years ago  
except for hiding his goddamn eagles 5 years ago  
If it was removed the reality would be altered way worse than the holocaust, trust me I've seen it... 5 years ago  
people would get so bored 5 years ago  
stahp violence 5 years ago  
No, people are surrounding an idiot.. 5 years ago  
I'll show you how that's incorrect ;3 5 years ago  
Removing the holocaust would alter the reality in ways worse than you could possibly imagine, trust me I've seen it... 5 years ago +1
ffree food stuff or free musicwhichalreadyisfree 5 years ago  
people saying 100 puppies are less worth than one human... 5 years ago  
She's in a funny song :3 5 years ago  
S4League ? :D 5 years ago  
I love dancing :D 5 years ago +1
I love playing reverse gay trap :3 5 years ago  
It got a cute robot as a logo :3 5 years ago  
Tell my love "I love you" morning and evening, save the other 4 words for situations like fire and murderers. 5 years ago  
Where you can use a PC (laptop not accounted for) you can use a console :3 5 years ago  
I don't drive so o.o 5 years ago  
Santa 5 years ago  
Time to explore space!! 5 years ago  
care bar is empty o.o 5 years ago  
by time I kinda wish you could change these o.o 5 years ago  
I'm flawless :3 5 years ago  
yes...yes it did 5 years ago  
"this question is not even fair" 50-50 5 years ago  
Picture =/= reality of the situation 5 years ago  
wincest? o.o 5 years ago  
I picked street smarts BECAUSE of my college education 5 years ago  
Imagine climbing mt.Everest when suddenly, POOF for 5 hours, gl hf :3 5 years ago  
One step closer to becoming a cat-fish! 5 years ago  
I don't know if the subway in my town just sucks, but MCD beats SW anyday here 5 years ago  
I can now control and remember dreams to 100% o.o 5 years ago  
My smoothies brings all the gals to the ball o.o 5 years ago  
God is the cause of 90% of the murders, illnesses and suicides in the bible, suck it~ 5 years ago  
I'm taken, be attracted all you want but don't bother me with your lame pick up lines o.ob 5 years ago  
I gained 1 kilo the last 6 months, it must die!! òwó 5 years ago  
Being bitten by a spider the size of a pin needle head during your sleep, gl avoiding that one~ 5 years ago  
Time to hunt some wabbits! 5 years ago  
scroo people o.o 5 years ago  
1 is not allowed and they are random o.o 5 years ago  
authors note, no you don't o.o 5 years ago  
My lover picked immortal too~ 5 years ago  
But most were weird~ 5 years ago  
Currently about 11k people died from this question. 5 years ago  
imaginary% of celebrities are A-holes in person, imaginary% of celebrities are drug addicts/smokers/alcoholics etc.etc., my love I know from top to bottom to be perfect :3 also as for the "hot celebity" part, they use make up >:3 5 years ago  
I've seen several "HIT" movies that suck o.o 5 years ago  
Do you disagree with that? Mr. guest 5 years ago  
Everything :3 5 years ago  
for funzies 6 years ago +2
why does it matter if people were 30, did you wear styles popular back then? most kids didn't (else it doesn't matter at all ever) 6 years ago  
he got a wii :D? 6 years ago +1
so funny :> 6 years ago  
(guys only) is sexist against lesbians :D 6 years ago +2
& vs ): 6 years ago  
no guilt here boss 6 years ago +1
like the answer itself tell you you can't!!! you gonna starve :o 6 years ago  
euro coins look funny :3 6 years ago +1
you wouldn't be able to produce any if you are dehydrated... 6 years ago  
obviously plan worlds end with 6 years ago +1
ninja time 6 years ago +3
mickeymouseandggoofyaredumb 6 years ago  
fck me :D 6 years ago  
he ment through the question.... 6 years ago  
why not (asuming forever like 22 or something) 6 years ago  
if forever young A if not B 6 years ago  
people would do anything to make a living on killing humanity personally 6 years ago  
pokemon beats aliens :O 6 years ago  
meansbdaysmex 6 years ago  
I like his name 6 years ago  
triple creepy level, getting turned on by the thought of their own dead mother ._. 6 years ago  
furry works? 6 years ago  
I'm a womAn, damn guest from north carolina, and you're just homophobic comments like that is so annoying why don't you go suck a dick, take a picture of it and put it on the internet to tell everyone you're a girl cuz that's all you think girls do isn't it? bet your boobs are flat too : 6 years ago +4
no, no you would not 6 years ago +2
boring D: which is why I survive on my own in the jungle with internet connection .> the giraffes helped me build it 6 years ago +1
that movie would suck :O 6 years ago +5
I regret this, should be too big, too small and skip 6 years ago  
a lot of shows are exact, usually translated, copies of "other" shows being the same show in a different country, get over it (like fort boyarde and cops or w.e) 6 years ago  
I don't know who any of those people are ._. 6 years ago +1
unless it's the worst best movie it will most likely get dull after 2-2½ hours. if outside cinema you will most likely start doing other stuff unless you are that 1% 6 years ago  
they could have wanted to, but got raped while trying with their lover.. anyway rape happens more frequently than someone getting their stuff shuffd (i make up pretty words) unwillingly. the % speak for men wanting it more than women. 6 years ago  
People suck anyway 6 years ago +2
Pff, who wants to live for 5 years :o 6 years ago  
Ghost sex :3 6 years ago  
Did you just say there are more women wanting to get impregnated from rape than there are men who want to get kicked between the legs? Men CHOOSE to get their balls kicked, punched, mutilated, chopped off or in other ways "punished" if they get off from doing it and want to. + Having a child for 0-100 years =/= giving birth, 2 separate things if you think about it. 6 years ago  
There is a sexual fetish where guys enjoy getting punched, kicked, biten amongst a lot of other weird things in the "nuts". No woman (that I ever heard of) ever enjoyed giving birth in a sexual way. That comment is overused, boring, lame and incorrect! Have a pleasant tomorow~ 6 years ago  
I find neither very addictive 6 years ago  
I got one, gimme the other 6 years ago +2
What if I don't care? 6 years ago +1
I mean did you guys see his music video? 6 years ago  
if junk food was healthy it would remove "healthy" food entirely seeing as it usually takes more effort for humans to produce and people are lazy aka humanity dies faster aka I can't have pie : 6 years ago +1
I couldn't care less 6 years ago  
What if it's not an action? o.o 6 years ago  
So much whining and sh** would disappear from the news :D still a selfish option to me 6 years ago  
I actually know someone who likes one direction, so I would have someone to share it with 6 years ago  
Tobuscus sings :D 6 years ago  
Red is a nice color~ 6 years ago  
That's disgusting.... Why do people have such disgusting fetishes, dressing room I can understand but that's just wrong! 6 years ago +3
Christmas is 24th here :3 double xmas either way :3 6 years ago  
Pie~ 6 years ago  
It's not about the %, it's about sending a message~ (PS 77 beats 100 in my eyes) 6 years ago  
And that's Samus not Metroid then, way to be useless stupid and a burden on everything 6 years ago  
It's not :3 6 years ago  
get off the computer and find out? 6 years ago  
You don't support them, just get their stuff for free 6 years ago  
He's a bacteria, like all Americans 6 years ago  
who says it isn't an impossible question only 0.0001% of the world knows ^_^ 6 years ago  
I can speak 6 languages and I'm pretty poor 6 years ago  
never cut my hair :D:D:D in that way 6 years ago  
it would turn ugly 6 years ago  
You're doing it wrong 6 years ago  
Awesome hair, also people always making excuses are boring and lame 6 years ago  
No, but the other way around 6 years ago  
I love brocoli! 6 years ago  
it says you WILL GET IT, even with a condom 6 years ago  
that's where the YOU part comes in, idiot who commented this... 6 years ago  
he's funny on family guy :3 6 years ago  
That would just be dandy as I'm a girl, big plot twist though! 6 years ago  
middle :D 6 years ago  
I would get enough money to do it for me and my love so bye all~ 6 years ago  
Intelligence will lead to working for money. People are lazy deal with it 6 years ago  
Already am a ninja 6 years ago  
same question (only with guy pictures if you got no common sense to understand it yourself) obviously....it does say chest and butt ignore the pictures... are people really this stupid? 6 years ago  
that's so sexist on so many levels 6 years ago  
except for the eagle... 8D 6 years ago  
that's so sexist on so many levels 6 years ago  
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