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    "im not afraid" to vote for emninem +1
    trumps an asshoe  
    im freaking bruce lee now  
    brown heads  
    as long as im not a twilight vamp  
    imm a guy  
    uhhhh who dees people i clicked hotter one  
    i can be the steryotype midget running around kicking peoples shins  
    what if shes about to turn 18 lol  
    it could be a sercret weapon hat ijects people with a leathal serum  
    internet can be dispoased of u idiots go for life  
    whos ms,sirois  
    same god dam person but miley had a better life  
    umm midlle class now is pretty much billionarire in 1776  
    how about both  
    canadas just cold where australia has deadly snakes and spiders  
    imm jerk thats all  
    memory can be restored  
    selenas hotter  
    rather have glasses  
    20$ for screaming children uhhh no  
    can cahnge my future  
    called physicale transport  
    lol 13 too  
    just make so ar cant mo e  
    ... dnt know either of thos how aout family fued or idiotest  
    yeah celeb  
    im silent like sam fisher  
    well bond and like achother  
    Theres waldo  
    imma dude +1
    ..... who are these guys  
    curables in the name lol  
    satan cause hes aint real  
    tomatoeas are fruits lol  
    i dont drink #Under21  
    i wanna vaca  
    darth revan was a beast  
    its called puberty which im going through right now  
    both i cose this caus eof the girl  
    if u have true friends that will do almost anything then ur better than popular kid cause they da loser  
    bieber= crazy  
    arnt they the same?  
    ios= terrible everything  
    twiliht gay but do what u want fo 24 hrs yes pls  
    id rather drown than be cold and die of oxygen starvanton  
    who cares if ur nacked  
    megaphone der der  
    The new world tesla  
    same thing just geeks more social skills  
    hard work is more credible  
    30% of peope would rather be alone than loved really get past the money people  
    side but more likely stomach  
    yeah... cancer is not that deadly if u think about it .....somewhat  
    i can be voice actor  
    hermione because she doesnt do stupid things a often as harry plus to a guy she hotter  
    health over money  
    apple to hell go samsung  
    piranhas only go crazy with blood in water  
    love over money  
    candy hell yeah  
    save money and then make own company and eventually own that one  
    already oldest  
    can still get a job and can always go back to collage  
    do good stuff  
    i pls society i pls family  
    neither my mom is 5'1 and dad 5'9 im going to be around 6 so 6'4  
    i like my friends and they would do the same for me so paradox  
    it will come back and bald heads are sexy  
    parthenon cause its older and greece over rome  
    id just paint a bugatii a horbille combo of colors  
    vegas has clubs where la has drugs  
    imma guy so i changed to girl friend and shed love me after me nude  
    can have a party on boat and both can have strpper pole  
    twighlight vamps suck but otherwise vmp  
    i got to do it atleast  
    can help bette with anorexic where drugs takes a lot of money to rehab  
    teepes are cooler  
    friends fo life  
    phycological would be like getting rejeted by crush wich lasts for a few days while physical will last a looooooong time  
    no offense vegitarians but i wouldnt keep this oath  
    surfing is hotter  
    this is dumb qustion and i clicked wrong one so ... im dumb too  
    i win u dumbass author  
    online games is where people hate on u if ur a newbie  
    both suck but twitter  
    hearing aids and with sex i can see my partners body  
    utpia = everthing i want= dictator  
    spiderman is more belivable  
    dont watch either  
    gruop but i like alone time  
    queen bcause ur rich and dont have to do notin  
    better landscape in china  
    money can make me live forver  
    wooo get to see hot girls at beaches and can stre all i want yes pls  
    whats eu  
    party cause find a gf and have date  
    never experianced bush  
    alpha wolf gets to screw multiple females every year at the same time  
    1000 more dollars every week is what id do  
    young adult that is  
    summer because warmth and get to watch sexy ladies in bikinies  
    2 liters is easy and u can spread tit out  
    night club for my self,family,and friends  
    i love my grandma but u can kill person u hate  
    i can travel to most buetiful spot on earth and have biggest best house for free  
    scuba gear  
    i can make more money and not be fired  
    i can watch more good movies in 2 hrs  
    bad gift becuse i can regift and they care  
    in middle class 2011 im rich in 1950  
    can be richest and smartest  
    lave parents  
    inventor because i like inventin  
    can watch em bang  
    can survive hunger games  
    gonna be starving either way  
    italy has better ruins  
    crush can be reall hot were admireer can be fugly  
    movies dont have as much detail  
    i can have privacy  
    bungee doesnt require upper body strengeth  
    vision plus all happy moments are remembered  
    im a guy and chose hair stylist be cause what if its a she and shes hot  
    i like being a man but boobs would be nice no offense  
    i like being a man  
    my american girls will be german  
    controller on cp with chat pad  
    cruise will be on cool places not in middle of ocean plus ill get less jetlag  
    electric cool but acoustic more relaxing  
    no cell phoe oh well get a new one where its hard to get new keys  
    i wanna be cared for  
    kid on iside fo win  
    lambo fo sho  
    hunger wold stop war  
    coockie batter has stuff in it  
    us doesnt have snakes and spiders that will kill u in 1 min  
    communisum is not socialism  
    get rid of poluttion  
    no lion s in jungles stupid  
    i want better sex  
    after cause i dont wanna stand in that stuff  
    family +1
    wrong one  
    throw computor away  
    id rather it be private  
    i can be smart and popular  
    everybodys weird so thats the definition or=f normal  
    what if luxury hotel is in midle of forest  
    movies because that means u get to spend time with family  
    hermione is a badass,is hot, and has magic, is smart too  
    campanie=more money plus i dont care about religion  
    Crap stupid siblings  
    feamle docs genneraly hotter no offense and have bben healers for a long time and are more capable in my opion  
    northern lights with ma bae  
    less of a bill  
    pollution is animal abuse  
    calls u hear ur friends and fmilys voice which is nie unless its a raspy and horible voie wich then u can ignore it plus it doesnt say forever  
    can build up intamacy  
    i would be able to see friends and family and spend the time of them aging and me aging with them  
    crap wrong one because birthdays u spend with more people than xmas  
    my gift can be cash lol  
    imma guy and there are some good movies eg anger manegment, The martian  
    i have ice cream in milk shackes  
    yeah gangnam style is more likable than biebers girl voice no offense women for comparing u to him  
    i can become smart  
    what so bad a bout being a ginger  
    bed fo so and vocanoes plus i can meet new people +1
    with freinds u have a better life plus u cant get married with no firends  
    action more than racing  
    dogs arent ass*oles and are more cuddly  
    with the money u can make own buisness  
    they can go screw themselves while i screw my soul mate  
    they can be how they want  
    what if they like u and u hate them and they hot  
    yeah i can make more money with 50,000 where i can get caught  
    more fame  
    i chose hotter one  
    cameras are a thing and id rather not see my self than stinck  
    my law is that there are no laws  
    why not tell them ever  
    only chld  
    rain is better and not as cold  
    i already controll my dreams  
    u discover all unknown species and places and get lots of money to go to spae  
    hot people fo so  
    my chef is my chauffeur  
    u have it as a baby and why not do have it while u know  
    u can stop really bad things  
    in ordinary place u see people more oftenn and look at home by coast i dont want that (not option B)  
    whos rebbacca black  
    u can make millions moveing large heavy oblects  
    firefox has chrome lol  
    u meet real people outside  
    prison has decreassed chance of good job where homeless u go to food bank and can work up social ladeer  
    well.... ull be a slave either way but as a woman u a slave for ur body  
    pirates get giant ships and are scandoulus while ninjas have honor codes and get attacked by samuries  
    if u speak and write the language you uderstand the language sme way backwards oo  
    ill be artemis fowl  
    have a diffrent,hidden device for the bad stuff  
    small dogs want more attention and or obnoxious  
    is it all the time or just once  
    gandalf doesnt die  
    with no lines means u can get on road quicker before bad drivers  
    fail is more fun  
    have an excuse to have lots of trees with a large dome over it  
    music is a language  
    infinate power can mean infinate knowledge  
    whish that u owned a large company that was already extremly popular in countries with most money  
    hermoines hotter +1
    if this life is imaginary then what about the life of the person thats imagining it  
    ur overdessing could be underdressing  
    after today todays music becomes older music  
    can have a hot mermaid that u cuddle with nacked in swimming pool  
    just cant have sex but u get true love  
    already a kid so opposite gender yes pls  
    make more money lieing because goverment would hire you for death row cases  
    my favorite job would be being a spouse/parent  
    yeah get ur fix in that hour  
    i can become a ninja with wizard power der  
    keyword is foreing which includes animals and u would make more money talking all foreign languages than with animals  
    i pirate and starbucks is good  
    just cheat with a blank shot in the gun against u  
    u can become important in a perfect world  
    u have double sex at one time ....(well u know what i mean)  
    im ready for both instnses but zombies will be more fun  
    ww3 will be mor likely that humanity survives  
    one billion means u can help lots of families  
    rewind in cludes pause and u can redo mistakes u made  
    tattos are cooler  
    immortality means u can find a way to go back in time with the immortality thing and make fmily nd friends immortal if they ewant it  
    you can be sexy and smart which makes u more sexy i say  
    well kill ur self when family and friends die and have tons of money too put in will to give to rest of family  
    you can create a life and be eith true love  
    more time means nore money but more money means u can make ur self immortal so time will never end puls can u chose how much  
    famous=no privacy and fame, best freind of famous person=privacy and fame  
    i could plan my funeral in advance  
    cjose hottest person ever and boom  
    u can dominate world with mind reading and gain lots of money then create the ability to fly  
    hottest person u know could be the celeb u chose  
    Yeah i would make a universal law where everybody does what they want so no problems  
    Go clinton first off boo trump... but u can stel a time machine from future and do both and more!  
    wedding is supposed to be a hppy day for everyone there especcially u and ur spouse where funeral will be sad  
    same as mindless  
    change the meaning and feeling of the name  
    ant chose because id like to gain knowledge but also relax so relax because it will be more fun  
    With menttaly u will look old an crappy but will be smartest old person but physically look gorges for ever and have normal mind at old age  
    with lightsaber start a criminal empire and a giant company that does good to mask the criminal empire and make millions of dollars wich u can use to feed children and become the Universes Greatest Being Ever (unless u belive in a god then 2nd unless u belive ur self better)  
    take lightsaber+become worlds greatest villan= make a famous company that make millions of dollars with money from being villan+use manoey from company and excess money from villan to feed children=Worlds Greatest Person Ever IN Universal History for ending world hunger (you can also stay a villan and rule the world wuth lightsaber)  
    well hitler was just the last name just be a good person and change the way the name is veiwed  
    rob banks and be most notorious person then with the money you stole create a buisness empire and with the money you earn that way save lots of children  
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