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    Finding true love gives you more people to find 10,000,000. Plus they never said when you would find it so I would find true love first and then get a group o ppl to help me find it :)  
    Then I can ask my dog to eat my homework and take a video of him doing it. :)  
    like if ur asian. #asianparentissues  
    Can't you buy time? xD  
    If I'm smart maybe I can create a look changer to make me look hot? Or what if I'm already hot? Never said you cant be smart+hot. Like if u AGREE  
    Living twice as long means I would have to go another 80-100 years of no sx(SInce i would look old af), backpain, even more problems. Plus if I have back pain and shizz, how will I play video games? Like if you AGREE  
    madgeundersee+ it might not have wi-fi, but I can use magic to get some :)  
    no problems mean free sx. free sx means you dont have to worry to look for any girls(or boys if ur a girl), dey all come to u :)  
    ...........( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°) I cri whenever I see that 1/4 of us are dum enough to not realize the phone doesnt even have internet  
    like if you think its fun to left click with your mouse  
    You guys will only listen when they mention hell. LIKE IF YOU LIKED THIS COMMENT XD  
    When you forget to study on a test and you get a 68%. Rewind, and get that 69 :)  
    What if they mention hell O.o +1
    this is a tricky one since i cant see it XD  
    none,apples make my throat itch  
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