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Hi u people! I like vocaloid, anime, j-pop, k-pop, and answering questions. I'm an active user, but I don't make any questions.

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    U do realize if u take the bible literally, u cant eat pork, u cant eat shrimp, u cant wear 2 of the same fabric, etc, right? Also, the godamn earth is OVERPOPULATED right now. There are ppl starving to death because lack of resources. There is so much pollution too. Also, according to most of your logics, barren women (women that cannot have children) will be banned from marrying anyone. That is rly stupid. Sorry for my bad grammar and contractions grammar nazis, but this is how normal ppl tyoe online. +2
    Thank you. And i will try to lessen my intake of meat. As it is almost 1am, I am about to sleep. But not before ending my day on a high note and giving my thanks for a great debate.  
    I agree that it should be discussed. However, it is not ridiculous to me that if you were to go to another society, morals would change. Because, if you went to Louisiana in the 1800s, chances are, it would be morally acceptable. Also, i just noticed. We are running out of space because when you reply to somebody, your comment needs more space vertically.  
    I never realized that there is so much effort put into this issue. However, lots of humans are selfish (I am probably one of them). I don't think that they are going to care about what happens after they die and what happens to the climate. This is coming for my own experience as a human and from reading comments and blogs online. The main reasons I decide to eat meat is because I am not used to vegan food (every vegan food my friend says is good tastes horrible to me) and because I think it would be troublesome for my family to have dinner together because we usually eat meat.  
    Morals and religion (i.e. things that cannot be proven) are different within every person. If we cannot sense it, and it does not dramatically damage our society (at least not in a way we can see), then there is no point in finding anything objective because then people would just argue to have it overturned. Btw, how is that personal incredulity? I am just voicing my opinion. Im not shocked or upset at you or the things that you say.  
    But with morals and opinions, there is no objective truth.  
    However, everyone has different ideas about what is ought to be. For some people, we ought to have more meat in our diet. For others... we should eliminate meat from our diet. In the end it really comes down to... how many people agree with the choices.  
    Well... we don't know which religion is correct so we just have to accept every one of them as a viable theory....otherwise a lot of people will get angry and war will start.  
    However, I don't really know what has animal ingredients and what does not. This is since i shop fast so i don't have the time to bring my glasses and scan carefully through every ingredient listed, nor do i have the money to buy something "animal friendly guaranteed". I only know that my shopping bill is 100$ cheaper every week than my vegan friends shopping bill because i am okay with products that have animal ingredients in them.  
    Also, everyone has their own moral code so "good" and "bad" are different for everyone. So you saying that "what is natural doesnt define what is moral" is correct. However, seeing that everyone has their own moral code, nothing can define what is "moral".  
    The second one was not a complete link so i couldnt access it for some reason. It could be my ipad lagging again. But never mind that. I agree with britany that society decides what is acceptable. However, i dont think that what is natural is always good. What you listed (murder, rape, genocide, etc) was permissible until the point in time where most of society thought it was wrong. This topic at the moment, is controversial, meaning that society is questioning it. So, for now people are allowed to have their own opinions on Appeal to Nature and Veganism.  
    Sorry, to make it more clear, i meant products like shampoo and other household products. Also, would we have enough space for just farming for vegetables and fruits alone? Who said that those were inedible? In third class countries, people eat anything they could find. Even stuff like lizards and bugs.  
    Sorry, i have been taking a lesson on persuasive essay writing. I have been taught by my teacher to put my strongest argument first. +1
    Im sorry but i can't, simply because its 11:30 pm and i dont want to spend hours doing something just to prove a study biased. Also, dont be too harsh on him. Generally, society associates meat as being "manly". It is also a commonly accepted belief that governments are corrupt.  
    you shouldnt have used wikipedia...thats a bad source. is easier to make those products with animal ingredients. If we didnt use any animals, there would be more world hunger and unemployment.  
    Didnt he just tell you that most studies are biased?  
    Occurring in the environment without any artificial disruptions. At least thts my definition.  
    ...if it was a painless death I wouldnt mind. Also...dying at any age is horrible, so y the long wait?  
    He probably said no because of your overcomplicated argument...seriously, its a comment, not an essay course. U should probably use more short forms and state the basic ideas. Tht makes your comment more relatable and less intimidating to answer.  
    So u are saying...tht you would value vegan diets being healthier over the idea of killing animals with feelings?  
    But way more expensive seeing as u need to eat more.  
    We r not part of the food chain..? Hello, we are on earth arent we? Tht means we must b affecting the environment around us in some way....meaning tht we are part of the food chain.  
    It is not natural to not eat meat. Humans r at the top of the food chain. Thts just like forcing bears to not eat fish...u cant, its part of their natural diet. +1
    kokoro connect is like tht i think.  
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