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i can't live without music . 6 years ago  
i'm the older, but i always wanted an older brother. 6 years ago  
it depends on the situation, and who started it. i know gender has nothing to do with if you should hit back , all i said is that he's good enough to forgive a girl if she hit him, that's what i meant at the begining. i didn't mean it 's a gender situation, but you guys misinterpretted it . Then everyone started to defend their gender. In the end it's a matter of opinion . 6 years ago +1
it depends.. some guys look better with facial hair. 6 years ago +2
you 're right 6 years ago  
i'm a straight girl but i think that Mila is so hot 6 years ago +7
hanging out with a 36 year old person seems fun, most of my friends outside school are older than me. 6 years ago  
and killin' myself isn't an option? 6 years ago  
i love screamo 6 years ago +2
i think it 's a little bit confusing , but i'll get used to it 6 years ago  
sometimes funny movies make me feel better and improve my mood 6 years ago  
i have a younger brother , and no we don't have a sibling rivalry at all 6 years ago  
i don't know , i was just thinking about this but i couldn't find an answer i think it depends on the person and what they have done to you 6 years ago  
haven't you read the comment 'boobs' hunderds of times on rather ? a lot of people choose curves even if they don't know the girl in the picture . 6 years ago +1
i love cheese 6 years ago  
i love cheese 6 years ago  
opposites don't always attract. it depends on the differences and the similarities , i think dating someone VERY different than me will bring about a lot of problems & arguments , and if they're very similar to me that would be kinda boring . 6 years ago +2
i'm not sexist, a girl won't hit a guy unless he deseves it ,as guys are much stronger than girls i mean she won't put herself into this situation unless she is really mad at you 6 years ago +1
you're a good guy , hitting girls is too bad and unacceptable 6 years ago +1
my memory is terrible 6 years ago  
i mean eyeliner on girls :) 6 years ago  
i don't need a pillow as i sleep on my stomach 6 years ago  
i don't care i'd love them anyway 6 years ago +10
being immortal is the worst thing that could ever happen to me as life would simply lose it's meaning, on the other hand, that money would make me the most powerful person alive ... 6 years ago +1
lol 6 years ago  
no one wants to make or watch their children suffer 6 years ago  
only if my partner is completely fine with it and ready to risk his life just to have sex with me 6 years ago  
i don't wanna be in a relationship right now so i'll take the money $$$ 6 years ago +3
i can't decide as i'm a bit of both 6 years ago  
at least i'll be happy before i go to bed 6 years ago +3
i feel that people on fb are just so fake 6 years ago +2
dude i'm not trying to sound poetic ,i mean for example if you 're a good singer and you have stage fright you have to overcome this fear, and for example if someone wants to visit Rome , but they're afraid of heights.. they can go by sea but if they travelled there by plane it would be an accommplishment and these are just simple examples. 6 years ago +1
i'd sleep all the time. 6 years ago  
my birthday would be more special if i spend it with the people that i love 6 years ago +1
yeah that's what i mean and i definitely don't think that kissing on the lips in general is digusting. 6 years ago  
to accomplish my bigggest dreams i have to fight my biggest fears 6 years ago +2
cheating won't get me anywhere i'll just be decieving myself and if the i get a bad mark the world won't end i'll try to do better next time 6 years ago +2
i have a very busy week that's why i appreciate every second at the weekend 6 years ago +1
i must admit most of the women are bad drivers they get scared , they panic ,they drive slowly and a lot of them wear heels while driving 6 years ago  
we kiss on the cheek a lot but lips ewwwwww 6 years ago +2
he's my father not my husband 6 years ago  
if you don't feel pain then you're not alive 6 years ago  
people 's carelessness is somehow responsile for car accidents ,the rate of car accidents will decrease a lot if people are less careless but breast cancer can't be treated easily . 6 years ago +5
guys would think that two girls kissing is hotter while girls would think that two boys kissing is hotter 6 years ago  
they are my favorite type of movies i watch them in the middle of the night mostly alone ..the scariest the better . 6 years ago  
i'm a chocoholic 6 years ago +1
i would rather be an emotionless robot ,but both options are extremely annoying in different ways . 6 years ago  
a rabbit sized elephant would be so cute and it would make it a lot easier for you to have an elephant as a pet 6 years ago +2
oh that 's how i feel i lost my cat two years ago but i'll always remember it. 6 years ago +2
at least you tried...no regrets. 6 years ago  
i was born on December 21 ,it would be so dissapointing to know that my birthday is the day of everybody else's death including me . 6 years ago +5
i don't like her anyways 6 years ago  
for the first time i choose to kiss JB 6 years ago  
that would be fun.. people would think that i really lost my mind and they would start searching for it !!!!! 6 years ago +7
i don't have a bf , but i love my best friend to death so let my imaginary boyfriend die.. 6 years ago +1
dude his sexuality is up to him ,love is love he should be with whoever he wants but education is really impotant . 6 years ago +4
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