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    Wrong one :( 5 years ago  
    Called a gas mask 5 years ago  
    It's in North America. YOU EPICALLY FAIL 5 years ago  
    Steam. The one thing no panzy console user could ever comprehend... 5 years ago  
    PC ALL THE WAY 5 years ago  
    Beats are overpriced sh*t... 5 years ago  
    A brand new porta-potty 5 years ago +2
    ENTIRE TEAM IS BABIES 5 years ago +1
    Both suck 5 years ago +1
    Beats are overrated shut just like Apple 5 years ago +1
    I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is... 5 years ago +2
    I've used a Mac, and it sucked... 5 years ago  
    It'll be mine... 5 years ago  
    The jockstrap wouldn't work anyway. 5 years ago  
    If you think about it, your heart stops every time you sneeze. While hiccups are air pockets getting released. Therefore both would probably kill you within a week. 5 years ago  
    Plastic could kill you... 5 years ago +1
    It says killed not chased 5 years ago +2
    Wrong one :( 5 years ago  
    Are you that stupid? 5 years ago  
    Since money was actually counted for more back then. Billions would be trillions my boy! 5 years ago  
    75% are cruel idiots 5 years ago  
    Autistic.... 5 years ago  
    Only because of batman 5 years ago  
    It is loophole time. PARACHUTE 5 years ago  
    It would be my best friend (no homo) 5 years ago  
    I like my grandma... 5 years ago  
    20% of these people are idiots. 5 years ago  
    Both are generic and gay. 5 years ago  
    It makes me sick that you see humans as the higher power. We're overpopulated, greedy bastards. 5 years ago  
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