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Would you rather This car or This car 4 years ago 252 votes 7 comments 0 likes
When you cum would you rather have the pop goes the weasle theme or dukes of hazard horn 4 years ago 157 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather cum really crunchy or really smooth 4 years ago 1,211 votes 33 comments 0 likes

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still have both 4 years ago +1
they both leave welts but one leaves messes 4 years ago  
What?.?.?. 4 years ago  
inny minni miney mo toucha tiger. . . 4 years ago  
at least i can fix that quickly 4 years ago  
there is a back to the sand paper you know 4 years ago  
said nothing about sex so. . . 4 years ago  
home made firecrackers 4 years ago  
very few loved ones and they would insist 4 years ago  
i like the face\ 4 years ago  
the baby comes with complications 4 years ago  
wizard will never see it comeing 4 years ago +1
i will invent grafting 4 years ago  
i'm a man tampon's would hurt!!!! 4 years ago +3
last "longer" 4 years ago  
did one waiting for the other to happen as result 4 years ago +1
both are in some places 4 years ago  
aids cure is on it's way 4 years ago  
i'm already fast 4 years ago  
i would know how to use it 4 years ago +1
OK lets see here i have 10 broad swords 6 short sword 19 axes(Several in pieces) 9 maces and a couple guns my dad left me. i think i'm fine 4 years ago  
most malls would have ton's of people and then where you be 4 years ago +1
what soul?????? 4 years ago  
just nbecause it looks just like my cat when he needs help (he gets stuck a lot, he's fat) 4 years ago  
damb thats a big sandwich 4 years ago  
do both don't care 4 years ago  
that depends on who you are 4 years ago +3
once said cannot be unsaid 4 years ago  
one pay the other doesnt 4 years ago  
to risky the other one 4 years ago  
i already live there and there's mc donalds that isn't half poisoned 4 years ago  
um niether i'm aguy and not gay 4 years ago  
well lets just hope it's small and silent 4 years ago  
just think of it this way, would you rather be able to hit something and keep going or hit something and crunch like a tin can 4 years ago  
yes it tastes just like peanut butter 4 years ago  
as long as i don't have to pay for gas 4 years ago  
well if you just close your eyes it will be fine (unless you open them) 4 years ago  
you know what if your cheating there's either something very wrong with them or you 4 years ago  
power gives me knoledge 4 years ago  
is sex included? 4 years ago  
i think i might just be straight today 4 years ago  
at least it's not straight from the sac 4 years ago  
i'mm a skinny 6' 3'' been pole i could use that wieght 4 years ago  
i think that burger king tastes better and is healthier ;) 4 years ago  
well at least you have a chance right 4 years ago  
something dark and scary 4 years ago  
what he said 4 years ago  
we'lll study some thing like how a party works 4 years ago +1
tattoo on my wiener and of a hundred dollar bill because what chick doesn't like to blow money side note (don't acctually do that because you won't be able to touch yourself for a while afterwords) 4 years ago  
it's basicaly the same 4 years ago  
it sounds fun and if i'm infected with evil i'll make the most of it 4 years ago +1
well she better come quick then 4 years ago  
some soaps are actually healthy for you 4 years ago  
dude really that's just nasty 4 years ago  
i'll just use the backside 4 years ago  
i'll just use the back side 4 years ago  
i'm bald and it doent all come off at once right 4 years ago  
well it ain't pretty but it's still female right 4 years ago  
hey at least i can still use it . . . right? right?!??! 4 years ago  
haven't seen either and have heard what happens in saw 4 years ago  
well a lot of lube and maybe a surgical glove will create interesting sensations 4 years ago  
make that 7 4 years ago  
well put it in a bottle and you really have a stink bomb 4 years ago  
i'll just close my eyes and pretend that this isn't happening 4 years ago  
well is it a baby walrus 4 years ago  
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! 4 years ago  
well i have to go buy an xtra large depends diaper now see ya 4 years ago +1
well do us men get to keep it or is it gone 4 years ago  
well i think that's implied 4 years ago  
i just hope it's not all at once !!!!!! 4 years ago  
hey their coming up with hot dogs and macaroni flavoring for water these days so. . . . . 5 years ago  

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