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Who Would Win in a Fight? Asura or Evil Ryu 5 years ago 226 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who Would Win in a Fight? Dhalsim or Luffy 5 years ago 626 votes 4 comments 0 likes
In League of Legends Do You Use Ranged Champions or Melee Champions 5 years ago 161 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Who Would Win in a Fight? Raiden or Thor 5 years ago 189 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who Would Win? Super Buu or Kid Buu 5 years ago 111 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which Would Be Better No More Grammar Errors or Have The %20 Of The DoucheBags In The World Turn Normal 5 years ago 166 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you Rather Get The Death Note or Any Devil Fruit of Your Choice 5 years ago 90 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Which Line is Better? Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn.. or Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Turn.. 5 years ago 156 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get Luffy Arm Tattoo or Fairy Tail Tattoo 5 years ago 810 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would You Rather Get GTAV (Grand Theft Auto 5) or BF4 (Battlefield 4) 5 years ago 176 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play on Armor Games or Newgrounds 6 years ago 201 votes 16 comments 0 likes
In Winter Would you rather Stay in your Cozy Home with your loved ones. or Travel and Go To a Resort Alone. 6 years ago 347 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch Fairy Tail or One Peice 6 years ago 6,648 votes 48 comments 0 likes

Dorky-Hog has posted the following comments:

İ guess nobody played Nuclear Throne... 3 years ago  
The toilet paper being over or under has nothing to do with OCD :l 4 years ago +3
Vintage? 4 years ago  
don't know about crazy but both incredibly dumb.. 4 years ago  
you don't have that power.. ''you feel a sharp pain everytime SOMEONE said your name'' that someone can be anyone in the world.. 4 years ago  
healthy and tasty 4 years ago +3
your name is jack? when anyone in THE WHOLE WORLD says jack you feel pain.. not that smart.. 4 years ago  
breaking blocks and then putting block isn't that much fun... 4 years ago  
racists... 4 years ago +3
i will have A in 40 years.. T.T 5 years ago  
Niga u fabulous 5 years ago +5
No Problem :) 5 years ago  
>:L // 5 years ago  
How old are you ffs? 5 years ago  
I totally didn't look at the statistics and cheated or anything.. 5 years ago +1
FarmVille.. 5 years ago +1
Open your eyes. 5 years ago  
You'd die from suffacation.. 5 years ago  
Wear crocs for 8 hours or get a video game.. 5 years ago +1
2 Table Tennis Balls.. 5 years ago  
For some people it's more then money.. he probably became Dead Rich still anyway.. 5 years ago +1
Squirt Ink.. T_T 5 years ago  
Shao Kahn is a god 5 years ago +5
I'd Buy a Simon Body Pillow rather then dying.. 5 years ago  
It says weird.. Not like in the photo.. 5 years ago  
I have no time for nonsense.. 5 years ago  
I'm someone who is older then you in the site and in real life.. 5 years ago  
*pretending to not know that* yeah.. i totally knew.. hehe. 5 years ago  
B looks like a idiotic ''Swag Scene Girl''.. Look it up. 5 years ago +2
*sarcasm* :p 5 years ago  
Even though he never answers to me when in chat.. Alexw 5 years ago  
Gumgoo and Svamp.. Both are so annoying.. 5 years ago  
I'll sue that f*cker.. 5 years ago +3
No man it's a real river in the middle of a road.. 5 years ago  
Not like your CRUSH?.. Seems Legit.. 5 years ago +4
Am*na Kodumun Partisi.. XD 5 years ago +2
What are those things in A? They Both look retarded though.. 5 years ago +1
Chuck Norris is an overrated actor.. Bruce Lee is a real fighter.. 5 years ago +3
as long as they don't talk and enjoy the game i don't find a reason why not. 5 years ago  
The Puns! 5 years ago +2
Oh i forgot that game.. 5 years ago  
Borderlands 2? 5 years ago  
19% T_T 5 years ago +2
Owned. 5 years ago +1
Huge Lamp.. 5 years ago  
Well you didn't said you can't sell it.. And i'll stop that bastard company Shell soiling the arctic and ruining the life of endangered animals.. 5 years ago  
Justin Bieber- First Step 2 Forever 5 years ago  
you'll be a big boy 17 years later.. 5 years ago  
That is true but Battlefield is %95 percent Multiplayer.. while Ghosts is 50-50. 5 years ago  
Just saw Ace.. 5 years ago  
Meat Pie sounds kind of disgusting.. 5 years ago  
Oh. :D 5 years ago +1
Memecenter? aww yiss 5 years ago  
So you can play football to save your life? 5 years ago +1
Nah it's real.. 5 years ago  
I had sex with you and then Katy Perry came and let me motorboat her.. 5 years ago  
He has Special Eyes. 5 years ago  
PS4 is cool too.. 5 years ago +1
Yes. 5 years ago  
Yes. :3 5 years ago  
Badass.. 5 years ago +3
Trevor/Micheal/Franklin, Luffy and Grinch.. 5 years ago  
Lol the funny thing is some dumbass people think Stereotypes are real.. (like 46%).. 5 years ago +1
WTF They ned new merdur toys! 5 years ago +1
Wow that little kid looks retarded.. 5 years ago +1
i'm gonna spam it with me.. 5 years ago  
Jinx with boobs? 5 years ago +2
I see your point.. 5 years ago  
i accidently leaved him instead of killing him.. that look of Sam in pain.. 5 years ago  
when i said you i ment me.. 5 years ago  
tfw even you don't have a romantic life but little kids do.. 5 years ago  
No it isn't since Micheal is invincible.. 5 years ago  
49.. 5 years ago  
Perverted India.. 5 years ago +1
Silly Question.. 5 years ago +1
Not'Kay 5 years ago +2
what is boxing day? 5 years ago +4
Good Question.. 5 years ago  
6 hours is not enough.. 5 years ago  
Don't Scream.. Don't Cry.. Because Santa's Goin in Dry.. 5 years ago +5
That would be more helpful.. 5 years ago  
Space and Los Santos Rock.. 5 years ago  
What is wrong with Chopper?! 5 years ago  
Hup! Two, Three, Four! 5 years ago  
I tought he was talking to me for a second. XD 5 years ago  
If it was every child in africa then yes.. 5 years ago  
I can't even get to 10.. 5 years ago  
I CAME. 5 years ago  
*sarcasm* 5 years ago  
this post is clearly racist.. 5 years ago +1
Skank vs Wario Chin.. 5 years ago +7
i'm guessing you are the one that's posing to the camera.. 5 years ago  
''Nothing is Perfect.. Especially Ariana Grande.'' -Dorky-Hog. 2013.12.08 5 years ago +1
Sarah Jessica Parker Having birth.. 5 years ago +6
Me Too :D 5 years ago +2
Not Even Close. 5 years ago +2
Kizaru can easily be fleet admiral.. But he likes doing the dirty work.. 5 years ago  
you spelled British soldier wrong.. 5 years ago  
Second Chance.. 5 years ago  
i've seen enough Full Metal Alchemist to see where A is going.. 5 years ago  
i don't get that either.. :p 5 years ago  
Yeah :D 5 years ago  
i don't like it that much.. i guess i was being to confident since it's ahead right now :p 5 years ago  
glad that WWE is already gone.. 5 years ago +1
Teemo.. :p 5 years ago  
I didn't knew wario was a mario.. i just tought it was a character.. sorry :p 5 years ago  
WTF does what mario is better mean? 5 years ago +1
Spin to Win.. 5 years ago  
Dat Mouth Tho.. 5 years ago +2
Borderlands is by far the best FPS i played.. 5 years ago  
But just then a hero appeared.. it was... GRAND THEFT AUTO! 5 years ago  
No.. NO. NOOOO!!!!!! 5 years ago  
Cry or we'll kill you.. 5 years ago  
Are you talking about that conjoined series? No offense but it was really bad.. 5 years ago +1
I only have Bioshock 2 and it was better then any CoD game i played.. I'm starting to get worried that CoD is gonna win.. Now my only hope is Battlefield and Borderlands.. 5 years ago  
Give up Kebab? Heeelll No!! 5 years ago +3
Never seen B.. Never planning to see B.. I hate remakes.. 5 years ago +1
WTF you can't even shoot whenever you want wherever you want now?! I'M SORRY I TOUGHT THIS WAS 'MERICA! 5 years ago  
I don't even give a sh*t anymore.. 5 years ago +4
I was planning to do the same question.. Me.. MAKING A QUESTION! 5 years ago  
Yeah.. you're probably right.. :p 5 years ago  
Hey. 5 years ago  
you can make WAY more if you're a meme.. 5 years ago +4
Who the hell is Imagine Dragons? Who the hell is that 48%!? 5 years ago +1
Used to live there.. Miss it alot.. 5 years ago +1
They're Heavenly.. 5 years ago +2
I bet %29 percent are liers.. A is More Quantity and More Quality.. (No offense) 5 years ago +3
A Show off tank or an army tank... 5 years ago +1
B looks like faggots who just entered puberty so.. 5 years ago +5
Caaaarrrllll! 5 years ago +1
Spit Bomb.. F*ck Yeah.. 5 years ago +1
I've heard A from somewhere but where.... 5 years ago +1
I like One Piece more but you become a regular pirate in B.. Shinigamis are powerful either way.. 5 years ago +1
Now that's Bullsh*t.. %63? Did you even watch the Godfather? 5 years ago +4
That baby used to haunt me.. 5 years ago  
Only for Pokemon X/Y.. 5 years ago  
What you did there.. I see it. 5 years ago  
You're so deep that you're in the inner core of earth.. 5 years ago +10
WANT. 5 years ago  
Have a nice cup of Shut the F*ck Up already.. 5 years ago  
That song gave me headaches and nightmares when i was little...But i loved it.. 5 years ago  
Just for Hirano.. i don't know the TV Characters but Takagi don't work for sh*t.. 5 years ago  
My sibling or my friends sibling? Tough.. 5 years ago  
''Work in a mall FOREVER'' T_T 5 years ago +1
Chuck Norris isn't THAT strong.. He's just an internet meme that is introduced as SUPER STRONG!! 5 years ago +1
Everyone is saying it's gross so i never watched it.. 5 years ago  
I tought i was gonna lose in the first tournament XD 5 years ago  
Hey kids what comes after nine? Wrong.. It's rape... 5 years ago +5
Ok thanks! 5 years ago  
Barkans is Ghosts good i can't decide which one to get.. Ghosts or Battlefield 4 >_ 5 years ago  
Me :p 5 years ago +2
STUDY. 5 years ago  
Not that much.. i'd do 90 daily just to make sure.. 5 years ago +1
Yeah. 5 years ago  
I played video games with you :D 5 years ago  
Wow.. İnterdasating.. 5 years ago  
Decorated cupcakes with Orca.. 5 years ago  
Shiiii... How much are they? 5 years ago  
I'm sure a gold shirt would be more expensive.. 5 years ago +5
I like the Slutception going on there... 5 years ago +2
I just enjoy watching them both.. 5 years ago  
So Die Or Die? 5 years ago  
;) 5 years ago  
Look like means it's done by some sort of accident and it wasn't ment to be like that.. But the maker of it ment to do it so i said ''IT IS that''.. Of course i can see a guy stretching his butthole lol 5 years ago  
I said IT IS a boy ripping his butthole.. it doesn't look like it.. 5 years ago  
you can't even see it's face.. 5 years ago  
Why? 5 years ago  
The Photos.. 5 years ago  
it doesn't look like it.. it is that 5 years ago  
So to be exact.. Theres a song called ''Crabs'' there was one part where it said.. ''I've got a bag full of crabs here!.. I'm gonna put them in my mouth.. Oh Yes!.. so i made a question saying I've got a bag full of crabs here!.. I'm gonna put them in my mouth and there was 2 answers.. One Was OH YES! and the other one was how about no.. he rejected it and reason was... 'NO' that's what he wrote lol 5 years ago  
WAS. He was talking about the past.. 5 years ago  
Animal Crabs 5 years ago  
Alex rejected my question about crabs but he accepts this.. k den. 5 years ago +8
It's Raep time. 5 years ago  
Bitch, Do you even cookie? 5 years ago  
God damnit a minute late :D 5 years ago  
Oh you bought me quality food huh? Well thanks but i prefer eating my sh*t, Throw that up, Eat the puke, sh*t it and eat it again.. 5 years ago +2
yep.. :D 5 years ago  
Oh ok now i get it.. 5 years ago  
How did that guy took that picture with a pop-tart? 5 years ago +3
a dot. 5 years ago +1
He says you have the power to knock out a tiger with a single punch.. It's just telling an example to show how powerful you'd be.. It doesn't only work on tigers or anything.. 5 years ago +1
deoooırelöy67-kıo9gtf 5 years ago  
Yes! *you don't say face* 5 years ago  
Everyones doing this so let's Go.. Pffttt! The Turkish one is the best in all of them! 5 years ago +1
You Passed Earl.. Earl will remember that... 5 years ago  
And so on.. Helens ''Cake'' stuff is over.. 5 years ago +4
In A i just squirm on the floor for a few minutes.. But in B i just spill cold water on my finger for hours but the pain is still not gone.. 5 years ago +1
You Can Bend Metal too.. 5 years ago  
There is a thing called MemeBuilder. You should check it out! 5 years ago  
It would be better with a little cropping.. But the idea is nice.. 5 years ago  
Girlfriend? What type of Pokémon is that? 5 years ago +2
That's where the taste is at..Plus the fat is good for you too.. Just having it too much is the problem. 5 years ago +1
Everybody loopholing this sh*t.. 5 years ago +2
Huehuehuehue 5 years ago  
I Made It 2 Months Ago.. 5 years ago  
It smells better from the outside.. 5 years ago  
Wait.. The Guy Wasn't Obi-Wan! 5 years ago  
Yeah she'll just agree to have sex with you with the money she earns in an hour.. 5 years ago  
I got 1/8 bro.. It's cool XD 5 years ago  
Damn i was going to say the EXACT same thing! 5 years ago  
Do More of These :D 5 years ago +2
Soon.. 5 years ago +3
But Slenderman doesn't have a face so he can't see him.. So he would probably win :D 5 years ago  
wat 5 years ago +1
1V1 ME IRL PUSSY FEGGET! 5 years ago +2
Oh.. Then good thing i chose A... Also Dat ASS... 5 years ago  
Slender Man Doesn't have eyes so.. yeahhh 5 years ago  
*Inarticulate Yelling* XD 5 years ago  
Oh you know my superpower? When someone jumps on my back the world is saved.. How did you know?! 5 years ago +1
Then i'll just throw a gurnade and get in there? 5 years ago  
i just killed an Enderman with a wooden sword... :l 5 years ago +1
Feels Good Man.. 5 years ago  
The Old Guys Face Lol.. 5 years ago +1
XD 5 years ago +1
Sentry: You Better Back the F*ck up before i slap the F*ck out of you.. 5 years ago +1
I think the sword will be smaller then my body.. So i will just throw the sword inside the cave and get in.. It's asleep i'll just chop his head off :3 5 years ago  
Deadpool Regenerates hisself and has a catchy theme song.. WINNING! 5 years ago +1
Batman - Money = Skilled Man İronman - Money = Man 5 years ago  
Goddamnit helens he is the son of Super Goku and Zorro.. 5 years ago +1
yeah! :D 5 years ago +1
the one where they try to go inside a tunnel with a jet? 5 years ago  
Why Not Both? 5 years ago +1
Business in the front.. Party At The Back.. Awww Yeeee... 5 years ago  
He DID kill Superman ._. 5 years ago +3
Kenpachi: I don't always lose.. But when i do.. I don't. 5 years ago +2
Just said that because you only mentioned A in the authors comment. 5 years ago  
Why is there a Ghandi Photo? That's John Lennon's bro.. 5 years ago +1
Jaltoid! 5 years ago  
Who cares about them.. But Makes sense.. 5 years ago  
Then Why did you chose A? 5 years ago  
*The End* 5 years ago +1
It means we should wear something It's Freezing! 5 years ago +1
*100 UNO Games Later* Everybody's Butt Naked.. Do You Know What that Means?.. 5 years ago +1
Alright Whatever! I got a ''Take 4 Cards Multi Colour'' Card in my Deck! 5 years ago +1
Wat. 5 years ago  
YES. 5 years ago +1
Not Suprised Actually.. 5 years ago +9
Well.. We should..... PLAY UNO!!!! 5 years ago +1
YES!?!? XD 5 years ago +1
Sorry mumu but you can't compete with the penis of death.. 5 years ago  
I bet you have some weird fantasies.. 5 years ago +2
Woah! Welcome Back! 5 years ago  
If you want to sure.. 5 years ago  
I tought this was one of the which picture is better? questions! Change my vote please D: 5 years ago  
I have a picture suggestion for you write ''Red Baron AlvinHew'' on google it's on newgrounds 5 years ago  
I have a Cat and A would be very usefull 5 years ago +1
Fairy Tail 5 years ago  
Last time i saw Gildarts Wooped BlueNotes Ass.. 5 years ago  
Have you Seen The Google Workplaces? 5 years ago +3
Don't you have the sharingan already kakashi sensei? 5 years ago +2
Money Don't Grow on Trees! :D 5 years ago  
I'm just scrolling down untill these are over :D 5 years ago +4
I love anime but i need my job.. There is a big diffrence between wanting and needing.. 5 years ago +1
I Calculated it and you smoke less overall.. 5 years ago  
Nice Job! 5 years ago  
What just happened? 5 years ago  
Umm Nothing? 5 years ago  
Mhhhmmmm.. 5 years ago +3
Yay! 5 years ago +1
Genocider? Nope. 5 years ago  
Before it lays eggs 5 years ago +3
I'm sickened, but curious.. 5 years ago +1
Not Want! 5 years ago +3
Lol Turkish stuff :D 5 years ago +1
Anam bi tane daha çıktı! 5 years ago  
19.. Senin? 5 years ago  
Istanbul :D 5 years ago  
Türkiye'nin neresindensin o zaman? 5 years ago  
Sende gördüğüm ilk türksün.. Şimdi ne diyonuz diye yorum gelir birilerinden XD 5 years ago  
Düğün TV For the Win! XD 5 years ago  
Yep. 5 years ago  
Traditional Snack For Turkey :D 5 years ago  
they're living in the same house.. 5 years ago +1
What is the Diffrence between A Cow and 9/11? You stop milking the cow after 12 years.. 5 years ago  
Roy Mustang once went to ''The Virgin İslands''.. Now it's just called ''The Islands'' 5 years ago +3
I hate him but he has a nice power indeed.. 5 years ago  
60 Comments? 5 years ago +1
Sackboy from Little Big Planet.. Good Thing i decided to play that after playing Borderlands 2 :D 5 years ago  
Whitebeard, Alucard, Kenpachi.. Altough i do think that Ed, Naruto, Luffy and Goku is strong too.. I just love that trio.. 5 years ago  
What a Men Thinks about Equal Rights: Men = Women. What a Women Thinks about Equals Rights: Women > Men 5 years ago +3
Feraigatr is my favorite pokemon! He Can Learn Pretty Much Everthing.. He can use Cut, Surf, Rock Smash, Strength etc.. I call him ''Jaws''.. :D 5 years ago  
Bacon is way too overrated.. 5 years ago  
Dorky-Hog, Dorky-Hog And Dorky-Hog 5 years ago  
I just have to.. *An 5 years ago  
Causing a commotion, Because they're so awesome... 5 years ago  
%50-%50 What's gonna happen? also make this as long as possible.. I like them! :D 5 years ago  
People already say that i'm hated.. ._. 5 years ago  
They Both Look Too Cute.. 5 years ago +1
If it's wrong i'll sell the gold key and buy the thing i desire if it is affordable.. 5 years ago +1
I also like to live dangerously.. 5 years ago +7
Why Y U NO?! get it? 5 years ago  
We still have 2 weeks! :D 5 years ago  
Brace Yourselfs.. 'Murican Ragers Are Coming.. 5 years ago +9
I seriously tought of killing him one day.. he's as 2 times small as me and think he's sh*t.. 5 years ago +1
Now to think of it... Miley Cyrus ''We Can't Stop''.. 5 years ago +3
AIDS is much more of a problem then a**holes... 5 years ago +3
Camouflage.. 5 years ago +4
Wtf %20? 5 years ago  
The Demon Of An Angel = Wat. 5 years ago +1
More Downs then Ups.. Are you saying ''We won lots of gold medals in olympics!!'' because that's the only thing you acheived? And you won ONE war.. You can not think that america is better countrry then any other.. 5 years ago  
also religion jokes and religion argues are stupid so i will not continue this conversation.. 5 years ago  
I know the d*ck was unnecessary. but the next time you're going to make a joke about religions think about the people thats religion is the one you joke of.. Put yourself into my situation here.. If somebody said ''Hue Hue I Would want to burn the bible because it's not my religion and i don't care about other people that doesn't believe in my religion..'' you would react the same.. 5 years ago  
Win Win! :D 5 years ago  
I hate that you can't interact with cars! But this isn't Gta i guess.. 5 years ago +1
Why is he even a cop?! 5 years ago +2
Chubby kid looks like he's going to murder your whole f*cking family.. 5 years ago +7
Why Can't You Respect Other Religions Like You Do Respect Your Own Religion? Dick.. 5 years ago  
I'm happy with my PS3... 5 years ago  
So we know you are kind of Black.. :D 5 years ago +3
Does buying Video Games, Consoles and Manga a squander? I mean you don't need them and can live without them so.. 5 years ago +5
Damn It! 3 hours late!! 5 years ago +1
A normal Sized Friendly Cerberus that can shoot Lasers at owners will and whoever get shot gets super powers.. Wat? 5 years ago +1
Deathstroke! 5 years ago  
There was Daft Punk too.. Guy Manuel had a ''Wtf'' writing on his mask and Thomas got a ''?'' on his face.. 5 years ago +1
That's enough out of you 'Murican.. you have the right to remain silent.. And saying that America is better then any other counry..You guys are number one in the whole world.. But Number One in total amounts of Crime, Rape, Divorce Rate, Teen Birth Rate, Mc Donalds Restaurants etc. 5 years ago +1
Uh-Oh! 'Murican Alert! 5 years ago +2
They're enjoying it :O 5 years ago +1
HAHAHAHA NO. 5 years ago +3
You got it all wrong.. They always were calling your ''soccer'' Football.. But then dem 'Mericans made another game and called it Football too.. And then THEY (dem 'mericans) decided to call the real football be called soccer.. Dem sneaky 'Muricans deciding everything they want.. So i don't know what your ''football'' is called but the one on the Left is the one that is called Football.. CLASS DISSMISSED!.. 5 years ago +5
What is that Girl doing to that Boy in B!? 5 years ago +8
Ha...Ha...Ha... you are hilarious... i am dying of laughter.... Ha...Ha...Ha... Make it stop... ._. 5 years ago  
11.30 pm.. 5 years ago  
Waiting for Peritwinkle to make an comment about something obvious... 5 years ago +7
Nope it is old.. i just love it XD 5 years ago  
Cool Story Bro.. Needs more dragons and sh*t.. 5 years ago  
Don't mind or answer him Candy.. It's THAT time of the month.. 5 years ago  
I don't know Nor Care what you just said... I just feel my brain cells commiting suicide one by one while talking to you.. 5 years ago  
Hahaha i'm alone here :') 5 years ago +1
Those are called Cupcake in a Jar. :3 5 years ago  
B is my dream job actually.. 5 years ago +5
Hey Hey! Will i be in the Movie!?!?!?!?!?!? 5 years ago  
But that doesn't even.... ._. 5 years ago +1
But then it jumps on your face.. :) 5 years ago +3
2 girls and me? :3 5 years ago  
I have people i like here but i have people i hate too.. We'll just see how it goes.. 5 years ago  
Sarcasm.. You don't know it.. 5 years ago  
thanks c: 5 years ago  
SAY NO TO CYBER BULLYING! D: 5 years ago  
Hey that's my face meanie! ;_; 5 years ago +1
Now draw me >:3 5 years ago  
Straight from the Meme Wiki.. XD 5 years ago  
“Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn” is an expression that is often used as an ironic caption in image featuring ignorance of instruction.... 5 years ago  
Thanks for your Feedback.. I will do more if i think of some.. :) 5 years ago  
B is like: SOON!.. 5 years ago  
This Will Haunt me In My Sleep.. 5 years ago +1
Can Not Unsee.. 5 years ago +1
Not Sure if very Bad Grammar or Actually Ate Some of those ''Magic Dust''... 5 years ago +4
Material Changer! Turn Boobs from Solid into Liquid! 5 years ago +1
MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 5 years ago  
You have a Long Journey Ahead!.. 5 years ago  
Same Here! 5 years ago  
I Would Enjoy These Questions! 5 years ago +1
can someone explain wtf is Yushtv?! 5 years ago +1
There might be Bad Characters.. But don't look so much negative.. Megaman is Joining the Battle and i think the Engine would be more advanced! 5 years ago  
YOU DON'T SAY 2 Chainz.. You Don't Say.. 5 years ago  
Macklemore has a Pedostache :l 5 years ago  
If Korean Pop is Called Kpop then Chinese Rap is Called Crap... EDIT: My Mind is Full of Wat.. 5 years ago +2
I either don't know these guys or hate them.. ._. 5 years ago +1
okay :l 5 years ago  
ohh then B.. :p 5 years ago +1
Have my child paint my face blue or break the TV? 5 years ago +1
Yes it is..BUT I'M OUT OF MASTERBALLS!! >_ 5 years ago  
Damn it!! 5 years ago +2
*Don't. *Want to. *Because. * Then. *They're. *Dead. 5 years ago +2
Must.. Refuse.. Grammar..Correction.. 5 years ago +2
You Don't HAVE to Pray 5 times a Day Actually.. 5 years ago  
who knew Mudkip was such a grammar nazi.. 5 years ago  
I don't mess with them.. But if they mess with me for no reason it's ass woopin time.. 5 years ago  
Well... F*ck.. XD 5 years ago  
No Way you're zephyr! :O 5 years ago  
Stop these question wtf! 5 years ago +1
Comic-aze.. yours? 5 years ago  
Class Parties = Awkward As F*ck.. 5 years ago +3
Oh my gosh a memecenter user. 5 years ago  
That really rustled my jimmies... 5 years ago  
To be honest i haven't heard Berserk.. But B looks Gay... 5 years ago  
My Life= Lie.. 5 years ago +5
.... 5 years ago  
She does. at the beginning actually.. 6 years ago  
If i remember it's from a Ds game of the series.. Phantom Hourglass i think.. 6 years ago  
can i join the ''k'' party? 'u' 6 years ago  
From a game of legend of zelda.. 6 years ago  
''Hey Look! That is a Bridge!''.. getting real tired of your sh*t navi.. 6 years ago +2
Most racist movie name ever! lol 6 years ago  
apparently The Champion is John Cenas dick... 6 years ago +1
%67!?.. 6 years ago  
HAHAHAHAHAHA! No.. 6 years ago  
Mickey: ''i will murder your whole family..'' 6 years ago +1
Dude.. you know she is like 10-11 aged.. 6 years ago +1
How about criminals then ;D 6 years ago  
i'll stick some fake wings with duck tape :p 6 years ago +1
Kill Justin Beiber,Kesha,Lil Wayne,Skrillex etc. or bring back to Beatles etc.. Hardest decision ever.. 6 years ago  
GTA V and Red Dead Redemption.. 6 years ago  
Memecenter.. where people actually post original and NOT reposted memes.. 6 years ago +1
Thor has infinite money. 6 years ago +1
Happy from Fairy Tail!!! 6 years ago +2
Collecting Pez Dıspensers is totally normal.. 6 years ago  
If you know what i mean 6 years ago +3
Flareon from Pokemon.. Hell Yeah! 6 years ago +1
then i'd rape them *psycho breathe* 6 years ago +2
B can stop A making him sleep.. 6 years ago +4
Just?... JUST!?!? 6 years ago +1
i'll run around the street saying ''oi f***in wot m8!?!?'' to everyone.. 6 years ago  
Sauna Ba- ftw.. 6 years ago +2
i wouldn't watch the movie.. 6 years ago +2
i Hate Skrillex but it would be cool as Shit if someone made me angry and then i start to slowly walk to him in a scary way with skrillex music in the background.. that would be epic! 6 years ago +2
maybe the Psycho is the nickname of the rapist and he is very famous so he is Psycho the rapist? 6 years ago  
i dont know both but A sounds messed up.. 6 years ago +3
you are wondering which one i chose right? 6 years ago  
Oh that changes it... :p 6 years ago  
You never know where they can be and they can crush the barricades or etc. you make.. 6 years ago  
İ'll send an unicorn army to fight your Cthulu.. 6 years ago +1
Sorry to break your heart but there isn't an option like that.. 6 years ago  
i want to be a garbage guy,i want to be a garbage guy, (997 more later) İ want to be a famous actor.. 6 years ago +1
What if a zombie comes when you sleep and eats you while you're alive? 6 years ago  
Warturtle is the sh*t! 6 years ago +1
im a boy ftw 6 years ago  
but spurs won 6 years ago  
You look more Badass then Putin Riding a Nyan Cat bro.. 6 years ago +4
yay :D 6 years ago +1
Play the game "MOON" on Newgrounds.. i dare you. 6 years ago  
i have doubts about the intelligence of people on this site.. 6 years ago +4
Awesome question!! 6 years ago +3
All the games in the world got me.. 6 years ago +3
i want to buy the PS4 but in my country even a PS3 is 1200 tl (about 750 dollars) so when they come out they will hopefully get cheaper and i will buy Xbox 360. FML 6 years ago  
Fun Fact: A is called Chinese water torture. water is slowly dripped onto a person's forehead, allegedly driving the restrained victim INSANE! It doesn't matter how sane you are.. People tried to suicide to escape from it.. 6 years ago +2
Who else read it as McDonalds first? XD 6 years ago +1
wanna be my friend? i never had a friend before ;n; *forever alone* 6 years ago +1
why are we doing this face? ;n; 6 years ago  
I like it but i'm not a "FAN"... 6 years ago +2
I'm gonna hit you with this stick!! *genius* 6 years ago +9
you don't get the joke do you? ;n; 6 years ago  
he's just Supercat who wanted to have a meal before saving the world..You know what they say.. ''World later, Nomz First'' 6 years ago +3
disturbing to think B.. 6 years ago  
oh.. now i get it.. 6 years ago  
????????? 6 years ago  
İ only watch ''The Walking Daeid''.. 6 years ago +8
NBA: Not Basketball Anymore.. 6 years ago +3
tell that to the 'Muricans.. 6 years ago +4
i've seen enough h***** to see where this is going.. 6 years ago  
wrong answer!! i didn't even look at the question.. 6 years ago  
coffee maker! coffee beans are a small gift.. and he won't say return it.. it's fathers day! 6 years ago +1
really good question!.. made me think for 5 minutes.. 6 years ago  
listen to geberguss2.. the HP or XP doesn't matter.. the power of there moves does.. 6 years ago  
:) 6 years ago  
watch out.. we got a badass over here!! :D 6 years ago  
Pokemon.. 6 years ago +1
Bad luck Brian: Pushes the Button.. Dies. 6 years ago +6
Yummy!! Free Radiation!! 6 years ago +1
Mewtwo,Arceus.Dialga,Palkia,Rayquaza,Giratina,ZekromMagikarp,Darkrai.. do i have to count more? because this squad could screw up all the Yu-GI-Oh by themselfs.. 6 years ago +2
i don't wanna get f*cked up on drugs... 6 years ago +4
clone troopers chat: Hey Mike.. Do we even shoot something? Mike: I shot a bird once.. 6 years ago  
Largest country?.. i believe that's Russia.. 6 years ago +1
wait a minute.. YOU AREN'T A CAT!?!? 6 years ago +2
Butterape is the best!! P.S.butterfly and primeape combined.. know to think of it sounds preety messed up.. 6 years ago  
Buurrnnn!! lol 6 years ago +3
i feel my brain cells committing suicide just by talking to you so i'm going to write no further.. 6 years ago  
read the author's comment. :3 6 years ago  
But if someone steals it or i losted it i can never use them again.. but when the magic is inside you can't lose it.. 6 years ago +1
was that a verse or did you just get the hiccups? 6 years ago  
slender trolling! 6 years ago  
listen to the classics.. so relaxing.. 6 years ago +2
Who you gonna call? 6 years ago  
What if someone steals it or i losted it? 6 years ago +1
That's Death Metal.. and listen to "Jeanny" by Falco.. more then 15 people suicided after reading the songs story and listening to it.. 6 years ago  
i watched transformers and i know what voices people make when they have sex..And i can put them together in my head.. And it sounds like Dubstep.. 6 years ago  
Who said i like pop? And it's just my choice that i don't want to hear Transformers having sex noises.. 6 years ago  
Mystogan, Makarov or Erza.. 6 years ago  
THE BEES!! NOT THE BEES!! AGHHH!! 6 years ago  
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