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Black Tea is my favorite drink. When i'm here, it probably means i'm bored. Message me if you want to. Also message me if you don't. I'll enjoy having a conversation about nearly any topic. RNGesus is your friend. Let him guide you. http://i.imgur.com/IBnFxgX.gif My Doctorate - http://i.imgur.com/4JixfrT.png MotD - http://i.imgur.com/7n3rIp2.jpg Spooky http://i.imgur.com/VspXfrB.png The sun smells too loud.

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Should the chat have Sound notifications or Pop-up notifications 4 years ago 169 votes 3 comments 0 likes
TES V:Skyrim which Daedric artifact do you like more Volendrung or The Ebony Blade 5 years ago 189 votes 4 comments 0 likes
TES V:Skyrim which Daedric artifact do you like more The Mace of Molag Bal or The Wabbajack 5 years ago 188 votes 8 comments 0 likes
In TES V:Skyrim which Daedric artifact do you like more Mehrunes' Razor or The Dawnbreaker 5 years ago 196 votes 10 comments 0 likes
TES V:Skyrim would you rather wield a sword or a dagger 5 years ago 250 votes 8 comments 0 likes
In TES V:Skyrim would you rather wield a sword or a mace 5 years ago 225 votes 7 comments 0 likes
TES V:Skyrim would you rather wield a greatsword or a sword 5 years ago 175 votes 6 comments 0 likes
TES V:Skyrim would you rather wield a battleaxe or a greatsword 5 years ago 198 votes 6 comments 0 likes
In TES:Skyrim would you rather wield a warhammer or a battleaxe 5 years ago 196 votes 1 comment 0 likes
In TES:Skyrim would you rather wear Heavy armor or Light armor 5 years ago 173 votes 7 comments 0 likes
In Fallout 3 did you Blow up the citadel or not 5 years ago 125 votes 7 comments 0 likes
In Fallout New Vegas did you side with The New California Republic or Caesar's Legion 5 years ago 106 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Right now WYR eat a schnitzel or kebab 5 years ago 636 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Does tripping apply only to walking, or to any kind of transportation of the body that involves usage of both legs? 3 years ago  
Judging solely by the specifications 3 years ago  
alright 3 years ago  
Yes, but it was the door's fault - both sides had pull on them. 3 years ago +1
I wish piracy was possible in space... 3 years ago  
People are simply put - conscious brains. We do not yet know what exactly causes consciousness but we know that death halts it. Therefore when a person's brain is dead, their consciousness goes with it and they are no more. 3 years ago  
Then that person is remembered by those who do, and with time, the memory is gone as well. 3 years ago  
They get disposed of in their preferred way. 3 years ago  
The universe keeps going. 3 years ago  
Judging by the way Russia prioritizes sports above just about everything else, B is quite likely. 3 years ago  
What's the point of going through ancient questions? 3 years ago  
Hmm... Step 1: Convert stuff into gold. Step 2: If the prices of gold don't crash like a sloppily built plane in Kerbal Space Program, funnel the acquired money into robotic limb research. Step 3: Replace forearms with superior robotic limbs. Step 4: Enjoy. Optional Step 2.5: funnel additional money into various space programs. 3 years ago  
Damn... feels like ages ago 3 years ago  
ayy. 'Tis a good brand m80 3 years ago  
Regarding guns https://www.youtube.com/user/DemolitionRanch/videos 3 years ago  
Alright then. Let's end it here 3 years ago  
Hey! You stole my pencil! Now mail it back! 3 years ago  
I immediately remembered this http://polandball.cc/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/s8tDEml.png 3 years ago  
I love how it has only been 17 hours and the comments already caught fire. 3 years ago  
למרות ש'ככה' זה לא תשובה, אני אסיים את זה פה כי אין לי כוח להתווכח 3 years ago  
Still waiting for someone to claim Donald Trump 3 years ago  
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3 years ago  
למה לי? זה האינטרנט 3 years ago  
m8 don't take jokes seriously. If this wasn't a joke then don't get butthurt. 3 years ago  
I'm only speaking theoretically. What if for some reason you have two pistols with automatic fire and drum magazines? 3 years ago  
I wish I had a computer that could run it in the first place. I'd definitely enjoy a space trucker simulator. 3 years ago  
Praise RNGesus 3 years ago  
I would change it to "driving in city centers". A is perfectly fine 3 years ago  
Well, I'm talking about recoil dampening for suppression fire (In theory only ofc as a SMG would be more effective) and not about aiming. 3 years ago  
And mechanical recoil dampeners in or on your arms for additional efficiency. 3 years ago  
You would need very (very) strong arms and wrists for dual wielding to actually work. 3 years ago +2
It's such a shame that I don't have any fencing experience. 3 years ago  
Screw portability. I'll mount it under my desk and add desktop fans. 3 years ago +1
Read it as "or". Wrong vote. damnit 3 years ago +1
Including the crime of killing useless ultra-orthodox penguins. 3 years ago +1
So, we are alike. 3 years ago  
Of course 4 years ago  
http://i.imgur.com/R7oQYtI.jpg 4 years ago  
http://imgur.com/fHWcTl8 4 years ago +2
I'm quite a mix though 4 years ago +1
http://imgur.com/fHWcTl8 and what meatball said. 4 years ago  
I should be dead for quite a while then. 4 years ago +1
It isn't going to be fun either way. Interstellar or Exanima. (Exanima is early access physics-based combat). Living in a space station doesn't sound that bad though 4 years ago  
Is this bait? 4 years ago  
Better get wounded than die from radiation... 4 years ago +1
I actually have to do both right now. 4 years ago  
not gud! 4 years ago  
זה, כן. חשבתי שה'יאי' זה לגבי מדינה דתית 4 years ago  
SO JUST DO IT!! 4 years ago  
I really hope that this will happen to the haredim someday(ulta-orthodox jews) 4 years ago  
ברצינות? 4 years ago  
We do have a religious monopoly though. 4 years ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJGifTou5FE We flew a kite in a public place... 4 years ago  
Random Number G(enerator)esus [G=J]. Praise RNGesus! http://i.imgur.com/IBnFxgX.gif 4 years ago  
Reality bending. Hell yes. Trips to the mountains would be very demotivating though 4 years ago +1
מה פתאום. לי כבר נמאס לשבת בבית וחוץ מזה גם לא בא לי לסיים (עולה ל יב) .ככה זה 4 years ago  
מחר, לא? 4 years ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhLWf6rYyPs 4 years ago  
בהחלט שניצל. אבל עדיף קבב 4 years ago  
As I said - I'll stop here. 4 years ago  
Destruction of property inside my property... akay m8. I'll stop here and go live on an island 4 years ago  
Nay 4 years ago  
Just keep painting them white 4 years ago  
Adblock and vandalism might help 4 years ago  
Having one thing power the entire world is extremely unsafe on it's own. If it fails, the entire world is left without power (unless there are substations and backups). 4 years ago +1
Stop wasting land you schnitzels! (I know, I know, cremation pollutes the atmosphere) 4 years ago  
The closest thing I have to a deity is RNGesus. 4 years ago  
I'd probably steal a few moderately valuable items. A computer maybe. 4 years ago +1
Best comment EU 4 years ago  
Ok then. But as I said, we won't need democracy and I don't want my state to be considered a democratic state 4 years ago  
c: 4 years ago  
" ...wear cotton/polyester blends... " My train of thought flew away into a gigantic cloud of confusion and dumbfoundedness. 4 years ago  
Haven't played B so I can't answer. Morrowind is certainly better than Skyrim though 4 years ago  
That's an easy choice 4 years ago  
Prime minister (usually)=democratic state. We won't need that. 4 years ago +1
HAAAX! 4 years ago  
Pandas are conservatives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qNawyzVGbc 4 years ago  
DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNtx9XLg7zw 4 years ago  
Go big or go home! 4 years ago +1
We're all used to B. Muh shekels! 4 years ago  
Regarding Jimmy Carter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwgzTsO46yc 4 years ago  
Aye 4 years ago  
It should be enough. Get some poison or acid on the missiles/bolts, load the ballistae and fire away. Should the attack fail, run for your lives. 4 years ago  
Then we shall lure it outside. You don't use handheld weapons on massive monsters if you value your life. 4 years ago  
I'll get to it eventually. 4 years ago  
I'll demand a supply of siege engines with operators 4 years ago  
173 is the neck-snapping statue. This guy does something so terrible it got expunged 4 years ago +1
Are you talking about Able? I wish I could talk to 085. [expect a reply from me tomorrow] 4 years ago  
The dudes in B are monks, right? 4 years ago  
Is that him? http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-507 4 years ago +1
I don't want 096 to [DATA EXPUNGED] me ;-; SCP-CB is great though. Same applies to the entire SCP community 4 years ago +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdzEDVM2TCE 4 years ago +1
c: 4 years ago  
I'd say neutral good with a fair inclination towards chaotic neutral. I expect my actions to reward me every once in a while. 4 years ago  
12th. So sad. 4 years ago  
Nice one m8 4 years ago  
Usually we study since around 8:45 to 14:30 (16:30 on long days), so obv A 4 years ago  
c: 4 years ago  
About to begin 12th. So sad. Well, my studies won't stop there... 4 years ago  
Go big or go home! PhD ftw 4 years ago  
So nothing changes 4 years ago +1
please 4 years ago  
Yes, as it's more fit for metric. 4 years ago  
No thank you. I want my teeth intact... More or less... Also they didn't have horned helmets :| (I know I know) 4 years ago  
HEMA ftw! 4 years ago  
Today's image of ninjas is absolute BS. Sorry. Also HEMA ftw! 4 years ago  
It has a different base. That's it. 4 years ago +1
Definitely NV. Sure, 3 has it's +s but as someone wrote in a steam review - "It's like Fallout 3, but with writers that actually graduated high school.". The story is just better. More freedom too (3 doesn't really offer you a lot options). 4 years ago +2
After reading a little about this, it sounds fun. Judaism has got way more bullsh*t than Wicca 4 years ago  
Same 4 years ago  
Depends on what kind of water. "Everyday" water is a mixture too. If we're talking about distilled water then my answer is air. 4 years ago +3
Misjudged a little. As I always do when it is hot. Also how did I end up in the States? There are two options: Negative speed and negative acceleration, or positive speed and negative acceleration. (So my answer is: false) 4 years ago  
Neither :3 Screw phone games 4 years ago  
Cheeseburgers are a stupid idea. *flies away* 4 years ago  
Only if I wanted to. Nokia anyone? 4 years ago +2
Now that's a huge exaggeration. I'm not going to search for the possible joke in your comment and I'll only say that it's not great but it's not too bad either. (Not really decent if you include the system). 4 years ago  
Some people already do. *Sips tea* 4 years ago  
I know where to hide 4 years ago  
        . 4 years ago  
Heard of it. Doesn't sound fun. 4 years ago  
Omnipotence, even in a certain field can and probably will be boring to me. Hail RNGesus! 4 years ago  
pff 4 years ago  
jk m8 4 years ago  
what a narcissist 4 years ago +1
Circumsised isn't always the best. Said another jew. welcome m8! 4 years ago +2
To watch all the mountains from above 4 years ago  
60kg 180cm . enjoy my biometrics 4 years ago  
muh animal rights 4 years ago  
Then I'd be the only one with internet access in my phone! 4 years ago  
There's a rather big and well known hole in the northern region called Tzfat. Only if we could deport the penguins... 4 years ago  
It's an archipelago in the arctic circle and it has glaciers. 4 years ago  
Svalbard ftw! 4 years ago  
B Sounds really noice while A sounds like cholesterol oveload. 4 years ago +3
Svalbard here I come! 4 years ago +1
I'm sure that the sole purpose of this question is to ask you "Which one?" and leave you wondering what the heck it meant. 4 years ago  
Hail Lord GabeN! 4 years ago +3
ayy 4 years ago  
Greetings to you! Why not? 4 years ago  
I already am. In a way. 4 years ago  
A jewish scientist in A. heh. what a ridiculous idea went through his head 4 years ago  
Hi. Boredom leads to this. Have a nice day. Take a profile view. 4 years ago +6
?שלום לך! למה לא 4 years ago  
ayy lmao! 4 years ago  
Assuming I'm there. Also assuming that I care. 4 years ago  
A free passport? Ofcourse! 4 years ago  
Saw both a long time ago. Both are great. I still use B every time I have an apple 4 years ago  
For some unknown reason I kind of enjoyed this. Maybe because I like to be busy. Also maybe because I like to read people's profile text. 4 years ago +8
B would be disastrous. A won't happen often. I'm good. 4 years ago  
Some types of honey are too good. 4 years ago  
As superninja76 said, B won't be good. In A, someone else would probably replace him. 4 years ago  
Some can be delicious. Others can be good companions. 4 years ago  
שלום לך 4 years ago  
In A why isn't he wearing white camo? 4 years ago  
Perhaps. There is a safe haven though 4 years ago  
Perfect. The car wasn't even mine. 4 years ago  
Delicious 4 years ago  
Fite me! I fought 3 at Ivarstead. The elder one chickened away. 4 years ago  
Cooked in a rather nice fashion. 4 years ago  
Maybe as a soldier when the possible conflict reaches an unpleasant level... 4 years ago  
I'll call the local service that is responsible for stray dogs. My flat has no space for a dog 4 years ago  
ayy! Michael Rosen YTPs FTW! 4 years ago  
muh triggers 4 years ago +2
4chan sucks since Moot sold out. 4 years ago  
I already know A so B would be good to know. 4 years ago  
Good point sir 4 years ago  
Dark Elves FTW! 4 years ago  
I prefer parrots 4 years ago +1
Once it was Italy. Also I don't live in Tel-Aviv 4 years ago  
NOT GUD! 4 years ago  
Pizza can be consumed 4 years ago +1
Are we fighting for or against the birds? 4 years ago  
(usually) safer form of combat... 4 years ago  
A would mean long sleeps in the WINTER and shorter sleeps in the WINTER. 4 years ago +1
Best pilot/sniper EU 4 years ago +1
I had this glitch too 4 years ago  
m80, I live in Israel, remember? It's still sold ofcourse in places like "Russian markets" but you won't find pork in places with kashrut certifications. 4 years ago  
Undermining them 4 years ago  
A would screw up a lot of things at the moment 4 years ago  
A already kind of is so why not add B to annoy the side that says yes to A? 4 years ago  
Spellsword master race 4 years ago  
We're still far from this... 4 years ago  
K. 4 years ago  
They're*, and yes 4 years ago  
I doubt there is one... 4 years ago  
I hope the story won't be disappointing... 4 years ago  
The NCR is the least worst option for order in the wasteland. 4 years ago  
What will I do with an extra toe? Have it destroyed by a table leg? 4 years ago +3
Anything but beats.... 4 years ago +1
B is too fragile and leaks too often 4 years ago  
Big swords are plain stupid. End of sentence. 4 years ago  
How about I won't survive the "boot camp". 4 years ago  
qbittorrent masterrace 4 years ago  
Friedrich all day! 4 years ago +1
nothing ever changes.... EDIT: Italy??? how the heck??? 4 years ago  
if spent the right way 4 years ago  
spiders are not that stupid 4 years ago  
2 minutes late. i concur. 4 years ago  
how slow is it anyway?? AR500 steel shield ftw! 4 years ago  
Five Nights at Fuufboy's, eh? 4 years ago +5
it's a waste of money. i'd rather use the screen with a capable PC (if i had either) 4 years ago  
hivemind! kind of... 4 years ago  
the spelling in this question is bad enough for me not to answer. 4 years ago +4
don't forget Michael Rosen! 4 years ago  
haven't watched that one :| 4 years ago +1
Super villains don't kill super heroes because they would get bored without them. We saw that in Megamind. 4 years ago  
electrical stimulation FTW! 4 years ago  
spiders are cute 4 years ago  
can't use my hands? then how on earth am i going to use either of these tools? 4 years ago +3
i finally agreed with you o_o 4 years ago +2
RNGesus is always here 4 years ago +1
B - neutral=? A - Post-Rock=? 4 years ago  
a hybtid of an* angle and a* demon.... interesting... 4 years ago  
it hurts no one. alcohol on the other hand... 4 years ago +5
i considered myself a cyborg since the day i got a dental crown 4 years ago  
those 30% will probably be extremely religious people who refuse to leave the country for some reason.... 4 years ago  
Hatred. 4 years ago  
with a .22 to the leg 4 years ago +1
how much is many? 4 years ago  
it's going to be useful. until the GOC will find me and monitor me for any misbehaviour... 4 years ago  
carpet bombing is much more effective and quicker. jackw has a good point. 4 years ago  
what the actual schnitzel? 4 years ago  
i was talking about the middle-click function 4 years ago  
because then middle mouse would be pointless 4 years ago  
Just in time to explore the Internet. 4 years ago +3
There is a theory floating around that explains why the stormtroopers can't hit a thing - Darth Vader makes sure they don't. Or it's just the helmets... 4 years ago  
diabettus 4 years ago  
because i have a negative opinion on phone games. 4 years ago +1
i would'nt mind B though 4 years ago  
support all day 4 years ago  
i have no reason to hurt a cute shark 4 years ago +4
what? 4 years ago +2
A few hundred or a thousand years from 4E 201 when the infrastructure might be more advanced. Probably in Cyrodiil or High Rock. Maybe Morrowind... 4 years ago  
I don't know. I never tried, and I'm probably not going to. Therefore I cannot answer 4 years ago  
as everyone says - that is not too useless if you can survive 2 4 years ago +2
just being informative - full plate armour is not insanely heavy (15kg - 25kg). 4 years ago  
equally honest 4 years ago  
ugh. piercings 4 years ago  
in the picture we have an android. being a cyborg means having mechanical and/or electrial implants that augment your natural abilities. this means that a person with an artificial heart is considered a cyborg, and that the guest from Ontario below me is wrong. 4 years ago  
in A i basically become Zee Captain. 4 years ago +1
Higher graders no longer wear uniforms in my school. Democracy ftw! Also in Israel the "uniform" almost everywhere is just a plain T-shirt or a hoodie with the school's emblem printed on the left side. 4 years ago +1
no. never. 4 years ago  
i'm sure that cool means cold 4 years ago  
spiders are indeed awesome. it'll be very pleasant 4 years ago  
even though every single person in there is completely nuts in a way. maybe Tolfdir and Savos aren't. also it's cold. 4 years ago  
sign language probably 4 years ago  
bug reports 4 years ago  
screw the world and it's opinions 4 years ago  
does than mean theocracy? 4 years ago  
basically, yes. but if you go down to the specifics, then not always. 4 years ago  
In A gaining profit will be a pain and B would eventually become useless due to hardware limitations :| 4 years ago  
so instead of 3 years by default it goes to 5.... well, i'm planning to take a path that will make it 7 so nothing matters :| B would be impossible 4 years ago  
i concur 4 years ago +1
both are great. i used to play A. now i play B. finally T9 4 years ago +1
usually it's reasonably good, sometimes not, and considering their greediness, it's overpriced. 4 years ago  
no lenny. please no lenny. 4 years ago  
to me B would be much more amusing 4 years ago +1
can they be that reasonable? 4 years ago  
how did you manage to type "your" properly once and then type it incorrectly in basically the same sentence?? 4 years ago +2
is there a high chance for consequences and are people aware of my actions in A? come on it's all about details 4 years ago  
i second that 4 years ago  
I've never played any game from the "Legend of Zelda" franchise so I have no opinion. 4 years ago  
and he barely has any personality.we never heard him speak 4 years ago  
not even close. and i'm not in central district damnit 4 years ago  
Babylon 5 is possibly the best space sci-fi show of all time, but not the best show among all shows. edit: how the hell did i end up in central district? 4 years ago  
so close but technically not. :| 4 years ago  
thank you for informing me on this one :) 4 years ago  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzqUhYP1uAA 4 years ago  
Sithis is neither. get your facts straight.http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Sithis_%28Deity%29 4 years ago +1
i used to have grey eyes as a kid. now they are blue 4 years ago  
do i get to pick who dies? 4 years ago  
oh you 4 years ago  
Explosions in the Sky FTW 4 years ago  
ayy! 4 years ago  
i prefer the Missionary Church of Kopimism. thank you 4 years ago +1
being an infant does not offer a choice 4 years ago  
i broke my left arm very close to the wrist. it was unpleasant 4 years ago  
he probably walked on ice or arranged some pedestals to step on... or something like that. just saying... 4 years ago  
Babylon 5. i wonder if people know what that is.... 4 years ago  
neat 4 years ago  
Ты тоже 4 years ago  
i say nothing 4 years ago  
i dislike chaos but i also dislike light. wat do? 4 years ago  
wooo! first! (i know i know) 4 years ago  
ayy m8 we're alike 4 years ago +1
good thing this site has blade literates 4 years ago +1
won't do much. why does it have to be a katana? 4 years ago +1
he is lost now. there is nothing you can do 4 years ago  
i'm still telling you. 4 years ago  
Greentext is a method used when anon wants to quote another anon to draw attention to a few words. It is accomplished by using the > character before your text. 4 years ago +2
this is a greentext. sadly, rrrather does not have such feature. 4 years ago  
i already know how to B so A would be a good addition 4 years ago +4
they did the job. i'll later curse RNGesus for making the whole thing happen to me though... 4 years ago  
>mfw i pick A http://i.imgur.com/W4vyzpk.jpg i wonder how that'll work out... 4 years ago +1
i doubt that 4 years ago  
my emotions are mine. they won't get out. at least not on the bathroom floor. 4 years ago +1
i would neither. i just won't care. 4 years ago  
i don't wear jeans or any kind of pants with a zipper! ayy! 4 years ago +1
nature is indeed fascinating 4 years ago  
i would not be surprised. 4 years ago  
he's a cool deity but i'd rather worship RNGesus 4 years ago  
ughhh.... once only 9gag was terrible. i used to browse 4chan. it was a good place until this autumn, when moot betrayed it and many have migrated to a better place in which i reside now. infinity for ever! 4 years ago  
do i get to pick that specific location? (it's very important) 4 years ago +2
if i somehow end up studying THAT, then i'd rather have a teacher with whom i won't have to argue every minute. 4 years ago +4
such studies must be objective 4 years ago  
Dear Pandora Visitor, We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. We will continue to work diligently to realize the vision of a truly global Pandora, but for the time being we are required to restrict its use. We are very sad to have to do this, but there is no other alternative. licensing is racist. 4 years ago +1
a highly successful life equals a private spaceship 4 years ago  
i treat the army as huge possibility to build a career. not as a possibility to defend this damned place. it's more like a 50/50 4 years ago  
you can't control something that is created by the absence of something else. i'll just memorize my route and bend the light to pass around me 4 years ago  
that's what many people don't understand 4 years ago  
If you would've added "upon death" to the title, maybe i'd click A. But i read it too fast. TL:DR meant A 4 years ago +4
what is the situation? 4 years ago  
has a mass of as much as 200k elephants* 4 years ago  
i see no problem 4 years ago  
nothing ever changes... 4 years ago  
so i become a lie detector in some way. perfect for me. 4 years ago +1
it highly depends on the situation. 4 years ago +1
can you be fat with perfect health? 4 years ago  
people overdo it. B is fine in my opinion 4 years ago  
thank you for a free $5k. i'll have to unistall quicktime though... 4 years ago  
people percieve me as evil due to my lack of sympathy towards anything. a 4 or so 4 years ago  
exactly 6. why can't we use metric? 4 years ago  
i played both. neither are quite the roleplay. it also depends which DS you are talking about 4 years ago  
meet: myself - http://www.learnmyself.com/Personality-Report?u=PIx3x4068608-3708819x724EBx3 enjoy 4 years ago  
alright. 4 years ago +1
to know if it's the right time to stop and not miss into a wall or something i need proportionally fast reflexes. do they come along the package? 4 years ago +1
delicious 4 years ago  
it's a fruit that requires refrigiration and never goes into a fruit salad. 4 years ago  
um... 4 years ago  
alrighty. try and see. i see no reason for not trying. 4 years ago  
alright. now that B is clear for me, how about you explain A. will i get the reaction time necessary for stopping in the right moment when going at very high speeds? 4 years ago +1
please elaborate: evil clown 4 years ago  
then remember this incase it's still not clear: you're = you are. your = belongs to you 4 years ago  
why do you people keep confusing between you're and your? 4 years ago  
that would indeed be terrible 4 years ago  
are you kidding me? you got it right in B but wrong in A. careless native english speakers... 4 years ago  
bad spelling is also a problem 4 years ago  
no thank you. i am already too far into technology to accept A 4 years ago  
i already do 4 years ago  
Kerbal Space Program 4 years ago  
do you have a flight plan for both? i suggest doing both because getting to Duna is not that difficult. i totally forgot what is the name of the space potato in A though... 4 years ago  
but then my eyes will be visible 4 years ago  
i already try and do B. so assuming i will get away without injury from A, heck yes! 4 years ago  
i have a strong aversion towards dogs 4 years ago  
meh/10 . i am lazy 4 years ago +1
i don't want to go back. 4 years ago  
i die either way. great. 4 years ago +2
i don't get back at people. most of the time 4 years ago  
you stuffed too much text in the answers. i demand the full text. 4 years ago +1
meh. it'll just a lot more annoying for me because infamy brings attention. i don't like lots of attention and will probably have to start punching people in the faces if they won't stop speaking about it. 4 years ago  
that's a problem then 4 years ago  
but will i see them? 4 years ago  
do you drop your mugs that often? 4 years ago +6
there are some important details to take into account you know. will i be invisible only on the visible light spectrum or all of them. will i be able to see while invisible as sight requires light to enter my eyes which will in turn make them visible. i want these questions answered before i can vote 4 years ago +1
if it's large enough, i place it on my arm, letting it crawl on it while walking to the front door. small spiders stay where they are 4 years ago  
if used means completely empty and equal to the brand new $1k pc, then i choose that. if not, then A because you can easily build a budget gaming pc for $1k 4 years ago  
what about my Not The President? 4 years ago  
oh you 4 years ago  
in the video game i have not yet created. sure 4 years ago  
no. go home. 4 years ago  
it was unpleasant and rather problematic as the fracture very close to my wrist 4 years ago  
i flee from groups of more than 5 people 4 years ago +2
i enjoy drawing 4 years ago  
occassionally i can toss a very good joke. most of the time it's just very dark and generally unpleasant humour. 4 years ago +1
now that i think about it, my knife is on my desk that is 1 metre from the bed.... 4 years ago  
hmmm.... furniture or half the price of a budget gaming pc? 4 years ago  
you should define the size of that elementary school 4 years ago  
i need that money. 4 years ago  
when i see aliens i see aliens. when i read 'aliens' i think ayy lmao 4 years ago +2
TL:DR there is life out there. the probabilty is too high 4 years ago  
ES:O is not that good 4 years ago +1
with B, you have a higher chace of getting a part of A 4 years ago +1
because it's not exactly the end of humanity and the worst that can happen is getting eaten 4 years ago +1
i know neither 4 years ago +1
no 4 years ago  
yes. 4 years ago  
did i answer your question in the native language comment section? 4 years ago  
if i got an awesome house then i probably got the money for stuff to get back at them 4 years ago  
feels good 4 years ago +3
i highly doubt there is an afterlife anyway 4 years ago +1
undoubtly, it is one of the best games i've ever played 4 years ago  
i want to be cremated 4 years ago +1
a molecular teleporter is already being worked on. time machines? i don't think humanity needs that 4 years ago +1
\o/ 4 years ago  
1: if you're asking whether i am religious or not, the answer is no. 2: you can say that it is a religion with racial/genetic components. 4 years ago  
this is basically the first Isaac, but better in every aspect 4 years ago  
yep. yep they do. i was a little disappointed with the pre sequel. not too much. just a little 4 years ago  
basically a top-down pixel manhunt. i palyed it from the beginning to the end and although short, it was good. 8/10. awesome soundtrack 4 years ago  
technically, half jew half russian. 4 years ago  
yes. 100% 4 years ago  
technically they are people. psychologically, they are people too. 4 years ago  
you can't do A without doing B 4 years ago  
good. here comes inflation! (pun intended) 4 years ago  
ofcourse i can. and i wasn't. i'm not a punny guy. also: leaving for today. 4 years ago  
*holding the screen and staring at it intestifies* 4 years ago  
dogs are overrated. *flies away* 4 years ago  
Finally an acceptable question. My first language is Russian. I also know Hebrew (you have 1 attempt to guess why) and obviously English. I speak fluently in all of them. 4 years ago +1
does that the mass increases along, or it's just the volume? it's extremely important, you know. 4 years ago  
it says: only increase. i assume no 4 years ago  
ayy 4 years ago  
the governments would be spooked 4 years ago +4
if dual wielding was practical, we'd get evidence from the past. there is basically none. that's why, i go for a longsword. also: two handed swords are not heavy! they can be as agile as an arming sword 4 years ago  
were* 4 years ago +1
Apple sucks... discuiss 4 years ago  
at least i get to see things 4 years ago +1
please explain invisible. 4 years ago  
bring on the bass 4 years ago  
1-2 centimetres once a few years does not count 4 years ago  
the chance for israel to join is actually quite high, you know 4 years ago +1
what is the problem? everyone i know (apart from the family quite obviously) are of different ethnic groups 4 years ago  
i wish i had someone to offer B to. A is still quite useful 4 years ago +1
more pleasant to meet 4 years ago +1
first of all, please tell me which kind of spiders 4 years ago +2
i wish i could find them first. i think they're discontinued in here. 4 years ago  
go to store>>get the items i wanted>>get out>>suspicion arises>>guard searches me>>nothing>>confusion>>iamamagician 4 years ago  
regular=average. average=good. what i have now is way below average. 4 years ago  
even australia and canada? 4 years ago  
ah yes. dark humour. my favorite type of humour. both. 4 years ago +1
dr somgosomgo ayy lmao success 4 years ago +1
people need to be banned for that type of questions 4 years ago  
yes. you all know 4 years ago  
in this question, you are not necesarrily The Dragonborn because it is not specified 4 years ago  
actually, you're the goy here 4 years ago  
*tips fedora* 4 years ago  
really. what's wrong? 4 years ago  
i listen to both 4 years ago +1
humans from what i know, taste similiar to pork. but dogs are probably delicious too 4 years ago  
no halloween in here :| 4 years ago  
who says that you must join it? 4 years ago +2
i'm not sure if a stepdad counts... 4 years ago  
it is quite huge. yes 4 years ago  
if B is true then i lose my wats. already knew about A 4 years ago  
same applies to humans. it's possible to survive without food for up to 3 months 4 years ago  
i love montage parodies 4 years ago  
overpopulation and evil people you better run!! oh wait! you can't! 4 years ago  
already broke my arm once. it's not really pleasant. also it's unspecified which operation. this means that it can be a cybernetic implantation 4 years ago  
you could say i already am 4 years ago  
first i gotta find that f*cker. DAD I'M COMING FOR YOU!! 4 years ago +2
what are the reasons for hating it? list them all. 4 years ago  
i'll definetly kill my neighbours 4 years ago  
indeed sir, indeed 4 years ago  
your* 4 years ago  
this means that it cannot be globally applied 4 years ago  
HAIL GABEN! 4 years ago  
also Portal. you really should then 4 years ago  
pre first stop> 0 passengers. first stop>10 passengers. second stop> 5 get off, 20 get on. we are left with 25. third stop>all get off. the driver is left. dude seriously? 4 years ago +2
f*ck you dad! wherever you are.... 4 years ago +1
i'd rather not be restricted by a non-100% belief. thank you 4 years ago  
i don't like swimming in the sea anyway 4 years ago  
that's pure awesome 4 years ago  
hold on. guilt? after murdering someone of choosing? HA! 4 years ago  
Half Life, L4D, TF2. maybe some other titles i forgot to mention? Steam maybe? 4 years ago +2
these things are badass 4 years ago +2
When you die, you die. Done. 4 years ago  
what if HL3 will be a cliffhanger? 4 years ago  
i see nothing wrong with that. it's not really a "drug". 4 years ago +3
wat 4 years ago  
i always try to find the happy medium which is 30fps for me. if i can't then i go A obv. 4 years ago +1
is there a sign outside that says "Dead n*gger storage"? 4 years ago  
then normal is different for each location 4 years ago  
normal is too vague to be used as a description of someone's personality. 4 years ago  
yes. for Symbian S60 because i'm probably the only user with a Nokia in here and i demand attention to the dying society of the unbreakables 4 years ago  
first of all, the australian accent rocks. then the fact that is has the most dangerous wildlife. and then my favorite species of spider also originate from there. i'd move there if it wasn't so damn hot in there 4 years ago  
think about it. you break it into smaller pieces 4 years ago  
there might have actually been a shooting range next to my house.the thing is, it's a bunker 4 years ago  
neither. spiders are adorable. snakes are majestic 4 years ago  
why would i need this? 4 years ago  
41 minutes late. i second that 4 years ago  
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