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    being hot doesnt mean being stupid 3 years ago  
    badass class achieved 3 years ago  
    hahahahahahahahahahaha 3 years ago  
    but its the helmet that makes him breath like that so no helmet no breathin 3 years ago  
    BIRDS SHIT ON PPL 3 years ago  
    WE ALREADY LIVE ONCE 3 years ago  
    me 3 years ago  
    R u J.W? 3 years ago  
    yes but being hot doesnt mean ur stupid Does It??? 3 years ago +1
    lol that would be funny 3 years ago  
    save lives duhhhhhh 3 years ago  
    u hav more time to make money 3 years ago  
    but YOU DONT have internet but your freind do 3 years ago  

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