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    Both are evil, why go for either? 1 month ago  
    ALL OF LIFE is worth a lot more than the small fraction that gets abused 1 month ago  
    If no one knows about the 5 year rule they will pull the plug on my a** so hard 1 month ago  
    I can get OUT of prison 1 month ago  
    The average person lives on something like 50k a year, so i am fine 1 month ago  
    This is how I watch youtube 1 month ago  
    Repeat this question today and almost no one would chose Mario Kart 1 month ago  
    An epic gamer trap? Sign me up, who gives a sh*t what my friends think? 1 month ago  
    Emma looks like a man 1 month ago  
    New law: I am the Supreme Ruler of Earth 1 month ago  
    Free time machine. 1 month ago  
    Be the CEO of Amazon, retire, never leave my mansion again. 1 month ago  
    If this was posted today the results would be flipped. God how times have changed 1 month ago  
    I have to drive, work, and pay bills 1 month ago  
    I use Incog for everything so get destroyed 1 month ago  
    Wi-Fi does not exist in fridged hell holes 1 month ago  
    Women are getting rights there 1 month ago  
    Does not matter when the ENTIRE WORLD would be a better place. Besides, machines that can revive you would be common 1 month ago  
    What variety of fizzy poison drink do I want? Neither 1 month ago  
    E l on (autocorrect is trash) Musk gonna fix the first one soon 1 month ago  
    Don't have a crush 1 month ago  
    Neither, I am not twelve anymore 1 month ago  
    No thanks, I would rather not be gutted for a loaf of bread 1 month ago  
    Had the pig, too loud. 1 month ago  
    He diddled as many kids as I have had sex, and that number is the same as JB's IQ times itself. 1 month ago  
    She is black now so would be able to get an n-word pass 1 month ago  
    Cuuuuuuck 1 month ago  
    Crime time 1 month ago  
    Animals would say sh*t like 'WHERE IS THE FOOD' and 'I AK HUNGRY' humans actually have stuff 1 month ago  
    Don't even use any of this 1 month ago  
    The nukes would erradicate the planet of all life forever, a ZA is easier to stop and allows a second chance for life in thw future 1 month ago  
    That would make the momey entirely worthless 1 month ago  

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