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    ..have you stopped fishing for compliments 6 years ago  
    :( 6 years ago  
    thats all fine and dandy but but just keep in mind that she is only doing this for acknowledgement 6 years ago  
    how am i fishing? 6 years ago  
    what do you mean by same? how am I fishing? 6 years ago  
    lol, I´m still waiting for a reply 6 years ago  
    well I am new on this site and didn´t knew that people were stupid enough to not see through when atetion whore are fishing compliments 6 years ago  
    ..these kind of questions 6 years ago +3
    176 cm is 5´7 6 years ago +1
    well, I´m an hetrosexuall man, so now I can skip the friendzone, nagging, mind games:D 6 years ago  
    I´m from sweden wich is a neutral I´m fudged 6 years ago  
    stop fishing 6 years ago +1
    you must be new here 6 years ago  
    my thoughts exactlyXD 6 years ago  
    well, that eculated quickly 6 years ago  
    you relly shouldn´t define gaming as souly playing on gaming on console 6 years ago  
    well faith is against my faith(..for humanity) 6 years ago +9
    world hunger solved 6 years ago +10
    how true that is, is besides the point of the question 6 years ago  
    well female rappers in sweden ain´t so bad nowadays 6 years ago  
    depends on wich caracter i´ll be playing 6 years ago  
    well, guess I got a girlfriend now:P 6 years ago +6
    ..nope! 6 years ago +3
    god damn it, just replace him with her 6 years ago  
    youre 6 years ago could answer by puttin youreself in the position of a lesbian or a hetrosexuall man 6 years ago could be lesbian 6 years ago  
    well that is just theory and is not proven and most athiest and antroposofs don´t think it´s the truth, they just think it makes the most sense. That´s the difference between athiests and religious people, contrary to the bibel, you can´t just pick an unproven theory and say that science doesn´t make sense just because that one unproven theory does 6 years ago  
    wh 6 years ago  
    nope 6 years ago  
    it=s not a crime untill yoou get caut 6 years ago  
    still chest or butt,idiot 6 years ago  
    key 6 years ago  
    10 guy was here 6 years ago  
    wat 6 years ago  
    Are you 67% stupid? you can inderirectly buy love, first you have everything wich makes you famous, second, you just work out with the best coach in the world with minimum effort, third you buy the best cosmetics in the world, forth you buy people who train you´re people skills, and fith (opptional) you do plastic surgery..there you are now the most loveable person in the world 6 years ago  
    Aiden 385 what u smoking?XD 6 years ago  
    are you black? 6 years ago +25
    If eveyone else loves me I can just shag the nest best thing 6 years ago +2
    I can train him:"""""""""D 6 years ago +1
    Then I can rape her sexy body:"""""""""""""""D 6 years ago +1
    If you´re a hetrosexual man or just skip it 6 years ago  
    If it would be unintentionally I´d use abortion otherwise I would stay and raise the child 6 years ago  
    at least I tried 6 years ago  
    then just imagine you´re your best friend being of the sex that you are attracted to 6 years ago +5
    nope 6 years ago  
    I don´t think a they whould call a socalist "thier own" 6 years ago +1
    my grammy is dead and buried, so I guess I´ll kiss some ground 6 years ago +1
    frickin p12 question 6 years ago  
    f'ck yeah, obama down tith facism 6 years ago +1
    it doesn´t say wich part of town.. 6 years ago  
    its like if im guarded by the navy seals no one is going to kill me, but if my guarded by the spetsnaz usa are going to get involved and kill me because there are russians involved.. 6 years ago  
    tnx:D 6 years ago  
    no, history is writen by the victor.. 6 years ago  
    niether SWEDEN ROCKS!!!!!! 6 years ago +1
    even worseXD 6 years ago +3
    why not both? 6 years ago  
    well im not a child so I would not have any problem with him being a pedo.. 6 years ago +4
    wtf!? 6 years ago +5
    except if im black,poor and/or woman 6 years ago  
    nope 6 years ago +1
    that what i wroteO_o 6 years ago  
    what rawrbot said and it didn´t just take a cupple of thousands of year. About 200´000 years ago did we become the morden homo sapiens sapiens but we started to evolve from monket abot 6-7 million years ago 6 years ago  
    then I wish you good luck to conquer a dictatorXD 6 years ago  
    I meant JUICE contains water 6 years ago  
    holy sh*t I wrote that comletly wrongXD 6 years ago  
    please tell me how it doesn´t 6 years ago  
    that still doesn´t make it a better nation.. 6 years ago  
    I alredy live by the ocean.. 6 years ago  
    lol spot on ArcanaXD 6 years ago  
    is it only me who think this only promotes bestiality? 6 years ago +4
    count accents implies ignorance, while with the queens english you sound more sofisticated and inteligen 6 years ago +1
    cuz you´re lifestory isn´t complicated enough 6 years ago +1
    I control mario therefor I win 6 years ago  
    should have thought of that before I answerd 6 years ago +10
    please do for the wictdoms of bullying 6 years ago  
    The fun thing about short that kind of bullys.. its the same thing about dogs the small dog need too bark and prove them selfs alpha male, while the bigger dogs just need too chill 6 years ago  
    I´m in engenering...ish in high school and the "bullys" are abowe 18 so they would get sooo much sh*t for that plus I´d probebly beat them up afterwards.. 6 years ago  
    well. i´ll just wear a kkk outfit problem solved 6 years ago +1
    smart thing you did with the pics iainc:D 6 years ago +1
    water contains water idiot 6 years ago +1
    ..................................nope 6 years ago +3
    ..not total immortalty 6 years ago +3
    then it souldnt say ..or kill youreself 6 years ago  
    for an instance george bush, justin bieber, kim jong ill, lill wane, snooki,lindsay lohan,most, bob dole..leders of congres 6 years ago  
    still it ist even bood or serius crime there and if the girls there were real they would be mad hot 6 years ago  
    need of what? 6 years ago  
    but china is a terible dictatorship worse than russia and japan is..better 6 years ago +1
    u cant because u will still get them 6 years ago  
    ...........................nope 6 years ago  
    wtf 6 years ago +2
    well give me you´re didgits and we can find out;D 6 years ago  
    ..nope 6 years ago +2
    ..its go big or go home 6 years ago +6
    I live in sweden so its a bit too hard to bike there, why do you americans who post these questiones, always asume that everybody on the internet lives in the USA 6 years ago +7
    not enugh people have seen phycho..but im safe cuz im a man, and he only killes attractive women 6 years ago +2
    Well...I live in the east coast..OF SWEDEN!!! 6 years ago  
    wtf.. I just listen to good music made recently..frickin nobhead 6 years ago +5
    already happend 6 years ago +4
    i wish i could wish for money 6 years ago  
    it doesnt say that 6 years ago  
    ima hetrosexuall guy, so I can only see positive things with this 6 years ago +6
    chest or butt.. 6 years ago  
    depends on wich law im breaking 6 years ago +1
    damn it wrong a black man I atlest havw small chance of being raped 6 years ago  
    doesn´t effect me i´ll live forever 6 years ago  
    I don´t even have a sister!! 6 years ago +209
    i´ve been too both but france was better from a tourist perspective 6 years ago  
    im swedish and love the rap music from felix home city(gothenburg) I still think his getting repedetive 6 years ago +1
    emmm they look like 13 6 years ago +5
    kalmar ff all the way from sweden:D 6 years ago  
    this is the most lazy author everXD 6 years ago  
    if you live in the northen scandinavia it´s always night during the winter 6 years ago  
    lol that question was the ultimate grammarnazi test 6 years ago +6 the future I can see:D 6 years ago  
    cancer is a result of aids so..problem solved 6 years ago  
    then you will die within youreself..dafaq 6 years ago  
    lol every country that voted, voted for E.U. except the U.S.A. 6 years ago  
    America fudging up the world and playing world police scince 1950..and by the way thanks for the mass imigration from the cuntrys you´re bombing 6 years ago  
    religius fanatics is mind washed by powergreedy people problem solved 6 years ago +1
    damn I chose the wrong one, I could have killed him for one and for all 6 years ago +5
    my grandma is dead 6 years ago +1
    no are you fricking stupid? I live in Sweden and we have higher taxes, but we have fewer crimes per capita 6 years ago +2
    jupp those where the days 6 years ago  
    my granny is dead and I have no dog.. 6 years ago  
    hoes, beating black people,hoes, making two hbos fight to death owe 4 dollars,did I say hoes 6 years ago  
    had had an n64 back in the old days 6 years ago  
    how about facists 6 years ago +1
    as an non american I thank you 6 years ago  
    and you are more stupid THAN any man 6 years ago +1
    all my answers to the politic questions is barack obama aparently 6 years ago  
    if rapping counts the singing otherwise acting 6 years ago  
    but then you have water wich you can´t have 6 years ago  
    gps, maps asking for direction, geting more!! 6 years ago  
    Im 180cm 6 years ago  
    but it stand clearly that it needs to be slow and nice try 6 years ago  
    My thoughts exactly:D 6 years ago  
    I can fix both 6 years ago  
    both my parent are alive so.. 6 years ago  
    That a relly awsome heroine story:D 6 years ago  
    no you can not earn money from this post 6 years ago +2
    I hate extremists but I it´s better then being dead, plus I was hopeing for reading lots of facist american comments 6 years ago +2
    student 6 years ago  
    doesn´t mean that you´re partner will die or get permant injuries.. 6 years ago  
    just face it god doesn´t exist and the bibel doesn´t make any sense at´t that simple 6 years ago  
    that sickly awsome moment when you find a fellow hiphoper at rrrhather:D!!! 6 years ago +1
    I´m a real hiphop fan fan so that´s obvious 6 years ago  
    electrolux from sweden female dogs 6 years ago  
    i´ll be using gang signs niggu 6 years ago +3
    if i have boots they would just be not comfetable, if I have the flipflops I´ll have to amputate both of my feet I a result of frostbite 6 years ago  
    its harder to replace a hero than a villan 6 years ago  
    asfgsjdghwl about those who chose the second one 6 years ago  
    all of my grandparents are dead even before I was born so that whould be fantastic:D 6 years ago  
    headlines only last for a short time a nobel prize lasts for ever plus you get lots of money it´s a bigger honor and you most have done somethin great to achive it 6 years ago +3
    obama ftw 6 years ago  
    hahahaXD 6 years ago  
    that was the coolest 6 years ago +1
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