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    god damn it, just replace him with her  
    youre could answer by puttin youreself in the position of a lesbian or a hetrosexuall man could be lesbian  
    it=s not a crime untill yoou get caut  
    10 guy was here  
    Are you 67% stupid? you can inderirectly buy love, first you have everything wich makes you famous, second, you just work out with the best coach in the world with minimum effort, third you buy the best cosmetics in the world, forth you buy people who train you´re people skills, and fith (opptional) you do plastic surgery..there you are now the most loveable person in the world  
    Aiden 385 what u smoking?XD  
    If eveyone else loves me I can just shag the nest best thing +2
    Then I can rape her sexy body:"""""""""""""""D +1
    If it would be unintentionally I´d use abortion otherwise I would stay and raise the child  
    at least I tried  
    then just imagine you´re your best friend being of the sex that you are attracted to +5
    why not both?  
    for an instance george bush, justin bieber, kim jong ill, lill wane, snooki,lindsay lohan,most, bob dole..leders of congres  
    u cant because u will still get them  
    i wish i could wish for money  
    damn it wrong a black man I atlest havw small chance of being raped  
    doesn´t effect me i´ll live forever  
    I don´t even have a sister!! +213
    i´ve been too both but france was better from a tourist perspective  
    im swedish and love the rap music from felix home city(gothenburg) I still think his getting repedetive +1
    emmm they look like 13 +5
    kalmar ff all the way from sweden:D  
    this is the most lazy author everXD  
    if you live in the northen scandinavia it´s always night during the winter  
    lol that question was the ultimate grammarnazi test +6 the future I can see:D  
    cancer is a result of aids so..problem solved  
    then you will die within youreself..dafaq  
    lol every country that voted, voted for E.U. except the U.S.A.  
    America fudging up the world and playing world police scince 1950..and by the way thanks for the mass imigration from the cuntrys you´re bombing  
    religius fanatics is mind washed by powergreedy people problem solved +1
    damn I chose the wrong one, I could have killed him for one and for all +5
    my grandma is dead +1
    jupp those where the days  
    my granny is dead and I have no dog..  
    hoes, beating black people,hoes, making two hbos fight to death owe 4 dollars,did I say hoes  
    had had an n64 back in the old days  
    and you are more stupid THAN any man +1
    all my answers to the politic questions is barack obama aparently  
    if rapping counts the singing otherwise acting  
    but then you have water wich you can´t have  
    that was the coolest +1
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