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Which one should I get Halo 5 guardians or Rainbow six siege 2 years ago 69 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Comment for a story *comments* or *doesn't comment* 2 years ago 76 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a slime person and be able to look like anything and you are not hurt by any liquid or be 200 pounds 3 years ago 115 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Be like a sponge and absorb water and fill up like a water ballon you never get any skinnier you just expand when ever you touch water and you never pop or anything or Skinny 3 years ago 207 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Tokyo ghoul or Attack on Titan 3 years ago 612 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Kaneki or Juuzo 3 years ago 267 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Every time you lie you gain 50 pounds plus you just get fatter and never die you lie a lot or Become a girl that is hated by everyone and has no friends 3 years ago 27 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Live in ponyville or Care bear island 3 years ago 52 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Eat the horm horm fruit from one piece or Eat the smooth smooth fruit from one piece 3 years ago 110 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be smart but have ugly wife or husband or Be dum but have beautiful wife or husband 3 years ago 122 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you Watch a anime or Watch a movie 3 years ago 74 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch a anime or Read a manga 3 years ago 72 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a girl and never have periods or Be a guy and Look like a anime or game character 3 years ago 53 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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Beans 2 years ago  
destiny 2 years ago +1
Mario galaxy 2 years ago  
Tf2 2 years ago  
a fish smoothie 2 years ago  
Leedle Leedle lee 2 years ago  
I misclicked :( 2 years ago  
I can be a kid again yay 2 years ago  
Your a girl in school who has a boy that likes you but there's this girl that your friend but really she's jealous that you and him are friends because she is his ex girlfriend and then one day she calls you to come meet her somewhere and you get there and you see her and she gives you a drink you drink the drink and you pass out and then you wake up tied to a chair and you see the girl and she starts stuffing you with food and then the guy walks in and saves you 2 years ago  
You are going about your day then bam nuclear alarms go off a nuclear war is happening you have find shelter or you will die you find shelter and you survive the blast 2 years ago  
I'd pull out a gun before they beat me up 2 years ago  
You wake up and you hear screaming and you look outside the window and there's a zombie and alien apocalypse and you end up surviving 2 years ago  
Christianr you wake up one day and you can turn into and character you want to be from any video game 2 years ago  
you wake up one day and your a tiger for the rest of your life 2 years ago  
You gain the power of every superhero one day and your the ultra superhero saving life's everywhere 2 years ago  
Your riding a nuclear bomb that is about to destroy the world but then you disarm it and parachute off of the disarmed bomb and become the most famous and rich person in the world forever 2 years ago  
You wake up one day and you are in the life of your favorite YouTuber and that person until they die and then you wake up in your body 2 years ago  
You wake up in a dark room and lights turn on and there is spikes around you and then you see a little thing pop out of the ceiling and it attaches to your mouth and it starts filling you up with water till you die 2 years ago  
you wake up and your a piece of corn in the field of corn and then one day you get picked out of your spot and your eaten 2 years ago  
one morning you felt weird you went to the bathroom and you notice that your a slime person and then you started saving life's and people call you slime man 2 years ago +1
You are driving your car one day and you crash and then you wake up in a room and you are robo cop 2 years ago  
I meant to click frozen spongebob is my show that I would watch 24/7 3 years ago  
I'm gonna be playing no mans sky irl 3 years ago  
R.I.P tounge 3 years ago  
Shoot I want a articuno misclick 3 years ago +1
I can teleport to parks so I can practice parkour lol 3 years ago  
I'm already listening to this is Halloween 3 years ago  
Jolteon 3 years ago  
It can't be muscle 3 years ago +1
God is real 3 years ago  
0ver 9000 3 years ago  
Awsome robotic leg here I come 3 years ago  
God is good all the time and all the time God is good 3 years ago +1
Shoot I want to be able to go invisible 3 years ago  
I accidentally clicked on it I want to do neither 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
Misclicked 3 years ago  
Neither I was just picking a random one lol 3 years ago  
It's my life so yea 3 years ago  
Ok time to go take my puppy on a walk 3 years ago  
Another one 3 years ago +1
I could get new games every couple of hours lol 3 years ago  
Wolf tail 3 years ago  
I have a friend that only ever wants to play Diep.io 3 years ago +1
lol I thought everyone would pick skinny 3 years ago  
I misclicked I loved gushers but now I don't get to have them anymore 3 years ago  
Lol I like bacon 3 years ago  
I once took a tiny sip of wine and the instantly spit it out first thing it touched tongue 3 years ago  
I haven't read the books 3 years ago  
I love Xbox 360 3 years ago  
I would ignore it 3 years ago  
Wolf tail here I come 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
Grabs a minigun with explosive rounds 3 years ago  
*starts singing doctor who song* 3 years ago  
I love eating butter lol 3 years ago  
Misclick 3 years ago  
This is Halloween 3 years ago  
I like the hair color 3 years ago +1
Do what ? 3 years ago  
Misclick I don't know what sex is but I do like getting money so I can get games 3 years ago  
I'm a guy lol 3 years ago  
Ok 3 years ago  
Please be white 3 years ago  
I'm ready 3 years ago  
I'm ready 3 years ago  
Gotta catch them all Pokemon 3 years ago  
Bring it on grabs minigun 3 years ago  
Neither but I wasn't gonna ignore it 3 years ago  
I meant no 3 years ago  
I love pasta 3 years ago  
Yum 3 years ago  
Mindlesspie your joke isn't funny 3 years ago  
It's obviously Jesus who would win cause Jesus is the best 3 years ago  
The 26% are probably a lot of cyber bully's 3 years ago  
:( 3 years ago  
misclick darn you!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
aliens don't have nukes I think 3 years ago  
dangit I misclicked 3 years ago  
Hell yea Dorito tacos here I come 3 years ago  
aRthur is no freaking where even close to being a anime 3 years ago +1
So parents the care or parents that don't care 3 years ago +1
I have the name of a saint 3 years ago  
Miss click 3 years ago  
Dang it I miss clicked 3 years ago  
I miss clicked 3 years ago  
Its the way around LOLOLOLOLOLOLO 3 years ago +3
More bacon for me 3 years ago  
Lebronbigpower 3 years ago  
Say no to drugs say yes to tacos 3 years ago +3
No one cares 3 years ago +1
I meant he 3 years ago  
Ike already became a mod 3 years ago  
I care lol 3 years ago  
Then I punched them between the legs 3 years ago  
By a foam sword 3 years ago  
I would have a new metal leg 3 years ago  
I miss Clicked damit 3 years ago  
Miss clicked 3 years ago  
I would bring them back anyways 3 years ago  
Fudge Hawaii then I'm moving to Croatia 3 years ago  
I could make the monster punch it self LOL 3 years ago  
Monkeys throw poop 3 years ago  
Neither 3 years ago  
I eat lemons 3 years ago  
I meant Miley 3 years ago  
Micky cirus 3 years ago  
I have 3 years ago  
I miss clicked sry but have a awsome birthday 3 years ago  
My nightmares are war of the worlds 3 years ago  
I like video games 3 years ago  
PlayStation is crud Xbox is awsome 3 years ago  
I had turkey and ham and white beans 3 years ago +1
Life 3 years ago  
I would have a pig and name it Jeffrey 3 years ago  
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