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Very flirtatious guy and loves answering questions on rrrather :) and my Instagram is Felix.Davison :D message me

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Why is it showing the pic as two private school people? why cant it be a public school people? its so bloody annoying 4 years ago  
teens are children soooo YAYA!! 4 years ago  
i hate sore throats 4 years ago  
i have a bloody amazing face and a good body but even for a guy im finding it hard to get ripped *sigh* 4 years ago  
you can pull your underwear down to your ankles so when you do it your still technically wearing clothes :) 4 years ago  
tough, this question was ;) 4 years ago  
BATHS!!!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA 4 years ago  
its not about the pic its about the genre 4 years ago  
Sex? agreed 4 years ago  
seriously? there are kids on here, why do i have to spell it out for you! you get the picture without me having to get kids to go to their parents and ask them what masturbation is! 4 years ago  
nah catch me if you can beats both :) 4 years ago  
i don't use pencils full stop lol...! 4 years ago  
damn pressed wrong one!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
I totally agree :) your awesome 4 years ago +2
you guys are so judgemental 4 years ago  
A hot rrrather user girl :) 4 years ago  
I look in the mirror more than I eat pizza soooooooo yeah I think I would much rather go without pizza 4 years ago  
hahaha im looking at the stats, most of you can go without pizza! but not go without looking at yourself in a mirror? lol food for thought (badum tss) 4 years ago  
fine ill just have sex with her and btw im 14 4 years ago  
fine ill have sex with her :) 4 years ago  
Damn, then I'm a guy that's not in her group and I have supplies that she needs to survive :) 4 years ago  
this is a try at 100% ;D he didnt expect 4% would be stupid 4 years ago  
I have supplies :3 4 years ago  
Thats disgusting either way :P 4 years ago  
Depends on whether your a girl or a guy? 4 years ago  
FELIX THE CAT BITCHS 4 years ago  
im in class soz :) 4 years ago +1
Teen Wolf is actual amazing, its full bloody and Gorry :D 4 years ago +1
any girls willing that picked B and are within Australia- Call me 4 years ago  
SEX OBVIOUSLY 4 years ago  
if there are any girls out there who also clicked underwear, call me 4 years ago +1
haha lol 69 4 years ago +1
Dont study Lol 4 years ago  
im a guy as well soooooo the girls who clicked submissive, call me 4 years ago  
my mother this morning lol ;D 4 years ago  
Ashley and Jenna 4 years ago  

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